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Lehigh County Home Builder Presents the Many Benefits of Open Concept Floor Plans

Categories: Lehigh County New Homes | Posted: November 15, 2018

If you are thinking about moving to a new home in Lehigh County, consider the advantages of an open concept design. The Reserve at Highgate is a Hallmark Homes Group community offering floor plans that feature elegant open layouts with expansive areas of interconnected space, abundant natural lighting and added energy efficiency. The openness allows you and your family to enjoy more quality time, easy communication, enhanced safety and personalized space.

Integrate Your Living Areas

An open floor plan that integrates the kitchen, dining area and great room creates a welcoming atmosphere for family dinners, large gatherings and seasonal celebrations. Imagine a spacious, comfortable setting that provides plenty of room for your guests to visit and relax during holiday festivities, anniversaries, reunions and birthday parties.

Let the Sunshine In

Envision the two-story living room of your new home with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows. Combined, the high ceiling and wall of windows provide dramatic light that allows you to bathe in sunshine throughout the day and into the late evening.

Because your new home isn’t confined by walls and small rooms, every inch of your layout affords the advantage of natural light, which is known to relieve stress along with having other medical advantages.

Save on Energy Bills

Plenty of natural light will also help you to save on heating bills in the cold weather. South-facing windows create a greenhouse effect that lets you run your furnace sparingly on sunny days. In the summer, an open concept floor plan saves energy by concentrating cool air into one central location rather than delivering it to many separate rooms.

Embrace Family Togetherness

Moving into a new Hallmark home in Breinigsville can be a fresh chapter in quality time for you, your family and friends. Instead of walls between rooms that separate family members, an open concept floor plan fosters shared experiences and quality interaction.

While preparing a meal, easily share a conversation with someone in the great room. Enjoy the company of your guests without having to walk away from what you are doing. An open concept layout encourages communication and fosters togetherness for everyone.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Safety in the home is important, especially if children are present. Downstairs, open sight lines can help you keep an eye on indoor play from one end of the room to the other. If you are upstairs, you can peek over the balcony that overlooks the great room and still keep watch of the little ones before they can get into mischief.

Personalize Your Home

Beyond a typical layout with separate rooms, open layouts give you the flexibility to designate spaces to match your individual needs and lifestyle. If you work or create from home, it’s easy to carve out a corner of the living room for office space or a section of the great room for a studio space.

Adding a nook for a homework desk, allocating extra space for a play area, or accommodating an oversize farm table for large family gatherings are all possible within an open layout – without the hassle of moving or knocking down walls. 

As a custom homebuilder in Lehigh County, Hallmark Homes Group will work with you at the Reserve at Highgate to expand or open your space beyond the floor plan’s parameters to add drama or extra room to meet your specific needs. If the home design includes a wall where you would prefer openness, Hallmark will remove it from the floor plan completely or move it to give you the perfect space.

Take the Next Step

From entertaining to day-to day living, the many advantages of open-concept living can enhance your lifestyle. Visit the model home at The Reserve at Highgate to experience first-hand the striking layouts and elegant open concepts – and imagine yourself in your spacious new home.

Connie Sweeney

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