Eight Great Ideas for Your Work from Home Office

Laptop With Zoom Open and Coffee Cup on Desk

December 1, 2023

Eight Great Ideas for Your Work from Home Office

If you are a remote worker interested in new home construction in Montgomery County, PA, Hallmark Homes Group specializes in dynamic floor plans, which are perfect for modern careers. Working alongside this growing trend, Hallmark floor plans feature flexible spaces such as extra bedrooms, studies, morning rooms, basements and other dynamic areas that can be expertly designed to accommodate your professional needs.

Here is a list of work-from-home office ideas based on this exciting movement in the business world. As a new home buyer with a home-based career, you can take steps to design your executive space with the proper wiring, lighting, privacy levels and other features that will help you operate with maximum efficiency.

Wire it Properly

Once you have chosen the right place for your office within your new home’s layout, you can plan to supply the space with power sufficiently. This can include extra electrical outlets and other low-voltage wiring for internet access and power app-driven smart features. You can work with your company representative to ensure plenty of wall plugs for your computer, printer, router, etc.

Light it Right

Laptop With Larger Screen on Pedestal Above With Two Lights on Sides While thinking about wiring, consider the amount of light you’ll need regularly and the best types of fixtures for function and style. If you choose new homes in Montgomery County, PA, you can work with a builder like Hallmark to ensure that your work area has plenty of outlets for recessed lighting, track lighting and ceiling fans with lamps. This is also a great time to plan to save money on utilities by opting for LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs, which can also reduce your carbon footprint.

Dress it for Success

Since you will be spending a considerable amount of time in your workspace, you’ll want to adorn the walls with a color scheme that helps you get into work mode. Consider choosing a color palette based on your favorite hues, which blend several shades together. A dynamic approach such as this can help you stay alert during long meetings and give your Zoom call guests a compelling backdrop to enjoy. Sparse yet inspiring artwork is also a great idea, as long as the walls aren’t too busy so that you can stay focused.

Give Yourself Shelves

One of the top work from home office ideas is to focus on staying organized. You can do this by ensuring abundant shelf space in your work area. You’ll need room for your diplomas, degrees, certificates, reference manuals, case files and other reading materials specific to your industry. Plus, a nicely-stocked set of shelves makes a great impression when meeting new people over video conference calls. A spare bedroom closet makes a nice auxiliary library, or the wall behind your desk is excellent for a floor-to-ceiling set of shelves.

Get Rid of Clutter

A clutter-free workspace is also another great way to ensure productivity. You can reduce the number of wires used in your home network by installing high-speed WiFi. Necessary cables on your desktop can be clamped together and hidden between the wall and the desk so that your immediate workspace is less busy and more streamlined. Plenty of drawers for storing pens, paper clips, staplers and other office items is also a great way to keep your workspace conducive to clear thinking.

Select Your Seating

If in-person meetings are part of your daily routine, remember to plan for the comfort of your guests by having ergonomic meeting chairs that face one another at a desk or conference table. You may even elect to have a comfortable couch for those extended sessions which require extra comfort. For your workstation, consider a captain-style chain for maximum back support. If you’re restless, you can install a standing desk so that you can quickly view your computer screen without becoming too relaxed from sitting down.

Pick the Best Place

If you like to be in the middle of the action as you work, you may choose a centrally-located area such as the morning room for your home office. This is especially ideal if you are raising kids and you need to be able to multi-task and supervise at certain times of the day.

On the other hand, if privacy is key to your working mindset, you’ll want to choose a secluded space such as a second-floor bedroom, a basement or a dedicated study with a privacy door. Also, if silence is golden, you can install decorative soundproofing panels on the walls and a door rated for noise control. 

Choose a Great View

Laptop and Computer in a Work From Home OfficeIf gazing out on grass and trees helps you relax and gather your thoughts, you may choose an area in the home with one or several large windows. Natural light can reduce eye strain and headaches, while a soothing view of nature can help reduce stress. Also, you can open the window for some fresh air when necessary and close the curtains when it’s time to focus on the tasks at hand.

So if you’re looking for a new home with plenty of space to set up your home office and start working from home, then be sure to contact Hallmark today. Our homes are designed with the modern professional in mind and come complete with all of the features you need to succeed. Give us a call to learn more about our latest floor plans and how we can help you work remotely like a pro.