What is a Morning Room?

Dining Room With Morning Room Off To The Side in Hallmark Homes Group Home

April 13, 2022

What is a Morning Room?

One of the most exciting things about buying a new house is being able to design the use of your indoor spaces. Many of today’s lifestyles are becoming more home-oriented, inspiring owners to assign special functions to certain areas. One of the latest design trends embraces a popular idea from the Victorian era; the morning room. But what is a morning room? Let our home building experts explain.

If you are interested in new construction homes in Montgomery County, PA, Hallmark Homes Group presents a community – Plymouth Road features properties with open-concept layouts including areas adjacent to the kitchen which are ideal for creating the perfect place to start the day as well as specifically designed add-on options for morning rooms and solariums. 

Why Do They Call it a Morning Room?

The term “morning room” comes from the 19th Century-era of interior design. It describes a place where the first sunbeams of daylight would flood the home and the lady of the house would prepare for the day. 

Today, this can translate to the breakfast nook, dining room, study, solarium or just about any space that receives sunlight and can be designed to fit your exact preferences for color, texture and decor.

What is a Morning Room Used For?

This is a special place in the home you can use every morning for eating breakfast, reading, making phone calls, having online meetings, meditating, planning and preparing to go about your day. For that matter, this space can be visited at any time of the day – whenever you may need a minute to sit, relax and gather your thoughts or just enjoy a bit of downtime. 

Make it Right for You

Your morning room is your “happy place,” so it should reflect every aspect of what relaxes you and makes you feel at ease. You can choose plenty of plush furniture if you like soft textures or a sparsely furnished, wide-open space with a hardwood floor if yoga is your preferred AM ritual. The function of the space should reflect your intended daily use. So if you’re someone who makes “to do” lists, perhaps a desk to sit at and write is an appropriate choice.

Decorate to Perfection

The lighting you choose can be plentiful, soft and warm with translucent drapes over the windows if you prefer a subtle ambiance. Or, you can be stark and minimal – allowing the sunshine to flood through the windows to “wake things up” once you pull back the drapes. Imagine the walls adorned with the work of your favorite artists and the entire area enhanced by the naturally refreshing presence of indoor flora. A few strategically placed plants can truly liven things up. There are plenty of species that thrive in direct sunlight such as aloe vera, geraniums, snake plants and many more. 

Choose the Best Layout 

If you are new to the idea of having a morning room in your home, you can take advantage of new construction homes in Montgomery County, PA to make your new vision a reality.

Modern residential designs are allowing buyers to embrace reimagined traditions such as having a morning room for everyday use. If you’re interested in new homes that offer this popular feature, reach out to one of our Hallmark Sales Representatives today. We would love to help you create the perfect home that meets all your needs.