Five Benefits of Buying Early in a New Home Community

Couple Looking at New Dream House from Hallmark

March 9, 2022

Five Benefits of Buying Early in a New Home Community

When you are one of the first buyers in a new construction home community, you have a unique opportunity to participate in the creation of your district. You can help the neighborhood take shape while enjoying a relaxed timeline from the first commitment to the move-in date. Plus, you can pick the exact design, look and feel of your home while enjoying the luxury of customizing every last detail to suit your needs.

Pick the Homesite You Want

This is an excellent time to review their community maps and learn more about the lots which are still available. You can choose a location that suits you and be one of the first buyers to own a house on a street of newly-built homes. Plus, Hallmark features a variety of gorgeous designs with dynamic layouts, so you can choose a floor plan that perfectly meets your needs. 

No Rush to Move In Right Away

Buying a new home in a neighborhood that is currently being built can give you a time buffer so that you can proceed at a reasonable pace. From the time you go under contract until the home is ready to be occupied could very well be several months. This will allow you to get affairs in order for your current home, hire qualified movers, pick out the perfect sets of furniture and plan out your move so that it is as stress-free as possible. 

Pick of the Perfect Exterior

Brick Facing Front of Home From Hallmark Homes Group

Another advantage of buying early in a new home community is being able to choose the exterior design, color and trim of your house. Hallmark offers a variety of classic floor plans that offer finishes incorporating brick, stone and/or wood motifs with complimenting trim and gorgeous bay windows. These four to five-bedroom designs are two-story marvels with open design floor plans and a host of customizable features

Customize the Interior to Your Liking

Hallmark Homes Group New Homes CustomizationBuying early in a new home community also allows you, as the owner of a newly-built house, to customize the interior layout and design to meet your personal preferences. You can choose to move or exclude non-load-bearing interior walls if an open-concept floor plan suits you. Also, Hallmark is well known for accommodating requests to customize the owner’s suite. Luxury features such as pre-wiring an area or room designated as an entertainment space and offering a wide variety of cabinets, countertops, fixtures and other decorative elements that speak to your sense of style make it easy to customize to your liking. 

Be Part of Something Brand New

Being one of the first to buy a home in a new neighborhood allows you to take part in the excitement of creating a new community. Your property can help set the standard for the high quality and look and feel of the area. You can look forward to being amongst others who value top-notch construction, world-class craftsmanship and well-kept properties.

If you're looking for a new home, choosing to buy early in a new home community is the way to go! You'll have plenty of time to get to know your neighbors, and you can help shape the look and feel of where you live. Plus, you'll be able to customize every last detail of your home to suit your needs. Contact one of our sales specialists to learn more about the new communities we are currently building in Montgomery County, PA!