The Six Best Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Very Large Monroe Master Bedroom in Hallmark Home

November 23, 2021

The Six Best Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

As a new homeowner, you may be experiencing the luxury of having your own master suite for the first time. As you decorate the interior of your new home, you should design a special place to relax in your owner’s suite and unwind by considering some of these ideas. 

With the strategic application of a few colors, stylish accents and soothing textures, you can create a quiet retreat in your master bedroom to reset within after each day and get some well-deserved rest. Plus, a modern approach to arranging furniture can help maximize your space for a number of different uses. 

Tint with Taste

Choosing a color palette with soothing tones can help make your master bedroom into a truly relaxing place. Rather than painting entire walls with bold, bright hues, you can take a more subtle approach by using crisp white paint on most wall surfaces for a continuous theme. Then, you can accent the corners and trim with the soothing feel of lighter, more subtle pastels of lavender, pink and blue. If you are interested in new construction homes in Montgomery County, PA, the Hallmark Homes Group can paint your new residence with whichever color scheme you choose as part of their customization service for new homeowners

Add a Mural

Large pieces depicting serene scenes of beaches, mountains, rivers and forests can really open up a bedroom by creating an additional 3D effect. These murals are available in different sizes depending on the size of your wall as well as being removable or rotatable for seasonal moods that match the other decor within this space. Additionally, you may hire an artist to paint entire walls with scenery that has been rendered accurately according to hues matching those found elsewhere throughout your home!

Decorate with Style

Choosing ornate details such as light switch covers and lighting fixtures can help make your primary bedroom into a stylish retreat. A chandelier can make a central statement that is answered by fancy curtain rods, boldly-patterned drapes and antique-looking water features in the bathroom. If you choose wall art with the same decorative themes, you can create an area with a consistent look and feel that inspires relaxation and good sleep.

Go with Soft

If you're looking for a place to relax, your bedroom should feel luxurious and inviting. For maximum relaxation from the moment that door closes behind you until morning comes crashing in with its bright light - choose plush materials such as bamboo fabrics or velvet comforters! Your bedding should be consistent too; choosing colors harmonizing well against other decorative elements like trimming on wall fixtures helps establish an aesthetic that makes anyone want simplicity: just lie down without thinking about anything else but getting plenty of rest before another day begins again.

Keep Looking Up

The ceiling of your bedroom is like a fifth wall and you’ll probably look at it as often as the other wall in the room. By painting it in the same color and trim scheme as the rest of the room, you can turn it into an interesting, soothing surface to look at rather than just another plain white wall. If floral arrangements or ornate patterns appeal to you, consider choosing a wallpaper design that can turn the ceiling into one big piece of framed art. 

Have a Seat

Plenty of square footage in the bedroom means you can create a separate sitting area -- kind of like a mini living room -- in the open space opposite your bed. This can be done with a loveseat-type sofa and a couple of plush chairs, either positioned to face one another or placed in an open “semi-circle” position. This area can be used for reading, craftwork or quality time and can make your owner’s suite that much more cherished for its extra purposes. Large owner’s suites are a primary feature in our communities, so if you are considering luxury new homes in Montgomery County, PA -- Hallmark is a great choice.

To help you get started on your master bedroom makeover, we’ve provided a few ideas to inspire you. From the colors and textiles that will create an inviting space for relaxation—to arranging furniture in creative ways so you can enjoy more square footage of space without sacrificing style—our experts are ready to share their best tips with you. Contact us to learn more about newly-built homes with master suites that are ready to be decorated with your personal sense of style.