The Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Home

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April 30, 2017

The Not-So-Obvious Reasons Why You Should Buy a New Home

We all know the very obvious reasons why many homebuyers choose to purchase brand new construction rather than buying an older home. People often cite energy efficiency, new materials, and customization as their top reasons. These are often the best selling points listed by new home builders, but what about some of the hidden benefits? 

Many things you may not have thought of can be just as important when making a buying decision. Here are some of the not-so-obvious reasons you want to consider. 

Creating Community 

The home itself is only one piece of the puzzle. Living in a community that fits your personal needs, values, and ideals is important. When buying an existing home, you are also buying into a neighborhood. Moving into a new community, there’s less of a worry of being the new kid on the block and more potential to meet new friends and neighbors. 

When creating a new community in a new neighborhood, many of the new homebuyers may be in similar stages of life, such as families with young children or older adults facing retirement. It allows everyone an opportunity to create the new home community they want. 

Entertainment Spaces 

With a brand new home, there’s no need to compromise on the layout. Since entertainment spaces tend to have the most traffic, an open concept can make your home flow more easily from room to room. And if you would want it more personalized, you have available options to design and customize your home to your exact needs and wishes. 

Enjoy the spaciousness of your home, with the freedom to do with it what you’d like. The opportunities are endless in exercising those large entertainment spaces to host future cocktail parties, family holidays, or other events all year long. Where you may have been limited before, you have plenty of room to make your home the hotspot for future events and gatherings. 

Fresh Spaces 

When you move into a brand new house, you can take comfort in the fact that each space has never been used before. In a previously owned home, you will need to take time to make each space conducive to your needs and tastes. 

With a new home, there is a first for everything! You won’t have to worry about cleaning off previous grime you discover under the kitchen stove or getting rid of smoke odors in the house. This home is yours to make and every decision can last with you for as long as you live in your brand new home. 

Plenty of Outlets 

Anyone who lives in an older home will tell you that electrical outlets are a scarcity. When you customize your home, you can choose to put outlets in the places you need most. In fact, this is encouraged. 

Think through the way you use appliances in your kitchen. Do you need outlets on an island to use a stand mixer? Are additional outlets necessary in your living space to easily access chargers for devices? What about extra outlets in your bathroom for the hairdryer or curling iron? All of this can be determined when you plan out your new home. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Another advantage of moving into a new home is to develop the most comfortable outdoor living space right from the start. With an existing home, you may spend significantly more time and money modifying an outdoor space. When you’re in the process of building, you have the ability to develop an outdoor living space that you can truly love. 

How do you plan to use your outdoor space? Are you looking for a place for young kids to play safely? Would you like additional entertainment spaces? Do you like hosting barbecues? Could you use a fire pit for casual evenings? 

Great Storage Spaces 

Storage space is often a criticism people have when they tour existing homes to buy. There are times when older homes may not even have a linen closet. Small clothes closets, limited additional storage, and more can create problems when there is simply too much stuff to fit. 

In fact, many people in older homes will dedicate an entire bedroom to storage, which isn’t necessary if you plan the right storage spaces in advance with your custom home builder. With your new home, you have the opportunity to have large walk-in closets as well as any extra necessary storage space to live comfortably. 

Functional Garages 

Garage space is an important factor when storing more than a car such as bikes, tools and equipment. Many new homes offer two-car garages to accommodate these types of items. You can customize your extra garage space to work with your family’s needs. 

With a builder who will customize your home, you can incorporate a variety of organized accessories such as shelving units, ceiling-mounted racks, built-in shelves, track systems, sports racks and more. Adding these final touches to your garage can help you stay organized and allows plenty of room for your car to be safely stored. 

Making Your Next Move 

Moving to Bucks County or Montgomery County? Hallmark Homes Group would love to work with you to design the custom home of your dreams. We deliver beyond expectations; we are here to serve and bring you the best of the best when it comes to the quality and workmanship of your new home. Contact us to learn more about our building process and how you can move into your new home community.