What is the Best Type of Kitchen Countertop?

Kitchen with a center island and brown cabinets in a Hallmark Home

October 25, 2021

What is the Best Type of Kitchen Countertop?

One of the many benefits of purchasing a new construction home is having the opportunity to customize the property according to your own personal tastes and preferences.

As a future homeowner, customization is especially important when it comes to the kitchen — one of the most frequently used areas in any house. If you are shopping for new construction homes in Montgomery County, PA, Hallmark Homes Group specializes in customized finishing features — including kitchen countertops.

With Hallmark, your kitchen work surfaces can be chosen to match your overall household decorative theme, sense of style and appreciation for specific types of materials. Some different types of kitchen countertop materials that you can compare are ceramic tile, laminate, glass, stone or quartz. Any of these options can help to create a truly unique look and feel in the most popular place in your home.

The Best Kitchen Countertop Material Options

Ceramic Tile

A popular, time-tested favorite — this choice for countertops is budget-friendly, easy to install and practical to replace — especially for those who love do-it-yourself home projects, just like adding an island to your kitchen. Tile is available in a huge variety of shapes, styles, and colors — making this a great option for new homebuyers with plans for elaborate and vivid interior design schemes.


If you plan on having a busy household filled with children, teens and visiting family and friends — this is a great option. These types of countertops clean easily and if necessary can be replaced quickly and affordably. While some types of countertops may be in short supply, laminates are plentiful and come in a vast array of colors and designs. With so many options available, you can find the exact look which matches perfectly with your drapes, walls, blinds, fixtures and appliances.


Glass countertops are ideal if you are planning an interior home design based on the elegance of reflective surfaces. This eco-friendly countertop choice can be tailored to fit your decorative themes by offering a variety of choices in textures, colors and styles. Glass is also versatile to work with, and can be shaped to fit the curvature of your countertops for sleek, durable, heat resistant and easy-to-clean kitchen surfaces.


There are three varieties of this type of kitchen countertop — granite, marble and soapstone. Whichever you choose, the timeless appeal of stone can be the perfect complementary motif to the rest of your interior design scheme. Plus, stone slabs can be found in a wide variety of colors, patterns and thicknesses.

  • Granite – This choice is seeing increasing popularity among new construction homes due to widespread visual appeal. Granite is super durable, scratch- and heat-resistant and low maintenance. Thinner slabs can be chosen on a budget or thicker pieces can offer a dramatic look to your kitchen. If the glossy look of polished granite doesn’t appeal to you, honed granite offers a softer, matte finish while granite tile and modular granite offer lightweight, easy-to-handle options for DIYers.
  • Marble – This is a great choice if you envision a glowing, luxurious look to your home. Marble reflects light from windows and fixtures in its unique way that may be perfect for homeowners who are looking to add an elegant touch of natural shine to their kitchen decor.
  • Soapstone – If your kitchen design includes the sleek, modern look of stainless steel appliances, soapstone kitchen countertops may be the perfect complimentary choice. It is dark gray and smooth, providing strong, stain-resistant surfaces to your custom-finished kitchen.


Otherwise known as engineered stone, this is a luxury choice for homeowners who cherish the organic look of shimmering stone. Quartz offers the subtle glimmer of many tiny crystals which are bound together with other minerals to form a large countertop slab. These surfaces are non-porous — making them easy to clean while also being scratch-proof and stain-resistant.

Let Hallmark Help Customize The Kitchen in your New Home

Homes with customizable finishing options allow you to truly enjoy the look and feel of the all-important kitchen area. Contact us to learn more about new homes which can be perfectly tailored to fit your taste and style.