The Most Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Features Among New Homebuyers

Large Full Bathroom with separate tub and shower in a Hallmark home

August 16, 2021

The Most Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Features Among New Homebuyers

One of the most exciting things about buying a new home is being able to personally design your kitchen and bathrooms.

Your builder will no doubt offer standard features, but as the purchaser of a new property, you can upgrade and customize with the latest innovations in home fixtures and decor.

If you are shopping for new homes in Bucks County, PA, Hallmark Homes Group is known specifically for accommodating buyers down to the smallest detail during the customization phase. This company is the premier builder of single family homes in the region and is renowned for creating gorgeous homes within quality neighborhoods.

Current Home Customization Favorites

Today, the most popular features for kitchens are double sinks, walk-in pantries, kitchen islands and granite/stone countertops. Additionally, bathrooms are being personalized with customized versions of classic features such as linen closets, shower stalls and tubs, double vanities and private toilet compartments.

Kitchen Optimizations

Most people agree that the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house — so every choice that helps save time, energy and space is a big help.

  • Double Sinks

The advantages of this customization begin with the practical benefits. You can use one side to wash dishes and the other side to rinse if you are looking to save water and energy by not running your dishwasher. When it comes to food preparation, you can wash vegetables on one side and peel them on the other — the side with the garbage disposal awaiting convenient usage. Double basins can also allow you to pre-soak heavily used cookware on one side while you use the other to prepare food, fill water pitchers and rinse lightly-used dishes.

  • Walk-in Pantries

This feature is the equivalent to a walk-in closet in the master bedroom. It allows organized storage of everyday needs, extra storage for larger items and appliances as well as easy access to every shelf level. Once you close the door, a large and varied array of food and accessories is separated from the kitchen at large — helping maintain a clean, orderly appearance.

These multi-purpose customizations are the centerpiece of any kitchen and serve as a meeting place, a dining table, a food prep area, an extra storage cabinet and much more. Most modern kitchens include an island that can be designed with features like a hand sink for prepping food and rinsing dishes, extendable countertops for extra surface area or lockable wheels for moving about the area.

  • Granite/Stone Countertops

The natural look of this customization choice adds an appealing visual texture to any kitchen. Once sealed, the material is moisture, heat and stain resistant while being super sturdy and surprisingly affordable. Natural stone countertops are perfectly flat, yet each one is made from a unique piece of stone — which adds value to your home.

Bathrooms Upgrades

Another of the most-used rooms in the house, your customizations in these areas can reflect your lifestyle, family size and how much storage you prefer.

  • Linen Closet in Master Bath

These are excellent options for storing toiletries, towels, extra bed coverings and countless other necessities for the entire household. Linen closets are finishing upgrades which can be installed by your builder at your request, especially if you are working with a company such as Hallmark — a builder known for installing personalized customizations for their clients.

  • Shower Stall and a Tub

A builder with a variety of floor plans can accommodate both a shower and a bathtub in the master bath and either or in the other bathrooms. A home which features both can appeal to those who love a nice, long soak as well as those who need a quick shower before they start their day.

  • Double Vanities

This customization is ideal for an owner’s suite bathroom with plenty of room for upgrades. A double vanity sink allows maximum use of counter space while allowing each sink and surrounding area to be personalized by those who use them. This option also works for a “jack and jill” bathroom on a bedroom floor which may be used by multiple family members every day.

  • Private Toilet Compartments

Speaking of multiple users, private toilet compartments allow a bathroom to be utilized by more than one person while maintaining privacy. This type of customization works for a master bath or a bedroom-wing bathroom and carries particular appeal for homeowners who prefer to keep showering and sink usage separate from other bathroom businesses.

Personalizing your kitchen and bathroom features is one of the great joys of designing a new home with a new construction home builder. Contact us to learn more about homes that can be fine-tuned with the latest innovations to fit your lifestyle and needs.