How to Design an In-law Suite in your New Home in Bucks County

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November 16, 2019

How to Design an In-law Suite in your New Home in Bucks County

Often people find themselves looking for a new home when their current home no longer fits their needs. This sometimes happens when an outside family member needs to move into a house that wasn’t initially designed for that many occupants. While everyone tries their best to come up with a creative workaround, it can often lead to feelings of overcrowding or even invasion of privacy.   

An in-law suite can help alleviate the crowded situation that occurs when grandma or an older child moves into the home. Hallmark homes offer the perfect solution if you’re in the market to design one for your new home in Bucks County. Below are a few tips on how you can design the perfect in-law suite that will keep everyone under your roof happy and living in harmony.   

What Is an In-law Suite? 

Sometimes referred to as an accessory dwelling unit, an in-law suite is a well-furnished room designed for self-sufficiency. It typically includes everything that a person needs to live an independent life. It differs from a spare bedroom in the sense that it usually contains its own kitchen, entrance, and separate bathroom.

It’s called an “in-law suite” because most people use them as a dedicated living space for their elderly parents. They can also be used as a viable housing option for older children, or even rented out as an apartment. Unlike a spare bedroom, they provide privacy for everyone living under the same roof.

How to Determine if You Need One?

Many people who are looking for new homes in Bucks County are opting to include an in-law suite to avoid the added cost of maintaining a separate living space such as a home or apartment, or avoid recurring monthly costs of mom or dad living in a retirement community.   

Having multiple generations of your family together under one roof adds value and can improve the quality of life of all who live under it. Grandparents won’t find themselves alone, as they might in an apartment or home, and sometimes there is also a mutual benefit. The grandparent enjoys the convenience of living with the family and the family benefits from the grandparent as an additional caregiver for children in the home.   

Designing an in-law suite from scratch will allow you to meet the needs and wants of your family members without sacrificing available living space. It also makes good financial sense as it helps everyone save money in the long run.   

Where to Locate It? 

After you’ve figured out what you’d like to include in the new room, now comes the part of deciding where you should locate it. Many older adults will prefer to have theirs on the 1st floor of a home for ease of access, while younger adults will seek out an upper floor for added privacy.   

When it comes to in-law suites, the bigger the floor plan, the better. Many people who are building a new home in Bucks County are opting for the Monroe Floorplan, which offers an impressive 3,635 square feet of space to work with. This spacious floorplan offers them greater flexibility and the ability to incorporate their preferred design elements.   

What Should You Include? 

The best place to start to determine the amenities and layout of an in-law suite for your new home is to have a conversation with your adult children or parents. Ask them what their needs and wants are and you’ll get a good idea of what you should include.   

For example, older adults might have trouble seeing in low light areas or climbing upstairs. Adult children might want something that has a large floorplan or walls that have built-in soundproofing for privacy and noise concerns. Try to design it so that the amenities will age with the resident and can accommodate any lifestyle changes such as the future need for a wheelchair.   

If you’re designing for a senior citizen, incorporating universal design concepts such as wide doors or cabinets placed at eye level will help improve the quality of their lives. A stability bar, lipless shower stall, and even a built-in stool can help keep older adults safe when taking a shower.   Some of the more popular customized amenities of a standard in-law suite can include:   

Kitchen or Kitchenette – A kitchen is an integral part of an in-law suite. It allows the resident to live their life independently and privately without using the kitchen of the main house.  

 Bathroom – The ideal bathroom should include a shower, exhaust fan, toilet, sink, cabinets, and electrical outlets.   

Living or Sitting Area – Many new homes in Bucks County will include a living or sitting area in the in-law suite. This allows the resident to watch television or relax in private without using the living room of the main house.   

Bedroom – A bedroom should offer a comfortable sleeping space that’s insulated enough from the noise of the rest of the house.   

Private Entrance – This will allow the resident to come and go as they please, without disturbing anyone living in the main house.   

Private Garage – Some new home buyers will opt to add a single-car garage with a direct entrance into the in-law suite. It can come with its own private driveway or be a part of the main driveway. This offers residents complete privacy and security. 

Customize and Design Your New Home In-law suites help bring multiple generations of families closer together and provide a wide range of benefits for all living under the same roof. At Hallmark Homes, we offer our buyers the ability to completely customize their new homes—above and beyond choosing the paint and flooring. You can add rooms, move walls, and customize your floor plan to meet the needs of you and your family members. We can help you design and add the perfect in-law suite to meet the needs of your family. If you’re ready to get started building your dream home, call us today at (215) 416-003