Picking the Right Floor Plan for Your Family’s Lifestyle

Living Room with Corner Fireplace and Two Couches

March 30, 2017

Picking the Right Floor Plan for Your Family’s Lifestyle

You and your family deserve the best home to suit your needs and accommodate the changes as your family grows over time. How do you pick the best floor plan for your new home to ensure that it is a fit for your family’s lifestyle? 

In our previous blog, we recently covered home customization and how working with a home builder to design exactly the space you want will give you long-term satisfaction in your new home. But beyond specific custom solutions, how do all the pieces fit together to make your entire floor plan right for your family. 

Before you start, there are a few things you should take into account. The most important considerations come down to space and needs, but these concepts can be broken down even further. Let’s take a look at some of the basics for choosing your family’s floor plan.

Family Spaces

The first step in determining the space you need is to consider the communal spaces. If you’re a family of two who doesn’t expect to grow, your needs will be very different from those of a family of five. 

Some of the family spaces to consider are:

  • Family entertainment: What do you want out of a place for television viewing or play time?
  • Food preparation and eating: Some families like an eat-in kitchen, while others prefer a more formal dining room. For couples or smaller families, a breakfast bar or island may be better suited.
  • Table for entertainment: Are you a family who enjoys games, puzzles, or activities with a need for table space? What kind of space do you need for this? Where is the best place for this in your home?
  • Floor plan concept: Do you want separate spaces for adults and children, such as a den and playroom? Or do you prefer an open concept that will allow for all activities to happen in the primary living space. What about hosting parties or events in your home.
  • Outdoor spaces: Do you plan to entertain? Would having a deck, porch, or yard help facilitate activities with your friends or extended family?

Private Spaces

Private spaces are bedrooms and bathrooms and even home offices. What does your family need in terms of privacy? 

Before you settle on a floor plan, consider these needs:

  • Bathrooms: How many do you need to ensure that everyone is satisfied? Do you want something with a spa feel or would you rather keep the bathroom minimal?
  • Bedrooms: How many bedrooms will you need for your family now or in the future? Start with your ideas for the master bedroom. If you have children who will grow in this home, consider how their needs will change from when they’re babies to the time they’re teenagers.
  • Workspaces: An increasing number of professionals in America are working from home. There may be special considerations surrounding a work-from-home space. Do you need a dedicated office or will another room satisfy your work requirements?

Your private spaces need to work in concert with your communal spaces, so collaborating with a professional custom home builder who understands how to take your needs and apply them to a floor plan will be essential. Consider your priorities before talking with a builder about your new home. 

At the Hallmark Homes Group, we will work with you to create a home that meets your needs to live comfortably and adapt to your living style. Our homeowners, the Johnsons, claim that with us, “it’s always a yes!” Floor plans are far beyond finite; you have the capability to customize your home the way you want. Whether it’s opening your floor space, adding extra windows, or installing unique features, we can make your dream home become a reality. 

Hallmark Homes Group will work with you to customize your floor plans to meet your lifestyle, so contact us today.