Turn Hallmark Homes Group’s New Homes in Montgomery County Into Your Favorite Fun Time Destination

Large Stone Home with a Green Roof

April 1, 2019

Turn Hallmark Homes Group’s New Homes in Montgomery County Into Your Favorite Fun Time Destination

At Hallmark Homes Group, we understand that your home is more than just a place where you sleep and eat. It’s your family’s base of operations, the place where your days begin and the place where you retreat after a hard day in the outside world. It’s the place where you build memories and where you feel safe. And, it’s the place where you, your family, and your friends can kick your feet up and unwind.

As Hallmark Homes Group continues building new homes in Montgomery County, we’re ready to make sure your next house is everything you want it to be. That means going beyond a comfortable living room, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and spacious bedrooms. When you’re wandering through our inviting, energy-efficient homes, consider putting your finishing touches into a space that can become whatever you want for yourself and your family. 

It’s time to meet your new basement. 

The Hallmark Advantage

A lot of builders offer options when it comes to the design of your new home, but few pursue customization with the same gusto as Hallmark Homes Group. From adding rooms to moving walls, Hallmark will do whatever you need to ensure that you get your dream home. 

Hallmark applies that free-flowing ethos to every room in your home. Change the flooring, the trim, paint color, appliances, and any of a number of luxurious options carefully chosen to let you build the home of your dreams. 

Apart from the rest of the house, the basement is an area that is indeed a blank slate. That’s why Hallmark Homes Group provides so many customizable options for finishing your basement. It’s time to get creative and turn your basement into an epicenter for family activity. 

Play Room 

Anyone who’s working on building a family understands that no matter their interests, kids need a place to explore, enjoy, learn, and — most of all — spread out. Turn your basement into a place where your children can do just that. 

Add a desk for studies, a kid-sized couch, and a TV so they can have an entertainment space all their own, and leave plenty of wide-open space for your kids to run, jump, and get out some of that excess energy. 

Exercise Room 

Keep the whole family healthy and fit with a dedicated workout space. Invest in an elliptical machine, a set of weights, or any of several options that will keep your family moving without having to leave the house. 

Hang a wall-to-ceiling mirror (or two), add some motivational posters to get your blood pumping, and you’ll have turned your new Montgomery County home basement into a truly enviable personal gym. 

Game Room 

Whether your gaming passion is air hockey, pinball, old-school arcade games, billiards, or a tantalizing combination, a basement game room can be the perfect place to show off your competitive side. 

Imagine walls lined with old video game posters or playbills for famous rock concerts. Throw in a few overstuffed chairs or a comfy couch for those people waiting their turn (or simply spectating), and you’ve got a bona fide recipe for fun. 

Dark Room 

Access your visual side with a little bit of help from your very own darkroom. Anyone can snap a quick photo on a cell phone, but real art (and the best memories) are captured on old-fashioned film. With a little bit of work, your basement can be turned into a combination development studio/gallery in a breeze. 

In addition to a small room for developing and hanging your works of art, imagine eggshell white walls lined with your own stunning work in all shapes and sizes. Some comfortable sofas, a bookcase, or perhaps a chess set can turn your at-home photo gallery into a serene space for the whole family. 

Home Theater 

There’s no need to pay huge sums, stand in line, and then crowd in next to a stranger when you can turn one of Hallmark’s new Montgomery County homes into the most inviting theater in town. 

Exchange stiff theater seats for a couple of luxurious chairs, install a movie-style popcorn popper, add a built-in surround sound system and a knob to dim the lights. The sky is the limit when it comes to building your dream basement. 

Hobby Shop 

Thinking of learning to paint? Want to try your hand at craft brewing? Have you always wanted to try woodworking? There’s nothing to motivate you into sticking with a new hobby like a dedicated space in your home. 

Your personal hobby shop doesn’t need to look like a professional studio, either. Novice artists and craftspeople can hang finished products on the wall. Amateur brewers can find neon signs to line the walls, and it’s never a bad idea to include a home bar for sampling sessions. 


Have you spent a lifetime accruing a vast collection of cherished books? Line the basement walls of your new Montgomery County home with all your most treasured publications. There’s bound to be more than enough space to showcase your current collection and build into the future. 

You can fill the rest of the space with prime lounging furniture or maybe a few desks to help a bright, young mind study for the next big exam. 

You Don’t Have to Choose 

There’s no need to commit to just one look for your finished basement. Our team of experts at Hallmark Homes Group is happy to work with you from square one to turn your basement into a place where your family can truly thrive.