Seven Important Questions You Need to Ask Your Home Builder

September 23, 2021

Seven Important Questions You Need to Ask Your Home Builder

As a future homeowner, you will soon begin the exciting process of seeking out the perfect floor plan, an ideal location and — most importantly — the right builder.

The company you choose to work with will largely determine the quality of your home buying experience. To make sure you are working with the right people, it is critical that you go into the situation equipped with the right questions. This way, you can determine the company’s experience, qualification, level of success and degree of professional integrity. In addition, this approach lets you know how other customers feel about their products and services. Plus, you will learn about their building procedures and whether they can accommodate your requests for customization.

How long have you been building in this area?

A worthwhile company will have ample knowledge of the local community as well as the seasonal patterns of the area. This way, they can build homes perfectly suited for seasonal climate changes and tailored to the preferences of folks who choose to live in Pennsylvania. If you are interested in new construction homes in Bucks County, PA, Hallmark Homes Group is the premier residential construction company in the region. Hundreds of their customers are currently enjoying gorgeous homes located in quality neighborhoods across the county.

What are your professional qualifications?

Hiring a company with experienced executives, licensed architects, capable supervisors and reputable contractors will be critical to the quality of your finished home. It is highly advisable to choose a builder with plenty of recently-finished homes in the area which you can see in person at any time. If you request to see professional documentation which validates the builder’s enterprise, it should be offered without hesitation.

What are some of your past homebuilding successes?

A worthwhile company should be able to personally show you photos, videos and in-person tours of current job sites, model homes and finished houses. Hallmark is currently building several neighborhoods of new construction homes throughout PA which are distinguished by an array of distinct company homes designs which have proven to be favorites across the region.

How does your company conduct business on a daily basis?

Another key feature of a reliable construction company is its level of professionalism. Ideally, this question should be directed at the company sales representative you will be working with. They should assure you that emails, phone calls and texts will be answered promptly and that all communications will be clear, confidential and to the point. It should be apparent that all personnel is going about daily business with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Can you provide a list of references?

A reputable builder will have a list of people who have recently bought homes who can attest to the quality of the company’s work. This is non-negotiable, as a builder who could not make past buyers happy is quite likely to keep disappointing customers. On the other hand, a successful company like Hallmark will have dozens of happy homeowners who can’t wait to tell you that you have chosen the right builder.

How are your homes environmentally friendly?

Most current building techniques follow the idea that new homes should be eco-friendly, not only in how they are built but in what sort of appliances and amenities are installed in the house. It is important to work with a builder who uses the latest insulating techniques and construction materials which are Energy Star Certified — meaning they are designed for energy efficiency and can help you save money on bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Do you customize new homes?

Buying a new construction home offers the unique opportunity to customize according to your specific needs. This step of the interviewing process will determine if your builder is willing to put in the extra effort to create your home with the right add-ons, options, color schemes and finishing features that will make it truly unique.

Going into the home buying process with the right questions in mind can help you find the company that is perfect for you. Contact us to learn more about homes created by a team of professionals who are ready to answer your every inquiry.