Residents of Hallmark Communities Enjoy Outstanding Summertime Adventures

Family Enjoying a hike through nature

May 31, 2019

Residents of Hallmark Communities Enjoy Outstanding Summertime Adventures

The Pennsylvania countryside is teeming with seasonal destinations and cultural attractions offering fun and excitement for all interests and ages. If you are looking at new homes in Bucks County, consider that the region is rich with heritage and charm while offering an abundance of places designed to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.   

Choosing a new home community in Montgomery County, PA can enable you and your family to engage in dozens of delightful activities during the warmer months. On any given day in spring, summer, or early fall -- the possibilities for adventure; including recreation in nature, interactive exhibits, educational engagements and journeys through history, are endless.   

Explore the Great Outdoors 

Nockamixon Park is a breathtaking expanse of rolling hillsides, glistening water, lush woodlands, winding trails and open spaces. This state-maintained facility stretches across 5,286 acres of land that runs along a 1,450-acre lake of the same name that is fed by three rivers.   

On any warm day of the week, residents of new homes in Bucks County, can take a short drive and soon be hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, fishing, picnicking or immersed in a variety of aquatic activities. General admission is free, and the park is open sunrise to sunset every day of the year.  

Take a Hike

If you love strolling through nature, you can explore trails that run along the entire edge of the lake, through the lush woods and across the green fields. Pet owners are encouraged to bring along their leashed canine companions and explore the entire park through a network of pathways spanning dozens of miles.  

Roll Through the Park

A paved trail winding through welcomes strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs and walkers for up-close views of the Marina, the adjacent Old Mill Pond and several designated swimming and playing areas. Mountain bike riders can embark on a challenging 10-mile trail system that features off-road terrain, rock gardens, forest runs and breathtaking ridge-top vistas.  

Saddle Up

After acclimating to a relaxing suburban atmosphere, residents of new homes in Buck County may develop a deeper appreciation for outdoor fun. Horseback riding is a great way to indulge your adventurous side, and a quick stop at a nearby equestrian facility can outfit you for an unforgettable afternoon of trotting along pathways, runs and trails and wooded areas.  

Take a Lunch Break

Across the park, several picnic areas accommodate visitors with charcoal grills, tables and pavilions. Plan a midsummer outing where you can park your bike, unlace your hiking boots, tie up your horse and lay out the checkered blankets for a refreshing afternoon in the sunshine.  

Cast a Line Out

Nockamixon Lake and the connected rivers -- Haucock Run, Tohickon Creek and Three Mile Run -- offer a variety of fishing experiences including shore casting, boat trolling and fly fishing to name a few. Anglers, with permits, can pursue a diversity of warm water species such as pickerel, walleye, muskellunge, bass, channel catfish and more. The fishing pier is wheelchair accessible and fishing gear is available at the park office.  

Enjoy a Swim

Those who love to swim can do so without disturbing the fish by going to the adjacent swimming pool complex. Any day from mid-June through Labor Day, visitors can cool off on two waterslides, play in bubbling fountains and take a dip in a half-acre pool with a shallow end for children.   

Play and Learn 

Family friendly attractions are perfect for homeowners living in a Hallmark community, who love to experience a beautiful summer day together. With just a quick drive to Doylestown, residents can spend the day at Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum (also a castle) enjoying an array of featured exhibits that bring history to life by exploring the technical aspects of life in America through the 18th and 19th centuries.   

Experience Authenticity 

A network of historical attractions and craft industries welcomes all local residents. The region is known for a series of 12 covered “kissing bridges” that transports visitors back to the romance and charm of a bygone era. If you want to discover the region’s charm via roadway, a short drive can set you on the path of the self-guided covered bridges driving tour. Meanwhile, Chalfont is a place known for seasonal harvests of the varietal sort, and wine enthusiasts can tour vineyards, wineries and cellars while sampling the local modern take on the time-honored tradition of winemaking.   

Visit a One-of-a-kind Community 

Peddler’s Village is just a short drive from each of the Hallmark Communities in Bucks County, and this charming array of shops, restaurants and boutiques has been welcoming visitors for over 55 years. This district is renowned for the charm of award-winning gardens and colonial-style buildings. Plan to visit multiple times because the area boasts family fun attractions, a luxury hotel and summertime festivals and events.   

Explore a Natural Curiosity

The Bridgeton Boulder Field at Ringing Rocks Park is truly the site of the original “rock” symphony, as the stones therein emit a clear bell-like tone when struck with a hammer. This pleasing destination is, to this day, a mystery to science but the fact that an afternoon of sonic fun can be had for free is just about all the reason anyone needs for a visit.   

Pay Tribute to a Legend 

The nearby Delaware River is home to a site commemorating the legendary crossing of General George Washington and his troops on Christmas Day in 1776. Residents of new homes in Bucks County who are American History buffs can cherish living in proximity to Washington Crossing Historic Park and the role it played in colonial independence.   

Hallmark communities in suburban Pennsylvania highlight a stirring selection of warm-weather options for adventurous and outgoing residents. Contact us to learn more about living in a region renowned for outdoor summertime fun.