Make Your New Home Smarter With Home Automation

Woman Adjusting Settings Wall Mounted Digital Tablet

May 22, 2017

Make Your New Home Smarter With Home Automation

You’ve may have heard the term “internet of things,” but what does it really mean? It is the interconnectedness of the Internet with technology and objects, and is growing more prevalent. With the addition of smart technology, the devices we put in our new homes can help us stay safer, more comfortable, and provide convenience with the touch of a button or the sound of our voice. 

If you’re moving to Bucks County or Montgomery County and your builder is willing customize to make your home smarter with home automation, here are some things to know before you start working with your custom homebuilder.

What is Home Automation? 

Since home automation and smart devices have increased in popularity over the last few years, there are many available to include in your new home. 

The mechanics behind home automation can be complex, involving integration of technology between hardware, communication devices, and electronics. Learning which features that are most important to you is essential to the process of building your new home. You can integrate your smart phones or tablets to provide remote access to lights, home entertainment controls, or home security solutions and more. 

All of this is becoming more affordable, especially when you have the opportunity for your custom homebuilder to integrate it directly into your new home.


While home security has been an established feature in many homes, the recent advances in smart technology have made it even easier to use. 

You have the ability to access your closed circuit cameras for surveillance, motion sensors to alert you if there is an attempt from an intruder, as well as keyless automatic locks for your doors. Applying these more advanced systems can help create a safer and more secure home.


On the other hand, not only do you want to feel safe in your home but you’ll also want convenience and comfort. With entertainment automation, you can control your music or television from smart devices without directly interacting with these systems. 

You can stream music in every room and create audio zones for different listening experiences. Lighting can be set to dim automatically when you begin a movie as well as turn up if you press pause or when the movie is over.


Household lighting is a common use for smart technology that can easily be applied in the home. LED technology has already changed the way we use lights in our homes, which have increased convenience and efficiency.

Motion detectors can be used to turn off lights in empty rooms as well as turn them back on again when necessary. Adding technology, you can find comfort and safety from those automatic lights, especially when you arrive home after dark. If you are deciding on what custom features you want for your new home, you can ask your builder about incorporating this new energy saving technology.

Heating and Cooling

A great way to increase energy efficiency in your new home is to add custom controls for your heating and cooling system. A smart thermostat can recognize which rooms are being used and adjust the temperature accordingly. It can regulate the heat or air at certain temperatures when you’re not home and be set to automatically return to your comfort levels just before you return. 

A simple home efficiency addition planned with your homebuilder can significantly decrease your energy costs and increase your comfort. Imagine controlling the heat on a chilly morning before you have to crawl out from your warm blankets or lowering your room temperature while you are at work and as you drive home, it automatically warms to your comfort level.

Talk to Your Builder 

Smart technology and home automation are the wave of the future. If you are looking for a home in Bucks or Montgomery County and are interested in adding features such as sensors, security systems, lighting or entertainment automations, talk to the team at Hallmark Homes Group. Integrating smart features in your new home design is just one more way they will work with you to add the custom touches that will make your home perfect.