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Residents of New Homes in Montgomery County Enjoy Family-Friendly Fall Events

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As the warm summer months give way to the brisk breezes of fall, residents of Montgomery County Foxtail Farm in North Wales, PA are invited to participate in a host of exciting community events. By mid-October, Montgomery county shifts into fall celebration mode, as local family-friendly affairs fill up the calendar marking the onset of the fall festival season.


Attendees of all ages are encouraged to participate in Halloween crafts, locally cultivated cuisine, Medieval celebrations, haunted railways and a kid-themed parade. This well-rounded array of gatherings promotes wholesome interaction between families in the region while giving folks that are new to the area a chance to explore the community at large.


Have Some Old-fashioned Fun

Pennypacker Mills has been celebrating fall since the estate’s namesake — Samuel W. Pennypacker — was Governor of Pennsylvania over 100 years ago. Operated by the Montgomery County Division of Parks, Trails & Historic Sites, this local treasure represents rural life in a bygone era when new homes in Montgomery Countywere few and far between.


The property stretches across 170 acres of pastoral farmland overlooked by the historically-preserved family mansion. On October 19th, this layout will set the scene for a lively afternoon of corn shucking, hay pile jumping, tractor pull rides across scenic meadows, bean bag tossing and pressing of fresh apple cider to quench your hearty fun-inspired thirst. Festivities will begin around 1:00 PM and will include pumpkin painting and other fall-themed arts and crafts activities.


Sample the Local Fare

For the first of many years to come, residents can immerse their taste buds in locally produced cuisine and libations while benefiting a local charity focused on supporting disabled children and young adults. This initiative strives to enrich the lives of young people facing unique challenges by nurturing self-confidence and independence through vocational, social and educational programs.


The inaugural Food Truck and Beer Festival is on Saturday, October 26th. Food trucks will be offering regional favorites such as roasted corn, artisan ice cream, grilled cheese sandwiches, slow-cooked BBQ and Italian subs and who knows — you just might pick up a few ideas for christening the kitchen in your new home in Montgomery County.


Adults can sample craft beers from McAllister Brewing, Brothers Kershner Brewing Co. and Round guys Brewing as well as small batch mead from the Haymaker Meadery. Kids are encouraged to dress up in costume and participate in Halloween mask painting, pumpkin painting and can burn off some energy in the Moon Bounce inflatable play structure. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy live music from the Pennise Family Band and danceable selections from DJ Chris Evans.


Travel Back in Time

Customs of the Middle Ages are kept alive for people of all ages to experience during the Medieval Festival at the Glencairn Museum. Historically curious visitors can learn about the art, music, crafts, weaponry and other burgeoning technologies of early American settlers and their European predecessors. Festivities will commence on Sunday, October 27th at 1:00 PM and extend through the early evening.


Attendees can look forward to stepping through a portal to the past to witness first hand demonstrations of live vocal performances and music on replica instruments, stained glass painting, manuscript illumination, glass blowing, weaponry and a Gutenberg-style printing press. A special tour of the museum known as the Pilgrimage Quest will be available to teach you all about the religious sites of Medieval Europe, or you can explore on your own and even try your hand at medieval crafts and possibly create a period-specific decoration for your new home in Montgomery County.


The museum galleries on all floors will be open to exploration via staircase and elevators will be available for floors one and five. Visitors can take the museum’s narrated cell phone audio tour and catch a limited run of the seasonally and regionally appropriate exhibition entitled Hex Signs: Sacred and Celestial Symbolism in Pennsylvania Dutch Barn Stars.


Ride the Spooky Rails

The Colebrookdale Railroad specializes in helping residents get acquainted with the region at night during the fall Halloween season. You can embark on a haunted, deep woods adventure by railcar through the woods, valleys and hollows of the region. The trip includes the opportunity to select the pumpkin of your choice, if you dare to leave the train, to decorate as a memento of your journey that you can proudly display on the porch of your new home in Montgomery County.


If that adventure excites you, you can ramp up the risk factor by signing up for a trip on the Zombie Hunter Train (kids 12 and older). The last two Tuesdays in October (the 22nd and 29th) will feature special evening railway excursions with limited capacity that will venture into undead-infested territory to blast away at evil, but beware — some may blast back. This Colebrookdale Railroad event is co-sponsored by Laser Quest, so the weapons at hand will be first rate.


Join the Kids’ Parade

On the morning of October 19th, all young folks in Montgomery County and beyond are invited to participate in the Skippack Children’s Halloween Parade. The event commences at 10:00 AM at Trinity Christian United Church of Christ, Skippack PA with kid-friendly snacks and refreshments. The procession will follow a route that winds it way throughout the seasonally decorated village. Participants can look forward to gathering treats from participating merchants while showing off their Halloween costumes.


The final stop will be at Floral and Hardy of Skippack and will feature more candy treats and a subsequent event that will last into the afternoon. The Floral and Hardy Family Day encourages parade participants to stay and enjoy festivities from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM including a free concert for kids, face painting, root beer floats and pumpkin painting.


The fall season is a special time in Montgomery County with plenty of Halloween-themed events for new residents. Contact usto learn more about Hallmark Homes Group’s premier new home community, Foxtail Farm just off Route 309 in Montgomery County, PA.

Confused About Homebuilding? Let’s Clear Up Some Common Myths.

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As you begin to explore your options for purchasing a new home in Bucks County, you may encounter some ideas about home buying that are based on myth and misunderstanding rather than actual facts. As a homebuyer, it is important to separate common misconceptions from reality about residential construction to make an informed choice.


Expediting the Process

You may have heard that buying a house that is tailored to your specifications is a lengthy process.


Since every phase of customized home construction involves your personal preferences, it will take time to personalize it to fit your dreams and expectations. But, the key to success in this area is to foster engagement with the builder through each step of the process.


Homebuilding does not have to be a lengthy process. Many new home builders, including Hallmark Homes Group, offer several quick delivery options in the event that you are seeking a new home in Bucks Countyin a hurry so that you can be closer to school, work or family.


A quick delivery home is one that is built or near finished, that has all of the amenities built-in and ready for move-in. The layout and finishes are most often the latest styles and to suit the modern homebuyer. Most often, these homes, ready for quick settlement, have many luxury upgrades added in construction and included in the cost.


From the floor plan blueprints to the layout, electrical features, wall placement, color scheme, interior fixtures, exterior motifs, kitchen appliances and flooring type.


Before the project gets underway, you can systematically explore each phase on paper, considering every option and choosing the features that best suit your tastes, preferences and needs. This achieves clear communication and removes the time-consuming aspects of guesswork and having to “do things over” because the builder knows exactly what you want.


Choosing every facet of your home in advance, setting a completion schedule for each phase and communicating with the builder on a regular basis allows you to set and monitor a timeline that works with your schedule without compromising your preferences.


Either way, whether building a custom home or buying a quick delivery option, opening a dialogue with a company representative is the first step to realizing your dream home through an efficient, engaging process.


Add It Up for Better Value


You may have wondered where you will get the best value for the price – in a new home or resale. Another myth you may have come across is that building a new home can be more costly than a resale home.


The truth is that unlike any resale property, a newly-built house features all new fixtures, wiring, plumbing, appliances and amenities that will not need servicing, repair or restoration for many years to come and often have extensive warranties. Replacing pipes, HVAC units, roofing, hot water heaters and other features in a resale home can easily add up to a more costly option than a new home.


Also resale homes often require remodeling in order for your lifestyle needs to be met. Remodeling to meet your family’s needs can add significant cost and take significant time to complete, which are a consideration when comparing to a new home option. Adding in your time and possible lost work hours to manage contractors, remodeling can become both a drain on your time and can squeeze your budget.


Conversely, with a new residence cost not only is clear, the ongoing coast benefits continue. Most importantly, new homes are often built with systems and materials that make them highly energy efficient, which, over just a short time can, and often does saves thousands.


Homes that Stand Out from the Norm

As you explore new homes in Bucks County, you will quickly realize that the idea “that all new houses are the same” is simply untrue. As you tour new home models, you will see unique layouts for varying lifestyles. Most important, builders like Hallmark Homes Group are willing to customize any layout – it’s the perfect way to own a uniquely-crafted property.


Your exterior options can include a landscape design with grass, shrubs and trees cultivated to your liking. You can choose a motif of warm tones that suit your sensibilities, in a color scheme that accentuates the unique architectural features.  There are also abundant options for doors, windows, railings, siding, gutters and downspouts so that your home displays a cohesive look.


On the interior, you can fine-tailor every aspect of each room and level to suit your tastes and to give the property a unique look and feel. An older house may have fixtures, handrails, appliances and trim that don’t necessarily stir your senses.A new home in Bucks County, on the other hand, can feature your exact preferences for wood trim, paint color scheme, hardwood floor types, carpet color and texture, sleek kitchen and bathroom tiling options, stunning wood ceiling beams, convenient built-in shelves, high-tech security features, pre-wired entertainment components and more.


Learn New Things

As a new homebuyer of residential construction, it may feel like an undertaking that is complicated and difficult to understand. Different from what you may hear, once you engage in the process and your builder breaks each phase down into step-by-step measures, home building is a clear, systematic procedure that has been perfected by years of practice. In addition, your sales person streamlines the process so your excitement is in the forefront of your experience.


As you go through each phase of building your new home in Bucks County, you can become attuned to the systems of plumbing, heating and wiring as well as various appliance features and how and why they operate.


This process of de-mystifying the phases of residential building can give you peace of mind as you gain a clear understanding of the different components and systems within your home.


In the event that you choose to upgrade certain features, you will have enough familiarity with the details of your house so that you can clearly explain what you want to your service professional. Plus, understanding the intricacies of your residence can help you gain a deeper appreciation for the unique features that make your house a home.


Take the First Step

Ideas about new home construction are most likely perceptions of those who have never bought a new home, do not know how the customized building process works, or why it is the most valuable option. Contact usto learn more about the facts of buying new and how each phase of building can increase the value of your experience.




Seven Reasons Why Buyers Consider Open Floor Plans in Their New Homes in Bucks County

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An open floor plan offers homeowners a number of options when it comes to decor and design, making it an extremely desirable layout for modern lifestyles. As they continue to rise in popularity, more and more builders are offering what was once a luxurious option as a standard layout.


What is an open floor plan? You’ve probably heard the term numerous times as you are searching for your new home in Bucks County. While this trend seems to becoming a must-have in any home, it actually originated in 1886, beginning with making the kitchen more of a social room, rather then just a place to serve the family meal. These new designs provided flexibility for growing families and turned usable space into a high commodity. The concept has evolved over the years to include multiple floors and many rooms, all to provide as much flow and function as possible.


Many of the new homes in Bucks Countythat are on the market today feature open floor plans. Most commonly, an open concept means the main floor of the house contains multiple rooms in one large space. The kitchen, dining room, and living room can be combined and visual markers, such as an island or other large pieces of furniture, are used to visually separate each space.


The Many Appealsof an Open Floor Plan


For homes of any size, an open floor plan provides numerous benefits. What started as a trend now seems like the norm for newly constructed homes. This desirable design aesthetic is popular for a number of reasons including:


  1. Increases Natural Light: With fewer walls, natural light from windows can stream into the house, making the new space feel airy and bright all year long.


  1. Creates More Space: An open floor plan maximizes the square footage of a property giving homeowners the freedom to create a natural flow while making the most out of the space available. With little to no walls, doors, or pillars the visual and physical flow is enhanced throughout the space.


  1. Combines the Interior and Exterior: An open concept combined with large windows and glass doors, makes it easy to bring the feel of the outside in. A porch or patio can visually become an extension of your indoor living area while allowing easy access to your dining or living room without it feeling too secluded from the rest of your house.


  1. Better Communication: Make dinner while your kids play in the living room or work on homework in the dining room. With fewer obstacles to hinder communication, it’s so easy to hold conversations and keep an eye on everyone. An open concept allows for each member of the family to attend to their individual task and still spend time together.


  1. Ideal for Entertaining: If you love hosting informal get-togethers, upscale soirées or holiday events, an open concept is ideal. Guests can mingle with ease, areas for seating are expandable, and you can host without the hassle of wondering what is happening in separate rooms.


  1. Flexible Layout: With minimal or no walls impeding the space, you can change around rooms as needed. While there is no clear distinction between rooms, this creates options for multifunctional family living and allows owners to use the space in a way that fits their needs best. A simple desk area creates an at-home office or a place for the kids to dive into home work. A sunroom can be designated as a place to relax or become a breakfast area for informal meals.


  1. Enhances Aging in Place: Open concept living can allow residents to stay in their home longer. Fewer hinderances like walls, columns or doors allow ease of movement throughout the home. The ability to rearrange furniture to accommodate a walker or wheel chair creates an advantage over a traditional home layout.



The Arbors at Hilltown: Eight Gorgeous Open Floor Concepts


Hallmark Homes Group grasps the open concept for homebuyers with eight gorgeous open concept floorplan layouts available at their newest community, The Arbors at Hilltown in Sellersville. These new homes in Bucks Countyare not your run-of-the-mill dwellings as evidenced by three popular home designs; The Jefferson, The Monroe and the Roosevelt.


The Jefferson4 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath layout presents the ultimate in open concept living. Entering the home, a two-story foyer opens on the left to a living area and, to the right, a large formal dining area is designated by elegant columns. Beyond the main entry, an expansive kitchen opens into the breakfast area and two-story family room where a soaring wall of windows invites the outdoors inside. A second stair open into the family room leads to the privacy of the upstairs level.


The Monroe, the most spacious option at The Arbors at Hilltown, is a home with approximately 3,600 square feet, four bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms. A two-story foyer and open turned stair are flanked by living and dining areas that flow from one space to another. The airy two-story family room allows for a dramatic wall of windows and is open to a gourmet center-island kitchen and sunny breakfast room. Upstairs and down, The Monroe presents owners with the best of both worlds; expansive open concept living along with private, personal spaces including a large owner’s retreat and an in-law suite option.


The Rooseveltwith 3,391 sq. ft. of living space, 4-bedrooms, and 2 1/2 baths exudes a dramatic open feel combined with the finest features all under one roof. As you enter the home, a striking split stairway opens front-to-back creating an immediate connection of the more formal open dining and living space in the front of the home to the airy living space beyond. This view-inspired stair overlooks the heart of the home – a spacious island kitchen that flows into the two-story family room. Like the Monroe layout, personal spaces in the Roosevelt include a private study and a grand owner’s retreat with cathedral ceiling, sitting room, and lavish bath.


Best of all, this extraordinary level of luxury and openness can be experienced both through a virtual touronline or a visit onsiteto the Roosevelt decorated model home at The Arbors at Hilltown.


Explore Open Concept Living First-Hand


With stunning open floorplans that provide luxury and function beyond expectations,

Hallmark Homes Group answers to the lifestyles of today’s families. If you are in the market for new home and an open concept design fits your lifestyle, visit The Arbors at Hilltown.



New Homes in Bucks County and Lehigh County Offer Quick Delivery Options for Families on the Move

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There are many types of purchasing options in the world of real estate, making it possible for homebuyers to choose an ideal location that suits their circumstances. If you are looking to relocate soon, consider the many benefits of a new quick delivery home – a home that has already been completed or is well underway. This option allows you to promptly move into a community without having to wait to build from the ground up. Instead, you can experience the immediate joys of your new house.


Currently, Hallmark Homes Group features quick delivery options in Bucks County at The Arbors at Hilltown,as well as The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County, both waiting for your finishing touches.


The homes boast sensational amenities such as modern open concept layouts, state-of-the-art appliances, a number of built-in upgrades and world-class construction by the region’s premier residential property builder.


If you are ready to start making memories in a new home in Bucks Countyor Lehigh County, here are seven reasons why a quick delivery home could be the perfect choice for your situation.


Skip the Wait to Build


Building a dream home is a great aspiration, but it takes time. In the event that a lifestyle change finds you in need of a speedy settlement, buying a quick delivery home gives you the opportunity to own a brand new home in a timeline that is comfortable for you.


Step Into Style

Sometimes the hectic pace of raising a family and pursuing a career leaves room for little else. When you move into a new home in Bucks Countyor Lehigh County that has been pre-designed by the Hallmark team of experts, you can skip the process of selections needed and still have all of the latest in style and luxury.


Imagine a sprawling open-concept home with a complete array of the latest soothing color schemes, radiant hardwood floors, plush carpeting, crown molding, elegant fixtures, granite countertops, designer cabinetry, large gourmet kitchen and so much more. All of this is waiting for you to move in and enjoy.


Relish in the Newness of a New Home


One of the most important benefits of a quick delivery new home is the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything in your home is new, from the foundation to the finishes.


You can look forward to newly installed and thoroughly inspected plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems. You can also enjoy state-of-the-art performance from your new kitchen appliances including refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and stove, all covered by warranties for additional peace of mind.


Add Up the Savings


In the last ten years, innovation and technology have enhanced the sophistication of construction materials considerably. Today, a newly constructed residence offers the energy-saving advantages of modern doors, windows and state-of-the-art insulation techniques.


Airtight seals on entryways, structural openings, wall fixtures and ventilation openings can allow you to efficiently heat your house in the winter and cool it in the summer. This can reflect nicely on your monthly bills while lending to an eco-friendly lifestyle by helping to reduce your carbon footprint.


Love Your Location


Hallmark’s quick delivery new homes in Bucks Countyand Lehigh County are situated in neighborhoods that are close to just about everything. Both enjoy modern conveniences such as golf courses, fitness facilities, village markets, shopping malls and diverse dining options, all only a short drive away.


At The Arbors at Hilltown, you can move into a quick delivery home in a pristine wooded setting in historic Sellersville where rural beauty combines with small town charm. Living in this ideally located neighborhood means access to schools in the sought-after Pennridge School District along with close proximity to Routes 309, 152 and SEPTA’s Chalfont Station.


The quick delivery home available at The Reserve at Highgate overlooks twin ponds in a picturesque Upper Macungie Township setting. Within a communityof only 22 homes, the location is tucked away to provide privacy from traffic yet has easy and convenient access to Routes 100, 222 as well as Route 78 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


Both communities are within minutes of regional healthcare facilities offering round-the-clock peace of mind while a network of colleges and universities provide higher education opportunities to area residents.


Delight in the Built-in Luxury


Builders often incorporate an array of upgraded finishes and amenities into quick delivery homes that are included in the price. Many of these features would otherwise be an additional cost if you were building from scratch.


At the Arbors at Hilltown, the quick delivery home available boasts not only a spectacular open concept and gourmet kitchen but also includes a three-car garage, hardwood floors throughout the first level and a family room with a vaulted ceiling and gas fireplace. A lush master suite with dual walk-in closets and a fully finished basement are among the many other exquisite features in this new home.


The list of amenities in the quick delivery home at The Reserve at Highgate begins with a two-story foyer and a designer center-island kitchen with stainless steel appliances. The kitchen opens to the breakfast area and family room creating the epicenter of the home. Upstairs a master suite with a massive walk in closet tops the list of included features in this beautiful new home.


Cultivate Your New Community


Buying a new home in a growing neighborhood presents the opportunity to build a legacy within a community that will be cherished for many years to come. In a new community, all of your neighbors are new. This common element gives you the chance to get to know other homeowners, cultivate connections and create lasting traditions.


Make Your Move


If you are looking to move into a property in a quality neighborhood but need to expedite settlement, consider a quick delivery new home by Hallmark Homes Group. Take a tour today to see the impressive homes and learn more about relocating to one of our communities in the near future.

Residents of New Homes in Bucks County Enjoy Exciting Summertime Events

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The warmer months are a season of fun and adventure that tend to fly by quickly every year. Enjoying them to the fullest means taking advantage of the many cultural, historical and educational attractions available across the suburban counties north of Philadelphia.


If you are moving to the area, an unforgetful late summer awaits you. You can get the most out of late July and August before they are over by taking in shows at area theatres, visiting local breweries, exploring museums and castles, perusing through car shows and experiencing the flavors of local growers and vintners.


Hang Out in New Hope

This relaxed area along Highway 202 just west of the Delaware River is known for a unique variety of wineries, breweries, eateries, boutiques and candy stores. Visitors can charter local tours allowing them to experience the fruits of area vintners, beer makers, proprietors and chocolatiers that lend local flavor and flair to your new home in Bucks County.


If you love vintage cars, you can get you fill of a stunning variety of old-time roadsters at the New Hope Auto Show. Every year, the two-day event takes place in early August and features the prized possessions of area collectors and hobbyists spanning across the last 100 years. This spectacle of automotive innovation has been a cherished event for over 60 years and takes place at the New Hope-Solebury High School.


After the car show ends, you can make the most of your adventure by taking in an evening show at the Bucks County Playhouse. This local treasure, of entertainment, features musical productions of icons such as Patsy Cline, Shrek, ABBA and more. As a long-standing local treasure, this establishment features the Word of Mouth: Endless Summer production featuring the best narratives from NYC legends.


Explore Doylestown

This historical borough is located 35 miles north of Pennsylvania City Center and is home to the Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle complex as well as the Michener Art Museum. These local treasures offer a wealth of opportunities for learning about pre-industrial America, perusing eccentric architecture, viewing world-class art and meeting others who enjoy doing the same.


Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle were completed by Henry Mercer in the early years of the 20th Century. Both are Smithsonian affiliates and bear the legacy of a man with an eccentric vision that included preserving the artifacts and artistry of his time. In the museum, area residents can gather facts about local history and learn what the area was like before their new homes in Bucks Countywere ever built. The adjacent castle offers an early example of reinforced concrete in architecture and offers an impressive collection of illustrated ceramic tiles and other works from the height of the arts and crafts period.


Meanwhile, the nearby Michener Art Museum features an impressive array of exhibitions, events, programs, art classes and workshops reflecting the artistic vision of the legendary novelist James A. Michener.


Sample Sellersville

This quaint little borough is a great destination for folks who want to explore the community for an afternoon, take in some quality entertainment and enjoy a bit of local brewing mastery.  The Washington House and Sellersville Theater were established over 120 years ago and have undergone numerous restorations. Currently, the complex offers a unique event calendar of music including performances by rock, jazz and country music legends. On some nights, the theater offers free movies and eclectic productions with plenty of carnival-esque flair. Meanwhile, the flavor selection at the adjacent Washington House features weekly “Wine Flights” from area vintners and boasts a variety of brewed flavors from the renowned Tröegs Brewing Company.


Peruse Peddler’s Village

This 42-acre countryside district features an indoor family entertainment center, a 66-room hotel and over 60 boutiques, shops and one-of-a-kind restaurants. August is National Peach Month, and Peddler’s Village celebrates by hosting the annual Peach Festival and Sidewalk Sale during the second weekend of the month.


If you want to turn the kitchen of your new home in Bucks Countyinto a paradise of all things peach, this late summer event can help you do so just in time for fall. Visitors can stock up on locally grown peaches, peach cupcakes, pies, butters, artisanal jams, sweet candies, savory treats and more.


Also, once a week through October, the village celebrates Friday Night Wine Down. This locally sponsored event features seasonal wines, specialty wine drinks and peach-themed craft cocktails. You can experience the entire menu of events in one day by booking advanced reservations and immersing yourself in the flavors of the region.


Navigate Nockamixon State Park

A great way to celebrate summer before it’s over is to take a short drive from your new home in Bucks Countyto the area’s greatest destination for outdoor fun and adventure. The 5,286-acre park features a 1,450-acre lake welcoming boaters and anglers out onto the water as well as campers, picnickers and sightseers all along the shorelines. If you’re a hiker, you can enjoy the breadth of beauty across the park by taking on dozens of miles of terrain from easy to difficult along a network of scenic trails.


The area also features a two-mile paved bike path as well as routes for mountain biking and horseback riding. If you’re looking to turn your day-trip into a weekend adventure, modern cabins are available which include a refrigerator, stove, microwave and multiple bedrooms as well as an outdoor picnic table, cooking grill and fire ring.


Nockamixon also features a wide variety of natural terrain and wildlife habitat — making it an ideal place for endless bird watching. The park is home to over 250 species including many types of waterfowl, raptors, warblers, thrushes, egrets and many more.


Bucks County offers a dynamic variety of events and destinations so that you can get the most out of the warmest months of the year before summer icomes to a close.Contact usto learn more about living in a luxury custom home located near so many exciting things to do.

The Arbors at Hilltown Grand Opening Highlights New Homes in Bucks County

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If you are unfamiliar with The Arbors at Hilltown, then you are not alone.  Hallmark Homes Group was proud to host their grand opening event for their newest neighborhood. The open house showcased their stunningly decorated model home, featuring the popular Rooseveltfloorplan. This charming destination is between Philadelphia and Allentown, a convenient location for those who commute into the cities for work and pleasure. This brand-new community boasts easy access to Routes 309,152, and SEPTA’s Chalfont Station, as well as being well-located in Pennridge School District with some of the area’s highest-regarded schools.


Hilltown is a tight-knit community with a population a little over 15,000, where people take pride in where they live and respect the beautiful town setting. The surrounding area has everything you or your family could want or need. From great schools to outstanding restaurants, this charming hamlet is exactly where you want to live. Whether you enjoy a weekend afternoon at the mall or in a park, it’s all right there and truly the quaint small town families crave.


Built in a serene wooded setting, these new homes in Bucks Countyoffer a high level of luxury at a great value. The Arbors at Hilltown feature some of the most value-priced new single-family estate homes in the Hilltown Township, and the new decorated model home is a true testament to that.


During the well-attended grand opening of The Arbors at Hilltown, guests enjoyed a delicious lunch, all the while learning more about the community and being wowed by the striking luxury of the Roosevelt floorplan first hand.


During their exclusive first look at this stunning home, guests were impressed with the open-floor layout, and all of the perfectly-executed amenities built into the residence; including a large wall of windows allowing in plenty of natural light, hardwood floors, gas fireplace, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, oversized custom trim molding, and so much more – details that will wow you every time you walk in the door. Fewnew homes in Bucks Countyoffer quite the level of luxury you’ll find at The Arbors in Hilltown.


Just like all of the homes available at The Arbors at Hilltown, theRoosevelt floorplanfeatures elegant touches that enhance the abode’s overall aesthetic while also offering convenience and luxury. A 3,391 square foot home with 4 bedrooms, this floorplan is ideal for families that enjoy spending time together but also relish their own dedicated spaces.


Upon entering the Roosevelt, visitors are immediately met with the two-story foyer with a T-shaped stairway that leads to the view-inspired overlook. The kitchen, a chef’s dream, has a spacious island, pantry and opens into the living and informal dining areas creating the perfect setting for family interaction or entertaining.


The model home also boasts a two-story family room, study, and formal living and dining rooms. Additionally, an owners’ retreat spanning over 500 square feet features cathedral ceilings, a sitting room, and a decadent bathroom. You’ll enjoy the dressing area and walk-in closets in the luxury master bathroom every time you retire in the evening or get ready for the next day.


When shopping for a new home , if you’re looking for a place that makes a statement the Roosevelt floorplan, as well as the others available to build at The Arbors at Hilltown, are well worth a visit. It’s hard to believe such an elegant home in this central location is available for the price along with the quality construction that Hallmark Homes Group is well-known in the area for.  


Those aren’t the only enticing features of the Roosevelt model. Imagine sipping coffee in a cozy morning room as your family eats breakfast together before heading out for work and school. Think of all the possibilities of a spacious finished basement: a game room, man cave, craft area, children’s playroom, and so on, as well as an extra third full bathroom that provides much-needed space when visitors come for an extended stay. End your day with friends or family unwinding in the backyard around the fire pit area instead of mindlessly zoning out in front of the television.


In your search for a new home in Bucks County, if you find that you love The Arbors in Hilltown (after all, who wouldn’t) but a different floorplan will better fit your lifestyle – not to worry, the Roosevelt is just one of the many choices! There are eight models available in this up-and-coming community that vary in size, features, and included amenities:

●      Roosevelt ●      Lincoln
●      Madison ●      Harrison
●      Jackson ●     Jefferson
●      Harding ●      Monroe


These different floorplans have a wide range of features and amenities to meet your exact specifications. Smaller families might enjoy the comfort of the Lincoln floorplan with its 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and 2,524 square feet. However, larger families might require the space provided in the Monroe floorplan, which includes 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and 3,625 square feet. Truly, The Arbors at Hilltown offer something for everyone, meaning the perfect home is waiting for you to discover it.


Just like many of the new homes in Bucks County, every floorplan at The Arbors at Hilltown is available for full customization to perfectly meet your family’s needs and lifestyle. Hallmark Homes Group will customize the layout you love so your home is exactly what you imagined when you set out on your search for a new residence. Every customization is done with the utmost care and consideration to deliver the home you’ve always wanted.


Hallmark prides itself on the best service and quality and your satisfaction is their top priority. Working with the Hallmark team of home customization experts, you can create the home that fits your family instead of trying to retrofit your needs into an already-built residence. When buying a home, never settle for second choice. Instead, pick the best option available.


Convinced that The Arbors in Hilltown is right for you and your family? Ready to customize the perfect home for your family? Visit our communitytoday to learn more about your future neighborhood!



New Homes in Montgomery County are Located in Safe, Family-friendly Neighborhoods

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There are several important factors to think about when choosing the right community for you and your family. When searching for the perfect neighborhood, you should heed things such as crime rate, access to quality education and modern amenities like shopping, restaurants, entertainment and outdoor fun.


With many parts of the county specifically designed for optimal family living you won’t be surprised to find that Hallmark HomesGroup is known for creating welcoming neighborhoods that are conveniently located near every type of modern amenity. They are very mindful when selecting locations for their neighborhoods so that residents who live in their new homes in Montgomery Countycan enjoy high quality living in an above caliber environment – one that reflects their specific priorities in choosing a home.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

The safety of your family and the security of your valuable belongings are of utmost importance. That’s why choosing a neighborhood with a low crime rate year after year can help you sleep more soundly at night. The Montgomery County area is known for their low statistics of all types of crime as well as minimal rates of reported theft and burglary.


Plus, the family-friendly environment promotes a neighborly mindset where residents can enjoy a strong sense of community by keeping an eye out for the general well being of the homestead at large. In fact, Niche.comand AreaVibes.comrate the North Wales and Montgomeryville areas, respectively, with excellent grades for overall safety and low crime rates.


Explore Education 

Young, school-going residents of new homes in Montgomery Countyare presented with a vast array of learning opportunities. The region offers a comprehensive educational system of over 100 schools ranging from pre-k through 12th grade along with numerous private and charter school options. All of the school districts within Montgomery County have been awarded a rating of A+ from


A number of schools across the county are known for implementing high-quality, rigorous curriculums that have been recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the United States Department of Education with blue ribbon honors.


In addition, many schools in the region excel in the areas of athletics and extracurricular activities, having earned state championship titles in boys and girls cross country and girls softball while programs such as Model U.N. Club, Theatre Club and Students for a Sustainable Future keep kids engaged in healthy, well-rounded, social interaction.


Shop with Joy

Living in an ideal neighborhood means having convenient access to shopping of every sort – from groceries to clothing, furniture, gifts and other household necessities. Short commutes from any Hallmark neighborhood to nearby retail centers means you can spend more time browsing for treasures and fulfilling your wish lists, rather than being stuck in traffic.


The King of Prussia Town Center and the King of Prussia Mall are both a very popular destination in Montgomery County. They feature a dynamic example of the sleek, metropolitan sprawl in the suburbs that is currently sweeping the nation. Here, you can find hundreds of stores with every accessory you could possibly need for enjoying your new home in Montgomery County– including fitness products, electronics, designer clothing, home accessories, sporting goods and entertainment technology.


Meanwhile, The Shops at Valley Square features dozens of retail outlets that include bath and body products, financial services and state-of-the-art bedding technology as well as a location that is easily accessible from a number of major routes.


Montgomery Mall offers everything from wireless products and automotive services to games and toys, jewelry, maternity necessities and a 24-hour grocery store, while Plymouth Meeting Mall hosts a similar array of modern shopping options.


Have a Ball

Montgomery County is also home to an impressive array of dining choices and entertainment venues. Restaurants and eateries throughout the area are standing by to satisfy every imaginable craving from gourmet donuts and Italian baked delicacies to Southern-style barbecue and traditional East Coast seafood. Steak lovers can choose from a number of award-winning restaurants while there are plenty of destinations offering the tried-and-true flavors of American, Asian and European cuisine.


On any given day you and your family can venture out from your new home in Montgomery County, and after just a short drive, be immersed in a dizzying array of spectacles including movies on the silver screen, community theatre productions, interactive park-style adventures, an animal sanctuary and thematic escape rooms. You can also enjoy the old-fashioned, good clean fun of outdoor recreation in any of a number of community parks.


The County features more than 6,000 acres of space open to the public including 60 miles of trails for hiking and biking, nine parks and five historical sites as well as children’s playgrounds and facilities for softball, tennis, basketball, frisbee golf and more. The county’s Open Space, Natural Resources and Cultural Resources Plan is a comprehensive initiative to preserve the historic properties, scenic streams, rolling hills, wooded areas and abundant farmlands that make Montgomery County beautiful and unique. The region offers 28,000 acres set aside for the enjoyment of current and future generations while benefiting the area’s financial health through agriculture and tourism.


Commute with Ease

Ideal neighborhoods in Montgomery County are located near major travel routes and thoroughfares. If you have business in the nearby cities of Philadelphia, Allentown, Doylestown and Sellersville which are located outside of the county– you can easily reach these destinations via I-76, I-78, I-81, I-276 and I-476.


Relish in Front Yard Fun

Another reason for choosing Montgomery County is the fact that quality neighborhoods across the region are designed for families with children. Hallmark communities are built along quiet, tree-lined streets and quaint, secluded cul-de-sacs. These areas feature plenty of room to run, play and enjoy the fresh air right outside your front door.


Hallmark Homes Group’s communities throughout the region offer the peace and tranquility of rural living while keeping residents connected to the modern world of commerce, shopping, recreation and entertainment. Contact usto learn more about our distinctive living defined by safe, family-friendly communities.

Creating the Ideal Flex Room for Your New Home in Bucks County

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All too often when looking at a home, the function each room serves seems pretty inflexible. The kitchen is where food is stored, prepared, and served. The bedroom is where you sleep and dress.


However, builders of new homes in Bucks Countyand beyond are offering home designs with extra space to be used for one or multiple purposes, called a flex room. Floor plans are specifically designed with flex rooms to give homeowners the opportunity to create a fun or functional element to their new homes. Transforming a spare bedroom is also another way that extra space can be used for special interests.

Determine the Purpose

From a painting studio or music room, to man cave or indoor playground, there are countless ways to use flex space depending on a family’s particular needs.


Before you begin designing, you want to figure out how you are going to use your space. Some homeowners opt for a flex room that has one main purpose while others find it helpful for the area to play multiple roles. Some of the more popular uses are:



  • Home office
  • Playroom
  • Craft Space
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Additional Dining Area
  • Den or Family Room
  • Home Library
  • Workshop
  • Exercise Room
  • Home Theater



Many of these ideas can also work well together. A home office with a library or some exercise equipment is a great multi-purpose use of the space. A craft room can double as a children’s playroom for young ones who are particularly creative.


A den can easily transform into a guest bedroom by simply investing in a comfy pull-out couch and a chest of drawers. Those living in a new home in Bucks Countyfind that multi-purpose flex rooms add much-needed utility to their humble abodes.


Sit down and discuss with your family what the best use of the flex room will be, so that everyone is onboard. If you have friends and family that visit often, a guest room is probably ideal. If you work from home regularly, an office will fit the bill. If you love binge-watching Netflix or consider yourself a movie buff, a home theater is absolutely the way to go.

Prepare the Room

Most homeowners of new homes in Bucks Countyfind it very helpful to invest a lot of thought in this portion of the design process. The right plan lays important groundwork for how well your flex room will serve your needs and ensuring it will be enjoyable over time.


Once you’ve decided how to use the flex room in your home, you have to get ready to furnish and implement your design. For example, if you are turning your flex room into a craft space, it makes sense to cover hard to clean flooring (such as light-colored carpeting) and add some bright lights so you’re not straining your eyes while working on projects. On the other hand, a home theater would require dimmable lights so you can set the perfect atmosphere for your movie-watching experience.


This is also the time to consider any built-in storage options. A home library will require many shelves for your literary collection. A children’s playroom should lend itself to easy access to toys and games of all shapes and sizes. A guest bedroom would be well-served with a closet for visitors to hang clothes as well as a dresser and nightstand.


Additionally, you want to consider how you are using the walls. A home office or craft room might benefit from a giant corkboard wall to pin ideas, calendars, notes, inspiration, and so on. A home gym might need a mirrored wall. For a home theater, you can install a large flat-screen TV or a screen that you project movies and TV shows on to for your viewing pleasure.

Outfit the Space

Many homeowners enjoy finding all of the items needed to make their flex room area perfect in their new home in Bucks County. Furniture, supplies, accents, and more are all necessary to complete the ideal space.


So if you’ve chosen to use your flex room as a home office, what do you need to be productive in this space? A traditional desk or a standing one? Muted colors with minimal accessories to keep you focused or a bright, eclectic design aesthetic to inspire your creativity?


For a home theater, what kind of seating would you like to use? Do you want cabinets or a refrigerator to keep snacks and drinks? How will you store your extensive collection of CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and other media formats?


For an exercise room, are you going to need cardio machines? Free weights or weight systems? Or an open space to do yoga, pilates, or other fitness routines? Do you want to include a TV or sound system to provide entertainment while you work out?


Or maybe you want an area for your family to hang out that isn’t as formal as your standard living room. Decorate with family fun photos or artwork, furnish the space with extra cozy furniture, and stock up on fun activities to do together (board games, simple craft projects, etc.).

Homeowners are finding unique ways to transform their flex rooms into functional, high-purpose areas. With space to spare in your new home, the options for using it are endless.


Are you and your family looking for a home with extra space that you can make your own in the Philadelphia area? Peruse our new home floor plansas well as our quick delivery options. Hallmark Homes Groupprides itself on building high-quality houses for families with the flexibility to customize to your every need. Let us help you make your dream home (with a flex room) a reality today!

Residents of Hallmark Communities Enjoy Outstanding Summertime Adventures

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The Pennsylvania countryside is teeming with seasonal destinations and cultural attractions offering fun and excitement for all interests and ages. If you are looking at new homes in Bucks County, consider that the region is rich with heritage and charm while offering an abundance of places designed for the enjoyment of sunshine and fresh air.


Choosing a Hallmark neighborhoodsuch as Highfield Estates or The Arbors at Hilltown can enable you and your family to spend the warmer months engaging in dozens of delightful activities. On any given day in spring, summer or early fall — the possibilities for adventure; include recreation in nature, interactive exhibits, educational engagements and journeys through history, are endless.


Explore the Great Outdoors

Nockamixon Park is a breathtaking expanse of rolling hillsides, glistening water, lush woodlands, winding trails and open spaces. This state-maintained facility stretches across 5,286 acres of land that runs along a 1,450-acre lake of the same name that is fed by three rivers.


On any warm day of the week, residents of new homes in Bucks County, can take a short drive and soon be hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, fishing, picnicking or immersed in a variety of aquatic activities. General admission is free, and the park is open sunrise to sunset every day of the year.


  • Take a Hike

If you love strolling through nature, you can explore trails that run along the entire edge of the lake, through the lush woods and across the green fields. Pet owners are encouraged to bring along their leashed canine companions and explore the entire park through a network of pathways spanning dozens of miles.


  • Roll Through the Park

A paved trail winding through welcomes strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs and walkers for up-close views of the Marina, the adjacent Old Mill Pond and several designated swimming and playing areas. Mountain bike riders can embark on a challenging 10-mile trail system that features off-road terrain, rock gardens, forest runs and breathtaking ridge-top vistas.


  • Saddle Up

After acclimating to a relaxing suburban atmosphere, residents of new homes in Buck Countymay develop a deeper appreciation for outdoor fun. Horseback riding is a great way to indulge your adventurous side, and a quick stop at a nearby equestrian facility can outfit you for an unforgettable afternoon of trotting along pathways, runs and trails and wooded areas.


  • Take a Lunch Break

Across the park, several picnic areas accommodate visitors with charcoal grills, tables and pavilions. Plan a midsummer outing where you can park your bike, unlace your hiking boots, tie up your horse and lay out the checkered blankets for a refreshing afternoon in the sunshine.


  • Cast a Line Out

Nockamixon Lake and the connected rivers — Haucock Run, Tohickon Creek and Three Mile Run — offer a variety of fishing experiences including shore casting, boat trolling and fly fishing to name a few. Anglers, with permits, can pursue a diversity of warm water species such as pickerel, walleye, muskellunge, bass, channel catfish and more. The fishing pier is wheelchair accessible and fishing gear is available at the park office.


  • Enjoy a Swim

Those who love to swim can do so without disturbing the fish by going to the adjacent swimming pool complex. Any day from mid-June through Labor Day, visitors can cool off on two waterslides, play in bubbling fountains and take a dip in a half-acre pool with a shallow end for children.


Play and Learn

Family friendly attractions are perfect for homeowners living in a Hallmark community, who love to experience a beautiful summer day together. With just a quick drive to Doylestown, residents can spend the day at Fonthill Castle and Mercer Museum (also a castle) enjoying an array of featured exhibits that bring history to life by exploring the technical aspects of life in America through the 18th and 19th centuries.


Experience Authenticity

A network of historical attractions and craft industries welcomes all local residents. The region is known for a series of 12 covered “kissing bridges” that transports visitors back to the romance and charm of a bygone era. If you want to discover the region’s charm via roadway, a short drive can set you on the path of the self-guided covered bridges driving tour. Meanwhile, Chalfont is a place known for seasonal harvests of the varietal sort, and wine enthusiasts can tour vineyards, wineries and cellars while sampling the local modern take on the time-honored tradition of winemaking.


Visit a One-of-a-kind Community

Peddler’s Village is just a short drive from each of the Hallmark Communities in Bucks County, and this charming array of shops, restaurants and boutiques has been welcoming visitors for over 55 years. This district is renowned for the charm of award-winning gardens and colonial-style buildings. Plan to visit multiple times because the area boasts family fun attractions, a luxury hotel and summertime festivals and events.


Explore a Natural Curiosity

The Bridgeton Boulder Field at Ringing Rocks Park is truly the site of the original “rock” symphony, as the stones therein emit a clear bell-like tone when struck with a hammer. This pleasing destination is, to this day, a mystery to science but the fact that an afternoon of sonic fun can be had for free is just about all the reason anyone needs for a visit.


Pay Tribute to a Legend

The nearby Delaware River is home to a site commemorating the legendary crossing of General George Washington and his troops on Christmas Day in 1776. Residents ofnew homes in Bucks Countywho are American History buffs can cherish living in proximity to Washington Crossing Historic Park and the role it played in colonial independence.


Hallmark communities in suburban Pennsylvania highlight a stirring selection of warm-weather options for adventurous and outgoing residents. Contact usto learn more about living in a region renowned for outdoor summertime fun.

Customize Your New Home in Lehigh County, Don’t Compromise.

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Here at Hallmark Homes Group we understand that the process of building a new home is an experience, which is why we endeavor to make building your home as exciting and satisfying as possible.


When you begin your build, for example, you will find yourself faced with many decisions. Terms like “upgrades,” “personalization,” and “customization” will come up regularly. For customers not familiar with the industry, however, understanding the distinctions between them can be confusing.


Fortunately, learning the difference between upgrades, personalization, and customization is easy; it also will help you highlight the overwheliming difference between Hallmark Homes Group and other builders.


Upgrades, Personalization, and Customization


All three terms — upgrades, personalization, and customization — refer to the ability to add features to your home beyond what is included in your base purchase. Each provides different opportunities to refine your home design; the difference being the level of change taking place.


However, upgrades and/or personalization are often used interchangeably. Typically, they refer to the selections new homeowners make on general decor like flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and the like. Most builders offer the opportunity to “upgrade/personalize” these critical aspects of your home with a limited number of options, but it often stops there.


Do you have a unique vision for your new home in Lehigh County? Do you have a specific feature in mind that requires something a little above and beyond the typical builder offerings? If so, you need a builder who is willing to customize your home in style; you need Hallmark Homes Group.


Discerning customers will appreciate Hallmark Homes Group’s willingness to consider any customization, large or small. When it comes to bumping out a wall, or adding a room to the base model, few builders are as open as us to making the changes that will create your perfect home environment. Every home built by Hallmark Homes Group is something special, and truly unique to you.


There’s nothing quite like the sensation of having your new home in Lehigh County built with your specific needs in mind from the very first step.


Customize Your Home with a Trusted Area Builder


When you choose Hallmark Homes Group to build your new home, you’re working with a skilled team that is ready to collaborate with you until the key is in your hand.


Your build begins with a number of choices. Before construction begins is the perfect time to consider all of the hopes, ideas, and wishes you have for your dream home. Hallmark Homes Group’s list of upgrades can improve your quality of life in ways you never expected.


These decisions can be critical. Not only will you be utilizing some of these enhancements in your home every single day, but others — like moving a wall — can be a bit of a pain to implement later on.


These choices present an excellent opportunity to put your mark on the final product.


Customize Your Home the Hallmark Homes Group Way


When you purchase one of our new homes in Lehigh County, there are plenty of options at your fingertips. Here are a few customization ideasthat you might not have considered.


  • Room extensions create the perfect spacious place for you and your family.
  • Adding garage space can accommodate all of your vehicles or even make room for a workshop.
  • An elegant morning room, equipped with a spacious cathedral ceiling, will bring new value to the early hours of your day.
  • Add rustic ceiling beams to your family room to complete the hominess of the living area
  • A tray or cathedral ceiling can turn the height of your master bedroom into a focal point of the design.


Don’t be shy. Be sure to engage our team about adding the unique touches to your home; you may be surprised to find that many of your ideas are not only doable, they’re quite affordable.


More than that, every individual nuance you bring to your home is another way to define your space as your own. When you enlist Hallmark Homes Group to build your new home in Lehigh County, you’re getting a team that understands the weight these decisions carry for your future.


Hallmark understands that your house is more than four walls and a roof; when it’s built to your specific needs and reflect your ideas, it’s a place to truly call home.


Building the Right Home for You


Hallmark offers an assortment of custom suggestions that can customize the entire look, layout and functionality of your home.


  • Meet Everyone’s Needs.Add additional bathrooms to your home and never find yourself waiting in line.
  • Invite the In-Laws Home.When your parents need that extra bit of help, or you need an extra set of hands with the kids, an in-law suite is a perfect addition.
  • Embrace the Electrical Revolution.Extra electrical outlets can ensure that your phones, tablets, and computers always have a nearby plug to call home. More outlets allow you to place electronics without the inconvenience and worry of whether you’ll be able to plug them in.
  • The Next Generation of Home.Hallmark Homes Group can help you turn your home into a “smart” sanctuary. Consider a sound system that can turn every corner of your home into a concert or a security systems that can give you peace of mind from your smartphone.
  • Create the Space You Imagine.Hallmark Homes Group is happy to add or remove walls throughout the home, working with you to create a space that functions perfectly for you and your family.


We encourage you to engage in an open and honest dialogue with the professionals, at Hallmark Homes Group, to make sure every idea that’s important to you is covered. We want nothing more than to build the perfect home for you and your family.


It’s Time to Create Your New Home


Hallmark Homes Group takes immense pride in the reputation we’ve built throughout beautiful Bucks, Lehigh, and Montgomery Counties. Our tireless work ethic and innovative approach to homebuilding ensure that all of our clients receive a unique, individualized place to call their own.


Exceeding your expectations is our personal mission. Visit our website today to begin the conversation with one of our new home counselors.