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Choose the Right Flooring for Your Lifestyle

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Choosing the right kind of flooring is an important design decision that will affect both the look of your new home in Montgomery County as well as your family’s lifestyle.


For example, while Berber carpet may look amazing, it can trap dust and other particles which can cause quality of life issues for those who suffer from allergies. Hardwood and natural stone flooring are susceptible to damage that results from high traffic such as pets, children, or large gatherings of people.


Here are a few tips to help you determine the type of flooring that may best fit your lifestyle:


What’s Your Lifestyle Like?

There are many aspects of your home and personal life that may dictate the best type of flooring to consider: The first step in choosing the right kind of flooring for your new home in Montgomery County is to look at your lifestyle.


Any kind of carpet can also cause potential problems because of occasional animal accidents. If carpet is a must, be sure to choose a brand that contains odor-reducing enzymes that will help reduce offensive smells. 



If you have toddlers in your family, a soft padded carpet is much better than a hard floor surface from a safety perspective. However, in areas where young children are more likely to make a mess, ceramic tile or other resilient material offers an easy way to clean up without causing permanent damage. 


Teenagers who play sports can track mud and dirt from one end of the home to the other. If your new home in Montgomery County is equipped with a mudroom or other designated entry area, tile or a durable vinyl plank material can not only withstand years of abuse but will also clean up very quickly.


Allergy Sufferers

If you or a loved one suffers from allergies, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood products are an ideal choice to help reduce symptoms. Carpet can attract and retain dust, mold, dirt, and tree pollen. While regular vacuuming can help, it usually only gets a portion of the allergens that become trapped in the carpet fibers.


Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets

While we love our furry family members, they can cause permanent damage to certain types of flooring, such as hardwood and expensive carpets. Dirt, mud, and sharp claws can quickly scratch the highly polished wooden, laminate, or cork floor surfaces.


The best type of flooring for a household with pets is one that has a very resilient surface, such as laminates or types of vinyl that have scratch-resistant layers that can stand up to heavy traffic and wear and tear. Ceramic tile is another excellent choice as it is durable and can be easily wet mopped.


Entertaining Guests 

If you have an active social life and like to entertain guests regularly, hard surface floors are an ideal solution. While natural stone, hardwood flooring, and luxurious carpets may look nice, these types of materials tend to wear and stain easily. In some cases, you may need to replace the entire flooring to fix the damage.


Ceramic tile offers the best of both worlds in terms of form and functionality for your new home in Montgomery County. It comes in a wide variety of textures, colors, shades, and patterns that provide a superbly elegant look and feel. Best of all, they’re durable enough to stand up to years of heavy traffic and can easily be cleaned with a wet mop.


Older and Disabled Adults

Soft carpet is an ideal choice for homes with senior citizens or disabled adults. Polished hardwood floors and ceramic tiles have a slippery surface and can easily cause someone to slip and fall. 


Low-pile carpeting will allow for walkers and wheelchairs to move about freely without getting snagged or causing damage. It also provides a soft surface that offers cushioning if someone were to fall.


What’s Your Style?

Once you’ve determined the best kind of flooring for your new home, it’s now time to think about the style. In addition to your favorite patterns and colors, choose textures that match your personal tastes. Polished marble floors, rich hardwood grains, and luxuriously thick carpets will serve to complement both your accessories and furniture. 


Consider the future as well. While shag carpet was the go-to flooring choice of the 1960s and 70s, it quickly faded out of style in the 80s. While you can easily replace furniture and décor, changing out your flooring is a major project. If you don’t plan on replacing your flooring anytime soon, opt for a style that offers a timeless look and feel. 


Types of Flooring Materials

There are many different types of flooring materials that will complement your particular lifestyle for your new home in Montgomery County:


Carpet – Carpet is the default choice for many homeowners. It offers a soft surface that provides an extra layer of security for babies, older adults, and the physically disadvantaged. Some carpet brands also come with stain and odor resistant properties. 


Wood and Hardwood – Wood floors not only provide a classic look and feel, they also work very well for those who suffer from allergies. If damage or scratches occur, they can be sanded out to look new again.


Tile – Tile is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas that are prone to spills and dirt. Some tiles, such as ceramic and porcelain, are stain and scratch-resistant and work well in households with children or pets.


Vinyl – Vinyl flooring comes in many different styles, colors, and patterns. Luxury vinyl technology has advanced to the point where it can mimic the exact look of more expensive options such as hardwood or stone.


The Right Flooring for Your New Home

The lifestyle that you live will have a significant impact on the type of flooring that you select. Contact us today to discuss the many flooring options available for your new home. If you’re looking for a move-in ready home or you would like to completely customize your own, give us a call at (215) 416-0036. At Hallmark Homes Group, we work with our clients on an individual basis to help them design and create the perfect custom home.

Highfield Estates Community in Chalfont is SOLD OUT

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Hallmark Homes Group is pleased to announce that the distinguished community of Highfield Estates in Chalfont is now sold out!

Although homes in Highfield Estates are no longer available, Hallmark Homes offers prospective homebuyers the opportunity to be a part of one of our other estate home communities in great locations across Montgomery and Bucks Counties.


A Glance at Highfield Estates

Located in the 400-year old township of Hilltown, each of the 13 new homes in Chalfont, Bucks County sit on a spectacular 3+ acre lots. Starting in the low $600s, these luxury residential estates feature 11 different styles of our most popular floor plans.

Nestled in a tree-lined picturesque setting in Chalfont, these magnificently appointed luxury homes range in square footage from 2,860 to 4,618 sq-feet. They offer four to five bedrooms with up to 4.5 baths and an opulent master bedroom complete with a luxury master bath.

The two-story foyer provides residents and guests alike with an elegant entrance into the home that opens up to a spacious 9-foot ceiling. Custom wide-plank engineered flooring throughout the first floor accentuates the airy 2-story family room featuring a dramatic wall of windows and a gas fireplace.

The gourmet kitchen and sunroom areas offer ample natural sunlight, which provides a welcoming atmosphere for friends and family to gather together. 42-inch custom maple cabinets, granite countertops, and quality stainless steel appliances help ensure that every meal is a home-cooked one.


A Florishing Local Community

Cultural activities, local wineries, and ample nearby shopping opportunities make Highfield Estates the ideal place to reside in a new home in Chalfont, Bucks County. The historic and distinguished township of Hilltown is just minutes away from settings of natural beauty at Peace Valley Park and Lake Galena.

Highfield Estates is conveniently located in the award-winning Penn Ridge School District. In addition, the local area was rated a 92 out of 100 in the Crime Index—which makes it 92% safer than all other U.S. cities. Travel to work or out of town is made easy with close proximity to Routes 313, 202,152, 309, I-46, SEPTA rail lines, and the PA Turnpike.


Your Dream Home Awaits

With the ‘SOLD OUT’ sign now on our popular Highfield Estates neighborhood, how can we help you create and build the home of your dreams? Visit our website to view our latest communities in great locations in Bucks County. Keep in mind that that there are quick delivery homes available, plus, we provide our buyers with the ability to completely customize their new homes to suit their individual tastes.

2020 Home Design Trends

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With a new year comes new trends, and this especially holds true for those who are thinking about buying a new home in Bucks County. 2020 brings several new and exciting home design trends that will create captivating spaces to fit every lifestyle.

This is the perfect time to buy a new house and incorporate with these latest designs. We want to share four of our favorite modern decorating trends for this year that will leave you and your family with a breathtaking place to call home:


Pantone Color of the Year

At the beginning of each year, Pantone, a color company that provides a universal language of color for brands across a variety of industries, selects a “Color of the Year” that often sets the trend for home decorating. This year, the Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue (Pantone 19-4052).

According to Pantone, this color: “Instills calm, confidence, and connection. The enduring blue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

There are many different ways that you can incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year into the design scheme of your new home in Bucks County. For example, painting interior walls of your living room or bedroom in Classic Blue, or custom ordering furniture in this bold trendy color.

If you prefer to use the color more subtly as an accent, there are many cost-effective ways to include smaller touches such as table lamps, candleholders, throw rugs, spray-painted picture frames, throw pillows or blankets for your couch.

Incorporating light touches of Classic Blue into your interior can pull an entire room together and add the perfect pop of color and excitement to your living space.


Spice Up the Kitchen

A kitchen is not just a space to store food. It is where you begin your day with a hot cup of coffee, prepare meals for your family, and gather with guests. Follow these trends from color to finishes for a new home that stands out.


Incorporating the Color of the Year

The color blue has has been known to have a calming effect, and why it’s an excellent choice of color to paint kitchen island and cabinets. When you consider how much time you spend in your kitchen, it makes sense for it to be a calm spot in the house that instills a good mood.


Brass Accents

Brass accents are another emerging kitchen trend for 2020. Faucets, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, and drawer pulls are an excellent choice as you make selections for your new home. Brass is a timeless material that offers a classic and contemporary look all at once. It blends nicely with most kitchen designs, regardless of their color. When brass hardware is contrasted with Classic Blue cabinetry or kitchen islands, it acts as a focal point that radiates light.


Integrated Appliances

Integrated appliances are another popular trend for homeowners in their new home in Bucks County. These appliances fit flush with the kitchen cabinetry and offer a sleek, luxurious, and modern look as they disappear into the kitchen area.

This minimalist design philosophy has given rise to such new appliances as under-counter dishwashers, cooling drawers, and column cooling units. One way to achieve this effect is to place the refrigerator behind custom wall paneling. You can also build a wall oven and other larger appliances into the cabinetry itself.


Wood Grain

Finally, warm wood grains in the kitchen area are making a huge comeback. They add warmth and beauty to any space they grace. When combined with a calming color, such as Classic Blue, they enhance the appeal and create a comfortable effect. The best thing about natural wood is that it pairs very well with a wide variety of decorating styles.

In terms of design, all-white kitchens are rapidly being replaced with ones that offer soft hues, such as blues and light grays. For those who prefer an all-white kitchen, adding warm wood tones and brass fixtures will add tone and balance.  Also adding subtle pops of wood on countertops, drawers, pull-outs, and even open shelving areas will add that up-to-date touch.


The Laundry Room

Once viewed as a utilitarian area to quickly get in, wash clothes, and get out, many homeowners are opting to rethink their laundry room and transform it by using quirky design ideas, playful colors, and exciting wallpapers.

There are many different ways to make the most of your laundry room in your new home in Bucks County. Ideas such as a dog washing area, creative storage solutions, or even a chalkboard wall can transform this normally drab work area into a lively, fun place to wash and iron your clothes—or perform a wide variety of other activities.


Antiques and Vintage Décor

The Grandmillennial style is an up-and-coming design trend for 2020. It was aptly named due to millennials in their 20s and 30s adding antique pieces to their apartments or homes. Think back to the various décor items that Grandma or Great-Grandma used to decorate her house with. Select a few and then blend them in with your personal ideas and items.

A great example are the Hummel figurines or plates that hung on walls years back.

If you don’t have or can’t afford antiques, a quick trip to a thrift store might score you some neat stuff. Also, home goods stores will sometimes carry brand new, but antique-looking furniture, paintings, and posters, that you can incorporate into the design of your new home in Bucks County.


Let Us Help

At Hallmark Homes Group, we offer a wide variety of new and move-in ready homes waiting for your personal touches. From kitchen finishes to creative color accents, when making selections for your new home, keep in mind these design trends for 2020.

We allow our buyers the option to completely customize their new home—including moving walls, staircases, and anything else you need. Contact us today to start building your dream home.

How to Get the Most Value from Our Parade of Homes Event

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On February 29th, 2020, Hallmark Homes Group will be hosting our Parade of Homes event at the Arbors at Hilltown. If you’re in the market for a new home in Bucks County, this is a must-attend event. You’ll have the opportunity to tour five homes with various exterior styles and three different floor plans.

A multi-home tour is a great way to find the perfect floor plan to build your dream home. Our Sales Counselors will be on hand to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision. You’ll be able to see first-hand the high-quality construction, materials, and craftsmanship that go into every home we build.

Save the Date:
Parade of Homes Event
Date: February 29th, 2020
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Address: The Arbors at Hilltown
93 Tall Oaks Drive
Sellersville, PA 18960

Hallmark’s Parade of Homes Event is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with five of our home designs. It will help give you a more realistic view of the home, versus seeing it on plans only.

Unlike many builders, Hallmark allows you to completely customize your new home in Bucks County to your liking. Seeing the house in person can establish even more creativeness as you spot the potential for customizations that will truly make it your dream home.


Selecting The Perfect Floor Plan

When looking for a new home in Bucks County, it’s important to select a floor plan that best fits your lifestyle. Highlights of the home designs on tour include:


The Kennedy Home Design

The Kennedy Floor Plan is a 2,603 Square Feet, 4-bedroom, 2-story home design with a 2-car garage. The floor plan features a welcoming 2-story foyer, over-sized kitchen & breakfast area, and a formal dining room.

The family boasts a gas-burning fireplace and a soaring vaulted ceiling, which adds to the overall magnificence and ambiance.

The private master suite features a large bedroom and two over-sized walk-in closets. The lavish master bathroom has a soaking tub, separate shower, and a double-bowl vanity area.


The Roosevelt Home Design

The Roosevelt offers a spacious 3,391 square feet of living space. 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths grace this 2-story home. Inside the spacious kitchen is an island that flows into the family room. A split stairway leads you up to a view-inspired great room overlook.

The Owner’s Suite features a private bedroom with tray ceiling, lavish bath, and sitting room. This magnificently appointed home comes with many popular features such as formal dining & living rooms, study, and much more. You also have the option of including a 5th bedroom, 3rd full bath, in-law suite, and many custom finished basement configurations for your new home in Bucks County.


The Madison Home Design

The Madison plan offers an impressive 2,744 square feet of living space divided among 2-stories, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and a 2-car garage. It features an inviting two-story foyer, spacious kitchen with attached breakfast area, private first floor study, and comfortable family room with a vaulted ceiling. The spacious owner’s suite has walk-in closets and a luxurious appointed bathroom and three additional bedrooms come with large closets and a hall bath.


How to Get the Most out of the Tour

You’ll get the most value out of the multi-home tour when you come prepared. Agents will be on-hand to answer any questions that you might have about your new home in Bucks County. This will help you intelligently narrow down your selection so that you can choose the home and floor plan that best fits your needs, wants, and lifestyle.

Here are a few things you can take into consideration so that you’ll get the most value out of the Parade of Homes event:


Take Notes and Pictures as You Go

Whether you use a pen and notepad or phone, there’s a lot of information to take in during a tour of five homes and three different floor plans. Start off by noting the name of the house and the floor plan.

As you move from room to room, try to take wide-angle and up-close pictures of the room, doors, and windows. Consider the furniture and other accouterments that you currently own. Imagine how they would look, or where you would place them in the various rooms as you move throughout the house.


Ask Lots of Questions

The easiest way to get the most out of this is to think of questions beforehand. Try to write down as much information as you can, as it’s often hard to recall specific details later on.

If you see something you really like, take out your smartphone and record notes or even a short video so you can review your thoughts and observations in full detail once you get back home.


Wear Comfy Shoes

You’ll be doing a fair bit of walking during your tour. The proper footwear will allow you to move comfortably all throughout the homes so you can focus on the house—not your aching feet.

Try to imagine yourself out in the backyard on a warm spring Saturday afternoon, working on the lawn, tending to the garden, or enjoying a BBQ in your backyard. This will allow you to get an overall feel for how life will be once you’re all settled in.


Hallmark’s Parade of Homes Event

Typically, people go to a model home and only see a single design and then will look at the other options on a paper plan or computer screen. It’s hard to imagine yourself living in a house just by looking at pictures—you need to be there to experience it fully and truly know what type of layout that you prefer.

If you’re in the market for a new house, be sure to attend our Parade of Homes Event at the Arbors at Hilltown on February 29th. If you have any questions about the homes, floor plans, or the event, give us a call at (215) 416-0036.

Benefit of Natural Light in a New Home

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When you’re designing a new home in Bucks County, there are a lot of little things to take into consideration. The placement of the master bedroom, laundry room, and color of the carpets are all essential factors that make up the perfect home. However, there’s one element that sometimes gets overlooked: natural light.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average American spends around 90 percent of their time indoors. This is why it’s so important to consider your window options when constructing a new home in Bucks County. Increased light has a wide range of benefits that add value to your home life. Here are just a few of the many reasons to pay close attention to how well the interior of your home is illuminated:


Reduced Energy Costs

It takes a lot of energy to keep a house well-lit. This especially holds true in the morning and evening hours when the sun is on the horizon. Ask your new home builder for their recommendations on window placement for maximum light throughout those times.

A well-lit home is also a safer home. Natural light provides much better illumination than lightbulbs. If you have older adults or people with disabilities living under your roof, it can help enhance potential obstacles that might otherwise remain obscured.


Chase Away the Grey

Have you ever walked outside on a warm sunny day and felt a little extra spring in your step? The sun can help chase away that “blah” feeling you get on a cloudy, grey day. Many studies have found that natural light may help improve your overall mood.

Even though the sky may be cloudy during the cold winter months, natural light can still filter down to the ground. Your new home in Bucks County can take advantage of every single ray of light by having ample windows where they will maximize illumination.


Improved Productivity

Ample natural light also has a psychological benefit to it. The better you feel psychologically, the more mental energy you’ll have to get up off the couch and be productive. Those who work from home might find more motivation to start working when the daylight trickles down onto their home office desk.

Even your pets can benefit from ample natural lighting inside your new home in Bucks County. Some animals, such as cats and dogs, tend to sleep more in the darker, winter months and are less physically active. Mittens and Fido will appreciate the increased daylight that could cause them to be more active.


Improved Aesthetics 

A brightly lit home looks much better than one that’s dark or has to rely on electrical light to brighten the interior. Natural light tends to bounce off the walls and add depth. It can also highlight and accentuate your unique design and décor choices.

You can also customize the amount of light that accentuates smaller areas of your home, such as hallways or closets, by strategically placing mirrors throughout the home. Try to position them so that they can reflect the light that’s coming in through the windows. It will help make hallways and smaller rooms feel much bigger.

Adding mirrored closet doors to certain bedrooms and a decorative mirror in the hallway can create a continuous flow of light that will brighten your home even on the darkest of winter days.


How to Add More Light to Your New Home Design

Now that you know the benefits of increased natural light, here are a few things that you can do to add more of it to your new home:


Choose a Floor plan with Ample Windows

When selecting the floor plan of your new home in Bucks County, there are several custom window options you can choose from. For example, the Jefferson floor plan comes with an optional Wall of Windows that will not only let in abundant natural light, but provide amazing views. The Wilson floor plan also offers ample windows, including four at the very top of the house.


Window Fabrics

Windows that have heavy fabrics tend to block out and absorb the natural light. By dressing your windows in a lightweight and light color fabric, it will allow some light to pass through, even when it’s partially or fully closed.

Tactile silks and fabrics with metallic accents will create a more luxurious look and feel while allowing ample light to come into the room. Two-tone grey upholstered dining room chairs, where the softer shade of color is on top, will also help brighten up the area.


Integrate Natural Light with Design

The interior design of your new home will have a noticeable effect upon natural light. For example, if you are considering painting your living spaces in darker colors, they tend to absorb more visible light. Painting your walls in lighter colors such as off-white or beige will reflect and accentuate the natural light coming in through the windows.

You can also paint your ceiling in a high-gloss color which will further amplify the light coming in through the windows. It will naturally draw the eye from the reflection on the ceiling to the window source.

The decorative fittings and other accoutrements can have a surprising effect upon the lighting ambiance of your home. Polished chrome lamps, chandeliers, and other shiny materials will reflect the natural light.


Let There Be Light in Your New Home

Having ample natural light coming through your home offers a wealth of benefits. Any of the above floor plans will help ensure that the living room, common areas, and bedrooms will have ample light coming through them.

Hallmark Homes Group provides our buyers with the option to completely customize their new home—including changing the layout or adding additional windows to accommodate your individual lifestyle.

If you’re ready to buy a new home, give us a call at (215) 416-0036 to learn how we can help you design and build the home of your dreams, but even better, customize it to create an ideal environment filled with natural light.

The Interior Design Principles of Feng Shui are Perfect for New Homes in Montgomery County

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To enjoy healthy, nurturing homes, many families adopt ancient ideas from across the globe to foster function, clarity and relaxation. Feng Shui — the Chinese practice of optimal spatial arrangement — is one such tradition.

This set of wellness principles can be incorporated into your home design so that you can enjoy an uplifting environment distinguished by a non-cluttered arrangement, clear lines of sight, and subtle flowing sounds that afford a sense of ease and control within your personal environment.

Feng Shui is a time-tested way of encouraging happiness, abundance and harmony in your new home in Montgomery County. The concept is ideal for creating holistic environments that nurture through functionally attractive kitchens and spacious rooms bathed in natural light for an exceptional living experience.

Create a Healthy Atmosphere

There are several ways to introduce the principles of Feng Shui with subtle consistency throughout your home. An uplifting atmosphere can be introduced by applying a custom finish to the front door in your favorite hue such as a pastel blue or a soft and soothing green.

An open foyer clear of obstructions lets all who enter do so with welcoming ease. Your entryway color, carefully selected to instill a calming feel can then be repeated in the finishing accents and furniture choices throughout the residence for a sense of continuity that resonates with the established theme.

Keep it Clear 

A clutter-free entrance establishes another ancient principle which can benefit the atmosphere of the rest of your home. Feng Shui emphasizes simplicity, which, in terms of furniture, translates to pieces with tasteful design and optimal function that are arranged to promote ease of motion and relaxation.

Less is more in this aspect — as couches, chairs and tables can highlight the spaciousness of the shared areas, rather than taking up all the available room. Arranging them along walls and near windows allows your interior space to “breathe” while creating a clear pathway for walking. Furnishings can also feature rounded corners and curved shapes to emphasize movement and flow rather than the boxy, interrupted feel of a home full of square shapes and right angles.

Let it Flow

A great way to distinguish the feel of your new home in Montgomery County is with the pleasing tones of a fountain feature. The gentle sounds of trickling water can create a soothing sense of ease throughout the house, greeting you at the beginning and end of each day and helping guests feel welcome.

This simple addition is a popular item with most interior design brands and can be placed in the east, southeast and north areas of your home as an accent and/or conversation piece. The Feng Shui principle at work here is the belief that flowing water promotes balance and harmony while encouraging wealth and prosperity. The idea that a fountain constantly recycles its water supply ties into the flowing, renewing mindset of traditional Chinese decorum.

Open it Up

The Hallmark Homes Group builds new homes in Montgomery County, which feature an open concept floor plan. This approach to home design has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few decades, and has been the standard method across Asia for centuries. Fewer internal walls make for maximum use of square footage while creating a feeling of openness between frequently used areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room.

This fundamental principle of Feng Shui promotes energy flow throughout the home, allows for direct lines of sight and enables clear verbal communication across the ground floor. The symmetrically proportioned designs are also in accord with traditional Chinese theory wherein balance and harmony flourish between residents and their environment.

Be in Control

The spacious designs of new homes in Montgomery County are perfect for implementing the “command position” aspect of Feng Shui. This principle of furniture placement optimizes the user’s perspective by placing the primary piece of furniture — be it a bed, couch or desk — in a direct line of sight with the door, yet placed at a maximum distance and offset at an angle. The idea here is that such spatial placement allows you to see (metaphorically) what is coming into your life while having plenty of room to meet it at a measured pace. Strategic placement of furniture in your office, bedroom or living room also incorporates the clarity of minimalism.

Cook with Joy

The principles of Feng Shui are applicable to the kitchen and surrounding areas as well to harness the epicenter of your home’s potential to foster health, wealth and happiness. You can choose custom finishing options as thematic accents. Glass cabinet doors can create a sense of openness, which resonates with the rest of the home’s spacious layout.

Choosing metal hardware for faucets, lights, appliances and drawer handles can bring a sense of clarity during meal preparation and daily gatherings. Wood features in countertop accessories like spice racks, fruit bowls and butcher blocks can add an organic element to the positive energy of the kitchen. You can also choose hardwood floors and dining furniture made from maple or pine for thematic consistency.


Light for Life

According to Feng Shui theory, a bright, well-lit home is ideal for nurturing health and happiness. The best way for doing this is through a blend of indoor and outdoor sources. Large, south-facing bay windows on the ground level provide money-saving illumination in the daytime hours. Similarly, large windows in every bedroom can provide the warmth of daylight and the peaceful glow of moonlight. During early mornings and evenings, you can augment sunlight with a variety of multi-source fixtures such as recessed cans, task lights, hanging elements and freestanding lamps. It is important to be able to fully illuminate every corner of your home for maximum positivity.

Applying the principles of Feng Shui is a great way to turn your home into a sanctuary of positive energy. Contact us to learn more about buying a house that fosters health, happiness and prosperity.

New Year, New Home

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Buying a new home in Buck’s County is a major milestone for many people. That decision usually revolves around a landmark life event such as a career move, the birth of a new child, or the desire to stop paying rent for an apartment.

However, there are a few things that new home buyers should take into consideration before signing on the proverbial dotted line. This includes doing your financial homework, knowing precisely what you want, and having a keen understanding of the buying process.

Are you thinking about buying or building a new home in 2020? Here’s how you can tell if you’re ready and able to get your own slice of the American Dream:


Are You Ready?

Buying a house is a significant decision for many people. It’s right up there with marriage and a first-born child. Naturally, many people will sometimes wonder how to tell if they’re ready. If you’ve been toying with the idea of buying a new home in Bucks County, here are a few things you can take into consideration that will let you know if you’re ready:


You Like New Shiny New Things

There’s something magical about walking through the front door of a brand-new home and taking in that wonderful new home smell. Pristine carpets. A blank canvas for a living room. Empty bedrooms that await you and your family members to put their personalized touches on them. It’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for.

Best of all, if you’ve custom-designed your new home in Buck’s County, things are as you want them, not the previous owner. Living with the interior décor or room layout decisions that the previous homeowner made sometimes doesn’t mesh well with your lifestyle. A new custom-built home means that you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Assess Your Current and Future Needs

It’s essential to carefully think about what you need and what you want before buying a new house. For example, are you recently married and intend on one day having a big family? It makes good sense to plan for the future and buy a slightly bigger home than you currently need.

Or perhaps your parents are planning on retiring in a few years. Retirement homes can be costly, so it makes good financial sense to let Mom and Dad come live with you once they retire. In this case, you can include an in-law suite in the design of your new home.


You’re in Good Financial Standing

Owning a house comes with many hidden expenses, such as maintenance, taxes, and insurance. Potential homebuyers who have excellent credit and are out of debt will have more money left over to fund future repairs, pay property taxes, and buy all the necessities that they need.

A solid credit score can also mean attractive interest rates when it comes time to apply for a mortgage. The money saved by paying a low-interest rate can be repurposed towards upgrading the interior or exterior of the home.


Benefits of Building a Customizable Home 

Buying a customizable new home offers many advantages over buying one that’s already pre-built. Hallmark Homes Group offer those who are looking for a new home in Buck’s County the options of a quick delivery home with all of the selections ready and waiting—or a completely customized one.

The buyer can change whatever they want on the blueprint—from moving walls and laundry rooms to the placement of the bedrooms and bathrooms – and everything in between. Here are just a few of the many advantages of building a completely customizable home:



You get to choose what materials are used to build your new home. You know what kind of bricks they’ll use, the type of flooring, as well as the carpets. This can actually save you money in the long run as it’s very rare to find an older house for sale that has exactly what you’re looking for.

Many home buyers will eventually wind up making changes to the interior or exterior of their homes over time. Why not get it right before you move in? Cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen countertops are just three of the many things that homeowners can personalize when they customize a new home.


Custom Floor Plan

By far, the biggest advantage of building a new home is the ability to completely customize the floor plan of your new home in Buck’s County. However, keep in mind that many new home builders in the area will only allow you to make minor changes to the floor plan.

Hallmark Homes Group, on the other hand, gives you complete and total control to design your new home as you see fit. This advantage allows you to create the perfect living space that will complement your lifestyle.



In general, new homes are more airtight and energy efficient compared to older ones. This means that over time, you can see significant savings in your energy bills. Efficient insulation, lighting, and water heaters are just a few of the many elements of a home that you help save on your energy bills.

You can even install a smart home system that will allow you complete and total control over all electrical aspects of your new home.


Build Your New Custom Home Today

If you’ve done your homework and are ready to start building the custom home of your dreams, give us a call at (215) 416-0036. At Hallmark Homes Group, we allow our homebuyers the flexibility to completely customize all aspects of their new home.

This means that you’ll own the home, that you personalized to meet all of your needs, when you walk through the front door for the first time. We also provide buyers with the option of quickly moving into a pre-built home in one of our beautiful communities. Contact us today and we’ll help get you into the home of your dreams!

How to Make the Most of Your Laundry Room

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For most people, a laundry room is viewed simply as a place to throw clothes into the washer and then transfer them to the dryer. No matter where it is located, more and more people nowadays are reclaiming that boring, unused space, and transforming their laundry area into a utilitarian room that improves the quality of their home life. When designing your new home in Bucks County you should consider whether it is best for the laundry room to be placed upstairs or downstairs, depending on your lifestyle preferences.


The best way to go about this is to start from scratch, as it offers you more leeway and leaves room for creativity. While it may seem like an easy decision, there are a few distinct benefits you’ll get by choosing a first or second floor option.


Laundry on the First Floor

Choosing to put your laundry room on the 1st-floor comes with several benefits. Options are available at all of Hallmark Homes Group’s communities including the Monrow Floor plan at The Arbors at Hilltown and Highfield Estates. Here are a few things to consider when picking the first floor for the laundry room for your new home in Bucks County:


Create a Multi-purpose Room

How often do you do laundry? If only once every few days, the rest of the time your laundry room is being underutilized. You can take advantage of the extra floor space by creating a multi-purpose room.


A mudroom is an optional way to expand the function of your laundry room. As an alternate entrance to the home, it provides a place to store shoes and coats before transitioning into the main living area. You could also add a secondary function, such as a pantry to the laundry room for the baker/chef in your life or arts and crafts storage for the creative members in the family.


Peace and Quiet

No matter how state-of-the-art your washing machine and dryer are, they still tend to make a vibrating noise when running. If your bedrooms are located on the second floor, it can be a distraction to when you’re sleeping, studying, or otherwise trying to relax. A first floor laundry room enables you to wash as many loads as you like without disturbing the rest of the occupants, relatives, or guests.



Walking up a set of stairs to do a load of laundry can prove challenging to those with busy lifestyles and needed to do laundry often, or for older adults. A first floor laundry room offers residents and guests of the home easy access to the washer and dryer.


Many families will do their laundry on the weekends—when all family members are usually home. The time-consuming chores of rounding up dirty clothes, loading/unloading the washing machine, putting everything into the dryer, and then folding and ironing on the first floor enables you to keep an eye on the kitchen stove or chat with everyone when they’re in the living space.


Laundry on the Second Floor

Many people are opting for a second floor laundry, available in the Jackson floor plan, when buying a new home in Bucks County. Locating your laundry room on the second floor may seem counterintuitive, but there are several good reasons why people prefer just that.


Increased 1st Floor Square Footage

A 1st-floor laundry room takes up extra square footage that could be better allocated to the living room, kitchen, or even a half bath. Considering how most people tend to put the bedrooms on the second floor, it makes sense to maximize the amount of living and entertaining space available downstairs.



If all of your bedrooms are located on the second floor, it’s much easier to round up the towels, clothes, and bedding and then walk a few short feet to the laundry room. Otherwise, you’ll have to make repeat trips down the stairs with cumbersome baskets of laundry. Having your laundry room on the second floor also eliminates the need for hampers. Nobody wants their dirty clothes and towels to reside in their bedroom.


Make the Most of Your Laundry Room


No matter where it is located, a laundry room in your new home in Bucks County does not have to be limited to just a laundry room. Here are a few other ideas that you can do to make the most of it.


Create a Pet Area

If your pet loves to track mud into the house or enjoys wallowing in the dirt, you can create a designated area in your laundry room to wash, clean, and even bathe Fido. A floor drain, basin, and some easy waterproofing will allow you to create a custom dog or cat bath!


Add a Platform

Raise up your washer and dryer by adding a 6-inch to the one-foot platform underneath. It’s much easier to load and unload a front-loading washer and dryer that’s been raised off the ground. It can also help reduce vibrations when your laundry room is located on the second floor. As an added bonus, it will create some extra storage space underneath the platform for your new home in Bucks County.


Add Racks and Hooks

A sturdy set of racks and hooks can help with the overall laundry process. You can store an iron or an ironing board safely and securely on the wall. Hooks also allow you to hang coats, towels, and other heavy linens for easy spot-cleaning. You can even use the racks to hold some common household tools such as a broom/dustpan, electric drill, or a mop and bucket.


A cupboard is another excellent idea for your laundry room. You can place it directly above your washer and dryer. If you have young children in the house or curious pets, it will safely store your cleaners, detergents, and other dangerous chemicals.

Where to Place the Laundry Room?

No matter if you place it on the first or second floor, your laundry room should reflect the type of lifestyle that you live. At Hallmark Homes Group, we provide our buyers with ample choices to completely customize their new homes—including placement and design of the laundry room. If you’d like to learn more or are ready to start designing your perfect dream home, give us a call at (215) 416-0036.





How to Design an In-law Suite in your New Home in Bucks County

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Often people find themselves looking for a new home when their current home no longer fits their needs. This sometimes happens when an outside family member needs to move into a house that wasn’t initially designed for that many occupants. While everyone tries their best to come up with a creative workaround, it can often lead to feelings of overcrowding or even invasion of privacy.


An in-law suite can help alleviate the crowded situation that occurs when grandma or an older child moves into the home. Hallmark homes offers the perfect solution if you’re in the market to design one for your new home in Bucks County. Below are a few tips on how you can design the perfect in-law suite that will keep everyone under your roof happy and living in harmony.


What Is an In-law Suite?

Sometimes referred to as an accessory dwelling unit, an in-law suite is a well-furnished room designed for self-sufficiency. It typically includes everything that a person needs to live an independent life. It differs from a spare bedroom in the sense that it usually contains its own kitchen, entrance, and separate bathroom.


It’s called an “in-law suite” because most people use them as a dedicated living space for their elderly parents. They can also be used as a viable housing option for older children, or even rented out as an apartment. Unlike a spare bedroom, they provide privacy for everyone living under the same roof.


How to Determine if You Need One?

Many people who are looking for new homes in Bucks Countyare opting to include an in-law suite to avoid the added cost of maintaining a separate living space such as a home or apartment, or avoid recurring monthly costs of mom or dad living in a retirement community.


Having multiple generations of your family together under one roof adds value and can improve the quality of life of all who live under it. Grandparents won’t find themselves alone, as they might in an apartment or home, and sometimes there is also a mutual benefit. The grandparent enjoys the convenience of living with the family and the family benefits from the grandparent as an additional caregiver for children in the home.


Designing an in-law suite from scratch will allow you to meet the needs and wants of your family members without sacrificing available living space. It also makes good financial sense as it helps everyone save money in the long run.


Where to Locate It?

After you’ve figured out what you’d like to include in the new room, now comes the part of deciding where you should locate it. Many older adults will prefer to have theirs on the 1st floor of a home for ease of access, while younger adults will seek out an upper floor for added privacy.


When it comes to in-law suites, the bigger the floor plan, the better. Many people who are building a new home in Bucks Countyare opting for the Monroe Floorplan, which offers an impressive 3,635 square feet of space to work with. This spacious floorplan offers them greater flexibility and the ability to incorporate their preferred design elements.


What Should You Include?

The best place to start to determine the amenities and layout of an in-law suite for your new home is to have a conversation with your adult children or parents. Ask them what their needs and wants are and you’ll get a good idea of what you should include.


For example, older adults might have trouble seeing in low light areas or climbing upstairs. Adult children might want something that has a large floorplan or walls that have built-in soundproofing for privacy and noise concerns. Try to design it so that the amenities will age with the resident and can accommodate any lifestyle changes such as the future need for a wheelchair.


If you’re designing for a senior citizen, incorporating universal design concepts such as wide doors or cabinets placed at eye level will help improve the quality of their lives. A stability bar, lipless shower stall, and even a built-in stool can help keep older adults safe when taking a shower.


Some of the more popular customized amenitiesof a standard in-law suite can include:


Kitchen or Kitchenette – A kitchen is an integral part of an in-law suite. It allows the resident to live their life independently and privately without using the kitchen of the main house.


Bathroom – The ideal bathroom should include a shower, exhaust fan, toilet, sink, cabinets, and electrical outlets.


Living or Sitting Area – Manynew homes in Bucks Countywill include a living or sitting area in the in-law suite. This allows the resident to watch television or relax in private without using the living room of the main house.


Bedroom – A bedroom should offer a comfortable sleeping space that’s insulated enough from the noise of the rest of the house.


Private Entrance – This will allow the resident to come and go as they please, without disturbing anyone living in the main house.


Private Garage – Some new home buyers will opt to add a single car garage with a direct entrance into the in-law suite. It can come with its own private driveway or be a part of the main driveway. This offers residents complete privacy and security.


Customize and Design Your New Home

In-law suites help bring multiple generations of families closer together and provide a wide range of benefits for all living under the same roof. At Hallmark Homes, we offer our buyers the ability to completely customize their new homes—above and beyond choosing the paint and flooring. You can add rooms, move walls, and customize your floor plan to meet the needs of you and your family members. We can help you design and add the perfect in-law suite to meet the needs of your family. If you’re ready to get started building your dream home, call us today at (215) 416-003

What is a Multi-generational Home?

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There is currently a steady but growing demand for multi-generational houses in the home building industry. For some people who are searching for new homes in Bucks County, it’s a must-have on their wish list.


Fortunately, Hallmark Homes Group has recognized this trend and are offering prospective buyers the opportunity to design their own home—including offering highly customizable floor plans.


When it comes to designing your own multi-generational home, there are a few things that you can to take into consideration that will allow your family to live in harmony for many generations to come:


What is a Multi-Gen family?


The U.S. Census Bureau defines a multi-generational family as one that contains more than two generations of family members who live under the same roof. A multi-generational homeis a growing trend where you will find multiple generations living together sharing memories, expenses and space.


Generally speaking, if a new home in Bucks Countyisn’t explicitly designed to support a multi-generational living arrangement, the overall quality of life can be frustrating at times. This is due in part to each generation having their own unique set of living requirements.


Why Buy a Multi-Gen Home? 


As the cost of living continues to increase annually across the U.S., the concept of shared living space tends to resonate best with both younger and older generations because of the mutual interests of both groups.


A multi-gen home conveys many benefits for a diverse family. For the young adults, it offers a respite from the ever-increasing rent that’s usually associated with apartment living. For older generations, it allows them the opportunity to be amongst family members and downsize from a much larger home.


Many home builders, such as HallmarkHomes Group, offer buyers the ability to design their new home in Bucks County. Revised layouts, removing walls, and highly customized floor plans are just some of the many elements that home buyers can change to better suit their preferred living arrangements.


Here are a few more benefits that you’ll get from a home that’s designed for multiple generations:


  • Shared Expenses – Everyone can help contribute to the grocery, utility, and even monthly mortgage payments. Family members wind up with more money at the end of the month.


  • Family Safety– Due to different work/school/life schedules, there is usually someone home at all hours of the day. If Grandma slips and falls, there is a very good chance that a family member will be there to assist.


  • Increase Family Bond– Living together under one roof provides ample opportunity for family bonds to develop. Grandparents can watch the grandkids grow and impart their wisdom and advice. Grandchildren will get to know their grandparents intimately—a rare opportunity for many children nowadays.


  • Shared Chores– Household chores take up a lot of free time for those who live by themselves. With all of the family members chipping in, there’s a lot less work for each individual.


How to Best Design Your New Home


When you’re ready to design a new home in Bucks County, there are a few things to take into consideration that will help increase the overall quality of life for all the people living under the same roof:


Utilize Space Efficiently – Not having enough privacy and space is one of the more common complaints of people who live in houses that weren’t specifically designed to house more than one generation.


When it comes time to create your new home, be sure to take into consideration privacy issues. Large dens, family rooms, and even a playroom will help ensure everyone has a place to go and get away for a few.


Bedroom Placement – If you’re designing a two-story home, try to resist the temptation to place all of the bedrooms upstairs. While it might seem like the logical thing to do, keep in mind that walking up a flight of stairs can prove challenging for the grandparents or as mom and dad as they grow older.


A mix of upstairs and downstairs bedrooms helps ensure that everyone gets a little extra privacy—and it can help prevents a stairway traffic jam at 7am when everyone rushes downstairs for breakfast!


Accessibility – Many people who are designing a multi-generational home will consider accessibility as an essential design element. For example, while mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa may be able to move around easily, they could encounter mobility options as they grow older.


Having at least one wheelchair-accessible downstairs bedroom will help future-proof your new home in Bucks County. An open concept layout is a great way to ensure that everyone can move around quickly and comfortably.


Think Long Term – When designing a multi-gen home, try to think about what life might be like 5, 10, even 20 years from now. Multiple generations of family members—even those yet-to-be-born—will live under the same roof for decades to come.


For example, while the youngest person in your house might currently be in their early 20s, what if they get married in 5 years from now and decide to live at home? Which bedroom will they use for the new baby?


A balanced home design is one that will allow you and your family members to intelligently adapt to the constant change that occurs when more than one generation of people live together.


Choosing the Right Builder


One of the most critical aspects of designing your new home is to choose the right builder as it’s the key to long-term comfort and happiness. While many home builders might offer some degree of customizability, it might not be enough to adequately suit the needs of your family.


Hallmark Homes Groupoffers a wide selection of home designs that have many intelligent features and layouts that will support the multi-gen family of today. Hallmark will also completely customize any floorplan to help meet the unique needs of a buyer’s living situation.


Contact us today at (215) 416-0036 to learn more about the highly customizable housing options that we offer for prospective buyers who are looking to design a multi-generation home that your family will cherish and t