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The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County Offers New Home Luxury in a Land of Covered Bridges

Categories: New Homes in Lehigh County, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: January 29, 2019

The Pennsylvania countryside is a terrain of wide-open fields, wooded mountains, rolling hills and curving waterways. Years back, the abundance of streams and rivers created the need for 18th and 19th century leaders to build structures that would enable widespread trade and efficient travel. This initiative brought about the covered bridge, and today over 200 of them remain intact across the state. Seven of these picturesque wonders can be found in Lehigh County, and await residents who appreciate landmarks of important historical significance:

The Reserve at Highgate is situated in the heart of an area rich with rural scenery and old-world charm. These new Lehigh County homes offer the luxury of modern amenities, open floor plans and superior construction. Residents of this community who love local history can hop in the car and within easy reach tour the region’s covered bridges. Venturing out for this look into the past can add family days of outdoor fun from creekside walks and picnics to fishing and artist inspiration.

These seven historic icons include:

  • Bogert’s Bridge was built in the mid-18th century. Although closed to vehicular traffic since 1956, it offers visitors the chance to fish from the Little Lehigh Creek and to see a structure made entirely of wood.
  • The Manasses GuthBridge is one of five in the county to cross Jordan Creek. Guests can take in the majesty of the barn-like structure which, like all covered bridges, is there to protect the wooden trusses from weather.
  • Wehr’s Covered Bridge was built in 1962 by Ephraim Sieger and granted enabled access to a stone gristmill on the North bank of Jordan Creek. The area welcomes recreation and fishing while providing an ideal setting for photographers and artists to find new inspirations.
  • Presumed to have been named after local landowners, Rex’s Covered Bridge has remained functional and intact since 1858. Visitors enter through the original stone wing walls (now painted white) and travel upon lengthwise and crosswise planking.
  • The Jacob Geiger family settled this part of Lehigh County in the 1700s after immigrating from Germany. The Geiger Covered Bridge is distinguished by inclined portals on both sides and attached irrigation equipment that is no longer in use.
  • The shortest of its kind in the county, Schlicher’s Covered Bridge was also the last in the region built across Jordan Creek. Here, visitors can watch herds of deer graze on the adjacent Trexler-Lehigh County Game Preserve.
  • Built in 1839, Kreidersville Covered Bridge is one of Pennsylvania’s first and the oldest of its kind in Lehigh County. It offers visitors the chance to enjoy a treasure that was nearly demolished in 1959. The structure features a distinct windowless design, stone and mortar wing walls and a surrounding area meant for quiet recreation.

Make a Distinguished Move

If you cherish history or just enjoy venturing outdoors, consider The Reserve at Highgate, a distinguished new home community in Breinigsville, Pa. Visit us to learn more about these luxury homes surrounded by an area rich in local tradition.

Connie Sweeney

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