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What is a Multi-generational Home?

Categories: Bucks County Homes | Posted: October 29, 2019

There is currently a steady but growing demand for multi-generational houses in the home building industry. For some people who are searching for new homes in Bucks County, it’s a must-have on their wish list.


Fortunately, Hallmark Homes Group has recognized this trend and are offering prospective buyers the opportunity to design their own home—including offering highly customizable floor plans.


When it comes to designing your own multi-generational home, there are a few things that you can to take into consideration that will allow your family to live in harmony for many generations to come:


What is a Multi-Gen family?


The U.S. Census Bureau defines a multi-generational family as one that contains more than two generations of family members who live under the same roof. A multi-generational homeis a growing trend where you will find multiple generations living together sharing memories, expenses and space.


Generally speaking, if a new home in Bucks Countyisn’t explicitly designed to support a multi-generational living arrangement, the overall quality of life can be frustrating at times. This is due in part to each generation having their own unique set of living requirements.


Why Buy a Multi-Gen Home? 


As the cost of living continues to increase annually across the U.S., the concept of shared living space tends to resonate best with both younger and older generations because of the mutual interests of both groups.


A multi-gen home conveys many benefits for a diverse family. For the young adults, it offers a respite from the ever-increasing rent that’s usually associated with apartment living. For older generations, it allows them the opportunity to be amongst family members and downsize from a much larger home.


Many home builders, such as HallmarkHomes Group, offer buyers the ability to design their new home in Bucks County. Revised layouts, removing walls, and highly customized floor plans are just some of the many elements that home buyers can change to better suit their preferred living arrangements.


Here are a few more benefits that you’ll get from a home that’s designed for multiple generations:


  • Shared Expenses – Everyone can help contribute to the grocery, utility, and even monthly mortgage payments. Family members wind up with more money at the end of the month.


  • Family Safety– Due to different work/school/life schedules, there is usually someone home at all hours of the day. If Grandma slips and falls, there is a very good chance that a family member will be there to assist.


  • Increase Family Bond– Living together under one roof provides ample opportunity for family bonds to develop. Grandparents can watch the grandkids grow and impart their wisdom and advice. Grandchildren will get to know their grandparents intimately—a rare opportunity for many children nowadays.


  • Shared Chores– Household chores take up a lot of free time for those who live by themselves. With all of the family members chipping in, there’s a lot less work for each individual.


How to Best Design Your New Home


When you’re ready to design a new home in Bucks County, there are a few things to take into consideration that will help increase the overall quality of life for all the people living under the same roof:


Utilize Space Efficiently – Not having enough privacy and space is one of the more common complaints of people who live in houses that weren’t specifically designed to house more than one generation.


When it comes time to create your new home, be sure to take into consideration privacy issues. Large dens, family rooms, and even a playroom will help ensure everyone has a place to go and get away for a few.


Bedroom Placement – If you’re designing a two-story home, try to resist the temptation to place all of the bedrooms upstairs. While it might seem like the logical thing to do, keep in mind that walking up a flight of stairs can prove challenging for the grandparents or as mom and dad as they grow older.


A mix of upstairs and downstairs bedrooms helps ensure that everyone gets a little extra privacy—and it can help prevents a stairway traffic jam at 7am when everyone rushes downstairs for breakfast!


Accessibility – Many people who are designing a multi-generational home will consider accessibility as an essential design element. For example, while mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa may be able to move around easily, they could encounter mobility options as they grow older.


Having at least one wheelchair-accessible downstairs bedroom will help future-proof your new home in Bucks County. An open concept layout is a great way to ensure that everyone can move around quickly and comfortably.


Think Long Term – When designing a multi-gen home, try to think about what life might be like 5, 10, even 20 years from now. Multiple generations of family members—even those yet-to-be-born—will live under the same roof for decades to come.


For example, while the youngest person in your house might currently be in their early 20s, what if they get married in 5 years from now and decide to live at home? Which bedroom will they use for the new baby?


A balanced home design is one that will allow you and your family members to intelligently adapt to the constant change that occurs when more than one generation of people live together.


Choosing the Right Builder


One of the most critical aspects of designing your new home is to choose the right builder as it’s the key to long-term comfort and happiness. While many home builders might offer some degree of customizability, it might not be enough to adequately suit the needs of your family.


Hallmark Homes Groupoffers a wide selection of home designs that have many intelligent features and layouts that will support the multi-gen family of today. Hallmark will also completely customize any floorplan to help meet the unique needs of a buyer’s living situation.


Contact us today at (215) 416-0036 to learn more about the highly customizable housing options that we offer for prospective buyers who are looking to design a multi-generation home that your family will cherish and t

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