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Moving to Bucks County Means Enjoying Nature in the Great Outdoors

Categories: Bucks County Homes, Hallmark Homes Group, New Home Community, New Homes, New Homes in Bucks County | Posted: January 31, 2018

If you’re planning to move to Bucks County and you cherish an active lifestyle, consider a new home community built by Hallmark Homes Group.

Residents of these beautiful new homes enjoy exciting wintertime activities designed to build character and enrich community. After all, there’s much more to the Pennsylvania winters than just hanging out indoors and staying cozy.

Country Ridge in Perkasie, PA and Highfield Estates in Chalfont, PA are both situated near the Peace Valley Nature Center where brisk adventures await including naturalist walks, full moon campfires, bluebird workshops, Maple Syrup Day and more.

Witness Nature’s Splendor

Every Wednesday in January and February, 14 miles of trails in the Peace Valley Nature Center await the soles of your sturdy winter boots. Around 1:30 pm weather permitting, family and friends are invited to participate in Winter Naturalist Walks and absorb the visual spectacle of wintertime in nature.

Discover a landscape transformed, complete with snow-laden trees, partially frozen streams and curvy snowdrifts. Watch the blue jays, finches and woodpeckers buzz about the branches and trace the fresh paw prints from resident chipmunks, hares and long-tailed weasels.

Basque in the Bucks County Moonlight

Once a month, mid-winter evenings present an opportunity to admire the frosty scenery of Peace Valley Nature Center beneath the glow of the full moon. From 5:30 until 7:30 PM, family and friends can stay warm along side a roaring campfire while taking in the beauty of a naturally lit nighttime winter landscape.

To maintain an intimate, serene setting, these events have limited attendance. This experience is definitely an event to plan ahead for, so be sure to mark your calendars for the next full moon.

Help the Bluebirds

Bluebird Workshops are educational afternoons dedicated to teaching the ecology and biology of a once-endangered bird. Participants learn a new wintertime craft while becoming an active participant in the comeback of a beloved winged species.

Join these creative group workshops and enjoy building a custom-made birdhouse that you can hang outside your new home in Bucks County. Classes have limited enrollment so be sure to sign up early.

Savor the Maple Flavor

Take a brisk stroll through time and discover a tradition passed on from Native Americans to early Pennsylvania pioneers and kept alive through the centuries by organizations like the PVNC. Maple Sugar Day could perhaps be one of the sweetest indulgences you discover after moving to Bucks County.

Any lingering New Year’s resolutions to refrain from sweets will be left at the trailhead. Learn how maple sap is collected and join in on the harvest. Taste the raw sap, then watch as it is boiled down and turned into syrup. Of course, you’ll have to finish off the day with a waffle or two drowned in maple magic.

Enjoy Bucks County Year-Round

Moving to Bucks County presents a wealth of wintertime activities for those who love to stay active year-round. Contact us to learn more about Hallmark’s new communities in this beautiful region including homes in Perkasie, PA and Chalfont, PA.

Connie Sweeney

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