How to Prepare for your Walk-Through

Realtor Showing a Couple Through an Empty Kitchen

April 12, 2017

How to Prepare for your Walk-Through

When you build your new home, you’ll want to conduct a final walk-through to ensure that all of your needs have been met. Without knowledge of the home construction industry, how do you know what to look for? And how often should you inspect your new home? The process doesn’t need to be stressful but rather full of excitement before you get your keys and move your family. Here are details of the typical 3-step walk-through process to help you prepare. 

The Pre-drywall Walk-through 

Sometimes referred to as the “options walk,” this is the opportunity for the homebuyer and the builder to discuss the options chosen and ensure that everything will be built according to the expectations. 

It also allows the builder to show the homebuyer all of the essential components of the building that will be covered up in the drywall process. This provides you, as the buyer, peace of mind that the home is being built to the current standards and codes. 

The Pre-settlement Walk-through 

After construction is completed, but before the closing on the home, the builder will take the homebuyers on another tour to go over some of the finer details in the build. Through this tour, it will provide a demonstration on the home’s function and ensure that all of the buyer’s needs have been met. 

As the homebuyer, you have the opportunity to do a thorough visual inspection of the home. Check the windows, tiles, floors, finishes, and anything else to be sure there are no visible flaws or cracks. It is important to review and inspect the quality before closing because it can be difficult to determine the cause of these defects. 

The Final Walk-through

Typically within a couple of days of the pre-settlement walk-through, builders will do one more inspection with the homebuyer. This is a chance to ensure that all of the corrections were made before the final closing. 

This is also the opportunity for the homebuyer to sign off on the punch list, which is a listed document that ensures the home is built to your satisfaction and specifications nearing the end of a construction project. The punch list is not the final contract, which is signed at closing, but an assurance that the requirements of the build were met. 

What should be on your checklist?  

Before you go through the final walk-through of your home, it may be helpful to keep a checklist in mind. This may include:

  • Review of any repairs from the previous walkthrough
  • The function of windows and doors
  • Bathroom plumbing and water issues
  • Kitchen appliances and sink area
  • Heating and cooling

Your experience should be a positive one and being prepared for your final walk-through will help you feel more confident in the new construction and help ease the transition of moving into your new home. 

Hallmark Homes Group is here to answer any questions you may have. Throughout the building process of your new home, we are there with you every step of the way. We will conduct pre-construction meetings, quality assurance and inspections, the pre-drywall orientation and the pre-settlement orientation before handing you the keys to your brand new home. Contact us to learn more about our process and to start your own journey.