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Find Exciting Employment Opportunities along with Gorgeous New Homes in Lehigh County

Categories: New Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate | Posted: February 28, 2019

Introduce yourself to The Reserve at Highgate, a 22-home community from Hallmark Homes Group nestled in Lehigh County’s picturesque Upper Macungie Township. This beautifully-designed neighborhood is close to excellent schools and more than enough fun to keep the whole family entertained. Of course, that’s not all The Reserve at Highgate offers its residents. The Lehigh Valley is home to a robust job scene. The extended region hosts more than 15,000 businesses that run the gamut in size and specialty. With that kind of selection, it’s a good bet that someone is always looking to hire.

Residents whose expertise lies in manufacturing, education, financial services, transportation, and beyond are sure to find the right career within this bustling community. You may not realize it, but when you build a life in one of Hallmark Homes Group’s impressive new homes in Lehigh County, you’re closer than ever before to more job opportunities than you can believe.

The Joys of Working and Living Close to Home

Think about this: the average person spends nearly an hour a day getting to and from work. That adds up to nine days a year spent commuting.

It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to see the benefits of living nearby your workplace. Plainly put: less time commuting back and forth means less time in the car and more time with friends and family. However, there are plenty of other reasons to search for a rewarding profession that’s close to your house.

  • Avoid the stress and isolation of extended rush hour.
  • Pop back into the office for a few minutes in your off-hours to solve problems or retrieve items without spending hours in the car.
  • Take advantage of overtime without losing family time.
  • Save hundreds or even thousands a year on gasoline; diminish wear and tear on your vehicle.

That’s just a handful of reasons people find living in proximity to their place of work rewarding.  When you settle into one of the new homes in Lehigh County, you’ll have a vast array of options within a short distance of your home when searching for the job of your dreams.


Anyone with a working internet connection likely knows that is one of the most prominent companies in the United States. A key location of this mega-company sits just five minutes down the road from The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County.

Shipping products of all shapes and sizes around the world, transportation is one of the most vital parts of the company. As such, Amazon’s transportation and logistics hub in the Lehigh Valley is no simple truck stop.

When you consider that the delivery giant landed at number five on Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Best Employers, there’s no shortage of reasons to pursue a career with Amazon while you enjoy one of the new homes in Lehigh County.

Air Products

Just eight minutes from The Reserve at Highgate, you’ll find a well-known worldwide corporation offering numerous employment opportunities. Since its founding in 1940, Air Products has devoted itself to improving the lives of millions of customers around the globe. Their work goes into everything from party balloons to vegetable oil.

More than 16,000 employees rely on Air Products to remain committed to the company’s original purpose, to “create innovative solutions that benefit the environment, enhance sustainability and address the challenges facing customers, communities and the world.”

With operations in more than 50 countries and more than 750 production facilities in operation, Air Products is an employer dedicated to the community around it.

Lehigh Valley Hospital

In the late 1960s, Air Products founder Leonard Parker Pool was hit with personal tragedy when his wife, Dorothy, was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, Pool had the resources to make the three-hour round trip between New York City and Lehigh County for Dorothy to receive the cutting-edge care she needed. However, Pool realized that many in the Lehigh Valley didn’t share that same luxury.

So, was born an idea for a “superior, regional hospital” to meet the healthcare needs of the Lehigh Valley. Fifty years later, the Lehigh Valley Hospital maintains Pool’s vision across eight campuses bustling with growth and opportunity.

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or not, close proximity to first-rate medical care is enough to make Hallmark’s new homes in Lehigh Countyall the more appealing.


Enjoy a short commute and take part in an American tradition by working with the Coca-Cola Company, one of the world’s most recognizable brands. The Coca-Cola influence is active throughout the Lehigh Valley. Along with that presence comes a host of opportunities at every level of this prestigious organization which earned the thirty-third spot on Forbes’ list of World’s Best Employers last year.

From general labor to technician roles to supervisory positions, an enterprising employee will find the Coca-Cola corporate ladder a treat to climb.

Wells Fargo

For more than a century, Wells Fargo has built a name for itself as a preeminent financial institution. In 2018, they were the seventh most profitable company in the United States, the nation’s twentieth biggest employer, and all while commanded more than $1.9 trillion in total assets.

For Lehigh County residents, there’s immense opportunity to be found in Wells Fargo’s financial services department. With over two-dozen branches in the Lehigh Valley and you are bound to find one just minutes from your new home at The Reserve at Highgate.


In 1903, Crayola rolled out its first eight-pack of wax crayons; they cost just a nickel. In the intervening century, Crayola has become synonymous with childhood creativity. Today, the company, which is headquartered right in the Lehigh Valley, remains committed to brightening the lives of children across the world.

Crayola is proud to call Easton, Pennsylvania its home, an attitude reflected by their decision to build not only their headquarters but a major manufacturing plant in the area, as well.

The Possibilities Are Endless in Lehigh County

Those well-known names are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding enjoyable, rewarding work nearby Hallmark Homes Group’s stunning community, The Reserve at Highgate. The Lehigh Valley is home to branches of Ocean Spray, FedEx, Cigna, BMW, Walmart’s e-commerce division, ADP, and thousands more.

Imagine starting each day in one of Hallmark Homes Group’s breathtaking communities before taking a short drive to a job that’s fulfilling and enjoyable, something you’re proud to call your own. Then, visit the Hallmark’s website and let one of our team members open the door to your future.

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