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Discover Culture and Historic Treasures Throughout Lehigh County

Categories: Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: March 15, 2018

The Reserve at Highgate is a new home community in Lehigh County located in an area rich with hundreds of years of tradition, treasures and historic influence. This flourishing neighborhood of new homes in Lehigh County is situated near a variety of renowned museums preserving legacies of fine art, automotive history and Native American heritage.

Enrich Your Life

Over 2,000 years of cultural expression await your discovery at the Allentown Art Museum. This 75 year-old Lehigh County institution presents exhibitions of photography, sculpture, paintings, woodcuts, collages, origami and more.

Spend an afternoon marveling at ancient sculptures of Hindu gods, seeing the world through the eyes National Geographic photographers and exploring contemporary themes of pattern and motion.

Peer Through the Rear View Mirror

For vintage transportation buffs, or if you just you love big rigs, take a drive to America’s legacy of heavy machinery, the Mack Trucks Historical Museum. Experience the evolution of Mack Trucks through a collection of restored vintage models and memorabilia, and find out how its brand garnered the Bulldog as its official mascot.

Also nearby your new home community in Breinigsville, automotive enthusiasts with an appreciation for famous and well-preserved vehicles can witness the best of both at America on Wheels. Get close enough to see your reflection in the paint of vintage “Survivor Cars” and the toughest muscle car brands from the mid-to-late 20th century.

Discover an Old Treasure

The Haines Mill Museum offers you a glimpse into America’s agricultural past. The museum features a fully operational gristmill where visitors can watch the waterwheel that once powered a thriving flour processing facility.

The original mill was built in 1760 and reconstructed in the early 1900s after a fire gutted the building’s interior. In 1972, Lehigh County purchased the mill for preservation and two years later, it opened as a museum. Today it is a feature of the Lehigh County Park system and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Learn About the First Americans

If you are fascinated by Native heritage, the Museum of Indian Culture intrigues visitors with a wealth of exhibits, festivals, guided tours and educational programs for all ages.

Visitors can explore activities of Lenape and other Northeastern Woodland Indian cultures such as spear throwing and fire starting, and learn how to make tools out of stone and cordage from plant fiber. Along with the demonstrations and activities, the finest in native artistry can be seen through displays of painted pottery, beaded moccasins, woven quilts, leather sheaths and more.

New Opportunities Await

New homeowners at The Reserve at Highgate have a unique opportunity to experience quality living in proximity to a broad realm of compelling museum attractions nearby. Contact us to discover how you and your family can join enjoy this new home community in Lehigh County, PA and all it has to offer.

Connie Sweeney

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