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Find Exciting Employment Opportunities along with Gorgeous New Homes in Lehigh County

Categories: New Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate | Posted: February 28, 2019

Introduce yourself to The Reserve at Highgate, a 22-home community from Hallmark Homes Group nestled in Lehigh County’s picturesque Upper Macungie Township. This beautifully-designed neighborhood is close to excellent schools and more than enough fun to keep the whole family entertained. Of course, that’s not all The Reserve at Highgate offers its residents. The Lehigh Valley is home to a robust job scene. The extended region hosts more than 15,000 businesses that run the gamut in size and specialty. With that kind of selection, it’s a good bet that someone is always looking to hire.

Residents whose expertise lies in manufacturing, education, financial services, transportation, and beyond are sure to find the right career within this bustling community. You may not realize it, but when you build a life in one of Hallmark Homes Group’s impressive new homes in Lehigh County, you’re closer than ever before to more job opportunities than you can believe.

The Joys of Working and Living Close to Home

Think about this: the average person spends nearly an hour a day getting to and from work. That adds up to nine days a year spent commuting.

It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to see the benefits of living nearby your workplace. Plainly put: less time commuting back and forth means less time in the car and more time with friends and family. However, there are plenty of other reasons to search for a rewarding profession that’s close to your house.

  • Avoid the stress and isolation of extended rush hour.
  • Pop back into the office for a few minutes in your off-hours to solve problems or retrieve items without spending hours in the car.
  • Take advantage of overtime without losing family time.
  • Save hundreds or even thousands a year on gasoline; diminish wear and tear on your vehicle.

That’s just a handful of reasons people find living in proximity to their place of work rewarding.  When you settle into one of the new homes in Lehigh County, you’ll have a vast array of options within a short distance of your home when searching for the job of your dreams.


Anyone with a working internet connection likely knows that is one of the most prominent companies in the United States. A key location of this mega-company sits just five minutes down the road from The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County.

Shipping products of all shapes and sizes around the world, transportation is one of the most vital parts of the company. As such, Amazon’s transportation and logistics hub in the Lehigh Valley is no simple truck stop.

When you consider that the delivery giant landed at number five on Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Best Employers, there’s no shortage of reasons to pursue a career with Amazon while you enjoy one of the new homes in Lehigh County.

Air Products

Just eight minutes from The Reserve at Highgate, you’ll find a well-known worldwide corporation offering numerous employment opportunities. Since its founding in 1940, Air Products has devoted itself to improving the lives of millions of customers around the globe. Their work goes into everything from party balloons to vegetable oil.

More than 16,000 employees rely on Air Products to remain committed to the company’s original purpose, to “create innovative solutions that benefit the environment, enhance sustainability and address the challenges facing customers, communities and the world.”

With operations in more than 50 countries and more than 750 production facilities in operation, Air Products is an employer dedicated to the community around it.

Lehigh Valley Hospital

In the late 1960s, Air Products founder Leonard Parker Pool was hit with personal tragedy when his wife, Dorothy, was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, Pool had the resources to make the three-hour round trip between New York City and Lehigh County for Dorothy to receive the cutting-edge care she needed. However, Pool realized that many in the Lehigh Valley didn’t share that same luxury.

So, was born an idea for a “superior, regional hospital” to meet the healthcare needs of the Lehigh Valley. Fifty years later, the Lehigh Valley Hospital maintains Pool’s vision across eight campuses bustling with growth and opportunity.

Whether you’re in the healthcare industry or not, close proximity to first-rate medical care is enough to make Hallmark’s new homes in Lehigh Countyall the more appealing.


Enjoy a short commute and take part in an American tradition by working with the Coca-Cola Company, one of the world’s most recognizable brands. The Coca-Cola influence is active throughout the Lehigh Valley. Along with that presence comes a host of opportunities at every level of this prestigious organization which earned the thirty-third spot on Forbes’ list of World’s Best Employers last year.

From general labor to technician roles to supervisory positions, an enterprising employee will find the Coca-Cola corporate ladder a treat to climb.

Wells Fargo

For more than a century, Wells Fargo has built a name for itself as a preeminent financial institution. In 2018, they were the seventh most profitable company in the United States, the nation’s twentieth biggest employer, and all while commanded more than $1.9 trillion in total assets.

For Lehigh County residents, there’s immense opportunity to be found in Wells Fargo’s financial services department. With over two-dozen branches in the Lehigh Valley and you are bound to find one just minutes from your new home at The Reserve at Highgate.


In 1903, Crayola rolled out its first eight-pack of wax crayons; they cost just a nickel. In the intervening century, Crayola has become synonymous with childhood creativity. Today, the company, which is headquartered right in the Lehigh Valley, remains committed to brightening the lives of children across the world.

Crayola is proud to call Easton, Pennsylvania its home, an attitude reflected by their decision to build not only their headquarters but a major manufacturing plant in the area, as well.

The Possibilities Are Endless in Lehigh County

Those well-known names are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding enjoyable, rewarding work nearby Hallmark Homes Group’s stunning community, The Reserve at Highgate. The Lehigh Valley is home to branches of Ocean Spray, FedEx, Cigna, BMW, Walmart’s e-commerce division, ADP, and thousands more.

Imagine starting each day in one of Hallmark Homes Group’s breathtaking communities before taking a short drive to a job that’s fulfilling and enjoyable, something you’re proud to call your own. Then, visit the Hallmark’s website and let one of our team members open the door to your future.

New Home Community in Lehigh County Offers Solutions for Growing Needs

Categories: New Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate | Posted: September 30, 2018

If the time has come for you to move, consider The Reserve at Highgate— a new home community in Breinigsville, PA that offers solutions to your growing needs. Circumstances such as additions to the family, lack of space, too many repairs, difficult commute and incompatible surroundings can create this necessity — and can be alleviated by moving to this beautiful new neighborhood in Lehigh County.

Make Room for New Faces

Often times, the excitement of a growing family creates the necessity for more room to live, develop and play. Hallmark Homes Group offers several spacious layouts designed to accommodate families with growing needs. An open concept enables lively interaction and fun, while the multiple bedrooms and lush owner’s suite allow privacy and quiet.

Enjoy More Space for Your Stuff

As your collective interests start to accumulate, you’ll inevitably find that your assortment of sports equipment, seasonal clothing and varied keepsakes are piling up, leaving you will little to no room. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your new home at The Reserve Highgate has plenty of closets and garage space for organized and clutter-free living. Plus, with Hallmark Homes Group, you can customize your home to have as many closets and additional rooms as you would like!

Alleviate the Repairman Blues

Living in an older home, you will often see the weekend to-do list grow as continual maintenance on plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, roofing tiles, kitchen appliances and more add up. Moving into a new home community in Lehigh County means that your spare time can once again be dedicated to leisure rather than playing the part of repair person for many things you know little about.

Spend Less Time on the Road

The Reserve at Highgate is conveniently situated near major travel routes including I-78, Route 100, Route 309 and Route 476. Commutes to nearby Allentown, Reading, Harrisburg and Philadelphia just minutes away. Not only can you save money on gas, but you will be able spend more quality time at home with your loved ones and less time on the road wrestling with traffic.

Get In Where You Fit In

Having a new home in a neighborhood that reflects your personal tastes and values is key to a fulfilling lifestyle. The Reserve at Highgate has an abundance of amenities nearby to satisfy a diverse array of needs and interests including four golf courses, a waterpark, a zoo, plenty of shopping and a fitness park. Your new Lehigh County home is also close to four top-rated hospitals as well as in the highly acclaimed Parkland School District.

Make Your Next Move Count

As your family grows and your needs change, moving to the Reserve at Highgate can be a solution that makes life easier and more enjoyable.  Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to find your new home community in Lehigh County!

The Great Allentown Fair Welcomes Residents of New Homes in Lehigh County

Categories: Homes in Lehigh County, New Communities, Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: August 17, 2018

The Reserve at Highgate in Breinigsville, PA is the premier destination for those looking to buy new homes in Lehigh County. This picturesque community features luxury homes nestled along tree-lined streets with access to community parks, superior schools, major roadways and yearly event opportunities including the annual County Fair!

Every year, residents are invited to participate in a regional event that has been held for over 150 years. The Great Allentown Fair is an extravagant, 46-acre, week celebration honoring the evolution of agriculture; the pastime of gardening and other cherished traditions. Visitors across Lehigh County and beyond are beckoned by a dazzling carnival-like setting complete with thrilling rides, tantalizing food and exciting games. The diverse attractions offer something for everyone including music, comedy, automotive events, culinary contests, technical demonstrations and cultural exhibits.

Welcome to the Midway

Over 40 modern innovations and classic fairground rides will give Lehigh County homeowners and their families at The Reserve at Highgate in Breinigsville, PA plenty to get excited about — professionally operated by Powers Midway for over a decade. Spectacles such as the Big Wave, the gondola Ferris Wheel, the Orbiter and a million-dollar showpiece known as Chaos will please the wildest of thrill-seekers.

If you love a good Midway challenge, games of luck and skill like the Beer Bust and Krazy Kats offer the chance at big prizes while less intimidating attractions like Tea Cups, Fun Slide and Flying Elephants offer fun for small children.

Have Fun with Food

Lehigh County visitors are enticed by time-honored delectations like funnel cakes, cotton candy, fried dough, lemonade, pizza, cheesesteaks, skewered shrimp, ice cream caramel apples and much more. Culinary sophisticates can observe and even participate in seven days of contests sponsored by area enterprises such as the Suburban Car Wash Ultimate Cheesesteak Challenge and the Pampered Chef Marvelous Muffin Contest.

Bring your appetite and prepare to experience the edible tradition of this 166 year-old American carnival tradition. Check out the Iron Chef Competition, and you might even find a dish you can’t wait to try and re-create for family and friends in your new home in Lehigh County.

Indulge in a Diversity of Entertainment

The agricultural origins of the Great Allentown Fair will be honored as always, with interactive exhibits offering a hands-on experience. Kids can make four-legged friends at the 4-H Petting Zoo while youngsters can test their strength in the Barnyard Olympics and rural gear head enthusiasts can watch the Great Truck and Tractor Pull.

If you love a good pile-up, be sure to catch the sensational sights and sounds of the Demolition Derby. Music lovers and comedy fans will find multiple national artists performing every day across a variety of stages while over a dozen departments on display at the Agri-Plex educate visitors on farming, livestock breeding, knitting, wool weaving, floral design and more.

Join the Excitement of Living in Lehigh County

The Reserve Highgate at Breinigsville, PA is a distinctive community located near the home of the legendary Great Allentown Fair. Contact us to learn more about these new homes in Lehigh County and enjoy life in a community that celebrates the region’s rich agricultural roots and traditions.

Discover Culture and Historic Treasures Throughout Lehigh County

Categories: Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: March 15, 2018

The Reserve at Highgate is a new home community in Lehigh County located in an area rich with hundreds of years of tradition, treasures and historic influence. This flourishing neighborhood of new homes in Lehigh County is situated near a variety of renowned museums preserving legacies of fine art, automotive history and Native American heritage.

Enrich Your Life

Over 2,000 years of cultural expression await your discovery at the Allentown Art Museum. This 75 year-old Lehigh County institution presents exhibitions of photography, sculpture, paintings, woodcuts, collages, origami and more.

Spend an afternoon marveling at ancient sculptures of Hindu gods, seeing the world through the eyes National Geographic photographers and exploring contemporary themes of pattern and motion.

Peer Through the Rear View Mirror

For vintage transportation buffs, or if you just you love big rigs, take a drive to America’s legacy of heavy machinery, the Mack Trucks Historical Museum. Experience the evolution of Mack Trucks through a collection of restored vintage models and memorabilia, and find out how its brand garnered the Bulldog as its official mascot.

Also nearby your new home community in Breinigsville, automotive enthusiasts with an appreciation for famous and well-preserved vehicles can witness the best of both at America on Wheels. Get close enough to see your reflection in the paint of vintage “Survivor Cars” and the toughest muscle car brands from the mid-to-late 20th century.

Discover an Old Treasure

The Haines Mill Museum offers you a glimpse into America’s agricultural past. The museum features a fully operational gristmill where visitors can watch the waterwheel that once powered a thriving flour processing facility.

The original mill was built in 1760 and reconstructed in the early 1900s after a fire gutted the building’s interior. In 1972, Lehigh County purchased the mill for preservation and two years later, it opened as a museum. Today it is a feature of the Lehigh County Park system and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Learn About the First Americans

If you are fascinated by Native heritage, the Museum of Indian Culture intrigues visitors with a wealth of exhibits, festivals, guided tours and educational programs for all ages.

Visitors can explore activities of Lenape and other Northeastern Woodland Indian cultures such as spear throwing and fire starting, and learn how to make tools out of stone and cordage from plant fiber. Along with the demonstrations and activities, the finest in native artistry can be seen through displays of painted pottery, beaded moccasins, woven quilts, leather sheaths and more.

New Opportunities Await

New homeowners at The Reserve at Highgate have a unique opportunity to experience quality living in proximity to a broad realm of compelling museum attractions nearby. Contact us to discover how you and your family can join enjoy this new home community in Lehigh County, PA and all it has to offer.

Springtime Transformation: Discover Excellence, Convenience and Excitement in a New Home Community

Categories: Bucks County Homes, Highfield Estates, Horsham Glen, New Communities, New Homes in Montgomery County, Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Bucks County, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: February 28, 2018

With spring approaching, you may already be tidying up your home, making improvements and adding those final touches before listing. As you begin the search process for a new home, consider some of the several advantages of moving into a new home community in one of Hallmark Homes Group’s three outstanding neighborhoods.

Imagine improving your quality of life by living near top rated schools, major travel routes and an abundance of compelling attractions. New Homes in Montgomery County, Bucks County and Lehigh County built by the Hallmark Homes Group offer this very experience for many homebuyers.

Learn with Peace of Mind

Access to outstanding educational facilities in a low crime environment can provide an excellent foundation for children, as well as insurance on your real estate investment. Residents of Horsham Glen in Montgomery County are privy to the high standards of the Hatboro-Horsham School District — rated in the top 15% statewide.

Students in the Parkland School District in Lehigh County can benefit from a top 10% rated district as well according to Niche with an A+ grade for safety. Meanwhile, the crime rates in Chalfont Bucks County are lower than those in 74% of all other districts in Pennsylvania.

Commute with Ease

An ideal advantage of moving into a new home community should be that you can enjoy hassle-free travel to and from work and play. Horsham Glen in Montgomery County provides easy access to the New Jersey Turnpike (I-276) for east/west travel while nearby Easton Road (Route 611) allows convenient north/south connections.

Highfield Estates in Bucks County sits adjacent to the Doylestown area, a travel hub allowing access to Route 202, the Doylestown Bypass (Route 611) and Route 313. Just to the west, residents also have access to Route 309 and I-476 for north/south travel.

The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County is situated in close proximity to Route 222, where the eastbound/westbound Hamilton Road turns into the northbound/southbound Fred Jaindl Memorial Highway. This allows convenient travel in all direction and access to numerous connecting routes.

Indulge in Dynamic Attractions

Another valuable asset you can anticipate with a new home community from Hallmark Homes Group is convenient access to shopping, dining and entertainment. Willow Grove Mall is just minutes from Horsham Glen while King of Prussia Court and Plaza and Montgomery Mall are both a short drive away.

On a night on the town you can choose to enjoy Japanese, Italian, American, Mexican or Brazilian fare in one of the many nearby restaurants. Highfield Estates is situated near the above amenities as well as being neighbor to the unique shops and boutiques of popular Peddler’s Village.

Residents of The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County can expect exciting afternoons at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom and the Lehigh Valley Zoo along with shopping and dining excursions at The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley.

Spring into Your New Home

Moving to a new home community includes a host of amenities that allow you to experience quality living at its best. Contact us to learn more about new homes at Horsham Glen, Highfield Estates and The Reserve at Highgate.

Winter Adventures in Less than 30 Minutes from Lehigh County New Homes

Categories: Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Montgomery County | Posted: January 22, 2018

Settling into your new home in Lehigh County at The Reserve at Highgate provides a warm, cozy place to consider the many ways to spend your recreational time. As the frost gives way to winter, the seasonal change is a sign to an array of exciting outdoor adventures.

Every year, residents of Lehigh County enjoy living within 30 minutes of activities such as downhill sledding and tubing, alpine skiing, polar plunging and ice-skating.

Slide Across the Snow

Sledding is a time-tested way of introducing your little ones to the many wonders of playing in the snow. The initial thrill of effortlessly sliding downhill will make them eager for more. Meanwhile, you can stand by and relax as they willingly wear themselves out hiking back to the top of the hill over and over again.

There are numerous locations near Breinigsville, PA with mild inclines that are acceptable for wintertime sledding. These include Buchanan Elementary School, Cedar Beach Park and Springhouse Middle School, all within 30 minutes.

Glide Down the Hills

Sledding naturally gives way to other downhill experiences. Various mountain resorts in and around the Lehigh Valley offer winter excitement that includes tubing, skiing and snowboarding for all ages.

A quick drive from Breinigsville, PA– Bear Creek Mountain Resort features numerous lifts that whisk you up the side of the mountain so that you can ride down on an oversized inflated tube, glide through the slopes on skis or plough through on a snowboard. This resort is the perfect winter destination for residents of new homes in Lehigh County — whether you’re orchestrating a family gathering or planning a team building adventure for your professional colleagues.

Just outside the local community, there are additional resort destinations an hour away such as Blue Mountain Resort, Camelback Resort and Jack Frost Big Boulder that offer more options for downhill fun.

Take the Plunge

If you’re an extreme adventurer with a flair for charity, the Lehigh Valley Plunge puts your nerves against the frigid February waters of the Delaware River. Participants pledge a donation upon entering and plunge away in a stream of brave wintertime swimmers.

This event and many others like it across the state are organized by Special Olympics who appropriate the proceeds into programs designed to benefit athletes across Pennsylvania with special needs.

Lace up Your Skates

Ice-skating offers a more horizontal experience for those who don’t appreciate slick inclines. You can hop in the car at your Lehigh County home at The Reserve at Highgate and be pulling up to an ice rink in half an hour or less.

The Rink at Lehigh Valley is just 25 minutes away and offers public skating on weekends, hockey leagues and private rentals. The Earl E. Schaffer Municipal Ice Rink is a mere 30 minutes away, and offers ice skating lessons for all skill levels and interests.      

Adventures Await

Contact us to learn more about new homes at The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County — a community situated amid an exciting array of wintertime recreational adventures.

New Homes in Lehigh County Provide Access to Economic, Social and Community Advantages

Categories: Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: December 6, 2017

While the homeowners at The Reserve at Highgate enjoy their new homes in Lehigh County, they can also benefit from the treasures of a region renowned for livability, business opportunities, economic development and functionality.

If you’re looking for a new home with a wide range of these resources at your fingertips, moving to The Reserve at Highgate in Breinisgville, PA in Lehigh County is the right decision.

Live to the Fullest

The Reserve at Highgate is one of the newest communities in Lehigh County featuring tree-lined properties accented with twin ponds and beautiful landscaping. This quiet, peaceful neighborhood removed from the bustle of the modern world is placed in convenient proximity to every imaginable amenity.

Top-notch educational facilities, entertainment venues, artistic hubs, historical landmarks and outdoor recreational spaces await residents who savor adventure and experience.

In the same day, you can take a morning hike along heritage-rich pathways, enjoy a midday carriage ride, savor and afternoon tour of a craft brewing facility and revel in the wonders of an evening decorative light display during holiday season.

Grow with the Flow

Residents of Lehigh County Homes are uniquely positioned to reap the benefits of an area experiencing record levels of economic growth. In just one year, this region’s gross domestic product increased by more than four percent from the previous year, reaching an all-time high of $39.1 billion.

This county boasts the third highest credit rating of all 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania while unemployment sits at its lowest level in seven years according to Lehigh Valley Economic Development.

Realize Your Earning Potential

Employment options in the Lehigh Valley present an impressive array of diverse opportunities across a variety of fields. Economic powerhouses such as Crayola, Olympus America, C.L. Martin & Company, Air Products and Just Born among others have chosen this county as home to their corporate headquarters.

Several big names in the manufacturing world also call this region home — namely Mack Trucks, Bosch Rexroth and Lutron Electronics among others. Careers in healthcare and education also await here with over a half a dozen institutions including Coordinated Health and Lehigh University.

Residents inclined towards the financial sector can align with Hartford Insurance or Wells Fargo — meanwhile more careers are available at FedEx, BMW, Coca-Cola, Nestle Waters and many more.

Commute with Ease

This new home community allows residents of Lehigh County to be able to enjoy the peacefulness of quiet community while taking advantage of a world-class infrastructure that is second to none. With quick convenient travel easily available, residents are never limited.

One-third of all U.S. consumers are within one day’s drive while Lehigh County is located near three international airports sitting within 30 to 90 minutes away through I-80 (East/West), I-78 (East/West) and The Pennsylvania Turnpike’s Northeast Extension (North/South).

Meanwhile the Lehigh and Northampton Public Transportation Authority (LANTA) are ready to take commuters to numerous bus routes and railway systems.

Opportunity is Knocking at Your Door

If you’re ready to start living the best years of your life, opportunity is waiting here at The Reserve at Highgate in Breinigsville, Pa. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of living in a thriving region while finding the home of your dreams.

5 Unexpected and Exciting Attractions in Lehigh County

Categories: Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: October 31, 2017

If you are looking for Lehigh County homes in proximity to captivating attractions, consider the ideal location at The Reserve at Highgate in Breinigsville, Pa. This new Hallmark Homes Group community is surrounded with entertainment, history, science, agriculture and literature.

This region presents the charm of semi-rural living while offering every modern amenity imaginable along with an abundance of opportunities to learn, interact, explore and grow.

Celebrate a Legacy of Steel

As a resident of this new home community in Lehigh County, you can witness the vibrant re-purposing of 20th Century industrialism into 21st Century innovation. Steel Stacks is the former home of Bethlehem Steel, which helped bolster America’s role in both World Wars.

Today, visitors enjoy a diverse entertainment and arts campus that champions more than 1000 concerts and 8 festivals every year. Arts and culture are presented at the ArtsQuest center, where you can dine at the MusikFest Cafe or catch a show at the Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas.

Wonder Underground

This family-friendly destination just off route 222 in Lehigh County offers a glimpse into the prehistoric geology of the region. When you visit Lost River Canyons, you can literally walk through time, reveling in magnificent stalactites, stalagmites and crystalline formations that have been taking shape for 250,000 years.

In addition to exploring the underground caverns, you can hike along the nature trail; delve into history at the Gilman Museum or pan for treasures at the Gem Mill.

Connect Science to Life

The Da Vinci Science Center recognizes its mission to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to children in fun, fascinating and compelling ways. Upon the very first visit, you can foster within yourself and your kids the inspiration to learn, experiment and create.

The DSC offers a diverse array of programs including after school clubs, career education days, field trips, scout programs, family sleepovers, learning activities for toddlers, live science shows and much more.

Pick a Winner

Families who love fresh produce and exploring the outdoors can literally have a field day at the Grim’s Orchard and Family Farms. Established in 1939, this sprawling expanse of property offers a unique experience known as Pick-Your-Own-Orchards.

You can stroll through the trellises, hand choosing from ripe pumpkins, apples, cherries and strawberries. Fall season visitors can explore the Corn Maze, take a hayride, play Corn Hole and ride the Caterpillar Slide before picking the perfect orange gourd for your new Lehigh County home.

Become Inspired

This region fosters an entire culture built around the works of William Shakespeare, and the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival is a highly respected institution that honors the drama, comedy and tragedy of theatre’s most celebrated bard.

A tradition that began in 1991, this yearly production offers a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in theatre culture purveyed by over 200 professionals and attended by nearly 50,000 people from 30+ states. 

The Adventure Never Ends

Exciting attractions and institutions that teach and inspire surround this new home community in Lehigh County. Contact us to learn more about how you and your family can begin a journey of luxury living and tremendous discovery.

New Home Community in Lehigh County Offers Excellent Locality for Dynamic Lifestyles

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: October 3, 2017

If you’re searching for new homes in Lehigh County, consider a location in proximity to quality schools, major travel routes, wide-range shopping, first-rate golfing, award-winning healthcare and home at The Reserve at Highgate

The Reserve at Highgate is the newest of the Hallmark Homes Group network of communities, designed to provide homebuyers like you with the opportunity to experience the area along with an ideal location.

Educational Stability

There’s no doubt that one of your biggest concerns as a parent is the education and safety of your children. This new home community is located in an area with an ideal livability rating based on low crime and high graduation rates according to Area Vibes.

Your peace of mind can rest on the fact that Fred Jaindl Elementary School, Springhouse Middle School and Parkland High School are all nearby and your kids can benefit from quality learning facilities as noted by Niche.

Convenient Exploration

The Reserve at Highgate offers Lehigh County homes near the crossroads of I-78 and I-476 that quickly facilitate east/west and north/south commuting. There are also many companies with a major presence in the area including Amazon, Nestle Distribution, DSC Logistics and Fisher Clinical Services.

Access to Route 100 and Route 309 can also provide easy travel to and from work and several major shopping hubs. Your route to work or to the Lehigh Valley Mall, Trexler Mall or The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley is simply a matter of convenient navigation.

Plenty of Places to Play

The semi-rural setting of Lehigh County means an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. If golfing is your preferred past time, you can choose from several quality golf courses including Shepherd Hills Golf Club, Brookside Country Club, Center Valley Club and Indian Creek Golf Club.

You can stretch out across 18 holes while the kids share thrills at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom or explore the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

Here’s to Your Health

Health care is important to quality living, and your new home community in Lehigh County is conveniently located near St. Luke’s Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital and Lehigh Valley Hospital and Rehab.

U.S. News & World Report has named these facilities to be some of the best hospitals in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania. Rest assured that you have a network of world-class facilities staffed by top-tier health care professionals that will be able to handle your concerns for emergency, routine and long-term care.


The Reserve at Highgate offers custom homes starting from the low 300s. Visit us to learn more about designing the Lehigh County home of your dreams starting from eleven original designs that can be modified to suit your exact living needs.