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New Homes in Bucks County Offer Luxury, Location and Lifestyle

Categories: Bucks County, Luxury homes, Mill Ridge, New Communities, New Home Community, New Homes, New Homes in Bucks County | Posted: April 30, 2020

If you’re considering moving to a residential property in Chalfont, PA, Hallmark Homes Group is presenting a unique opportunity to move into a community of newly-built luxury homes. This highly-respected regional builder is known for breathtaking, spacious home designs constructed of high quality, energy-efficient materials.

Mill Ridge is a 56-acre community of 12 exclusive home sites arranged for maximum privacy and stunning views of surrounding wooded areas and preserved, natural lands. Buyers can choose from a total of seven modern home designs featuring the luxuries of state-of-the-art amenities. Plus, a number of floor plans are designed for growing families who need plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms and shared living areas.

This flourishing new Bucks County neighborhood offers the tranquility of a relaxed suburban setting that is conveniently located near major centers of commerce and industry. Better yet, nearby are school districts with award-winning facilities for all grade levels and state parks that are perfect for family-friendly outdoor fun.

This community is built along the guidelines of The Hallmark Advantage, which states, “Every home and every community that Hallmark Homes builds is of the highest quality in materials, products, design, construction, and energy-efficiency. Like our reputation for customization, our quality is a hallmark of the Hallmark name. For that reason, we use only the finest materials and finishes from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.”


Move Into Excellence

Hallmark’s properties are known for their classic architectural designs built with eco-friendly expertise. Each of the Mill Ridge homes are Energy Star certified — passing a rigorous set of airtight finishing guidelines — assuring that treated warm air and conditioned cool air stays within the home during the winter and summer months, respectively.

These exquisite homes range from 2,860 to 4,371 square feet, include 2.5 to 4.5 bathrooms and are priced starting in the low $800,000s. The floor plans feature sprawling open concepts, elegant owner’s suites with walk-in closets & spacious, spa-like master bathrooms, multi-car garages, along with a list of unmatched included luxury amenities. Other features can include a two-story foyer, vaulted ceilings, a private study, optional additional bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, large windows that frame the outside scenery and upstairs laundry facilities located amid a series of well-proportioned bedrooms. Other modern features include walk-in pantry, kitchen breakfast bar, tray ceilings, double doors and more!


Enjoy a Tranquil Setting

The Mill Ridge neighborhood is an exclusive series of new homes for those who appreciate a serene environment, houses built with the privacy of the residents in mind, and a cohesive arrangement of lots that provide an overall sense of community. Each home sits on ample acreage for the enjoyment of open space while the surrounding wooded areas provide a nature-inspired rural environment uniting the elements in harmony.

The homes are positioned so that, from an inside perspective, residents can enjoy breathtaking vistas of the area’s diverse habitat. The neighborhood is served by a single street that ends in a cul-de-sac which provides a quiet, lightly travelled street with no bothersome daily flow of traffic. Moving into a newly-built property as unique as Mill Ridge also allows you to be one of the first families to live in the neighborhood — providing a rare opportunity to help shape your community’s unique culture.


Tailor to Your Tastes

Hallmark also offers a high level of customization in your new home so that the features of your home’s interior reflect your personal preferences while fulfilling your lifestyle needs. You can choose wood ceiling beams to reflect your chosen hue of hardwood flooring. Built-in shelves and nooks for books, family photos, chinaware & keepsakes and non-load-bearing walls between the kitchen can also be added. Your new home is a blank palette ready for your creative ideas.

From adding a media room or wine cellar to moving walls, Hallmark Homes Group will consider any request. Your kitchen can be equipped with your choice of modern, stainless steel appliances while the walls can feature elegant custom light fixtures. Stairway railings and second floor banisters can be topped with custom wood trim of your choosing and you can even opt for motorized chandeliers to easily change bulbs and fit your light setting of choice.


Commute with Convenience

These new Bucks County homes at are located near major travel routes for quick commutes to Doylestown, Ft. Washington and Montgomery Township, while Philadelphia is just under an hour away. This community allows for quick access to routes 202, 309, and 611, providing easy travel to regional shopping destinations, business centers, dining districts and healthcare facilities. You can meet all of your buying needs for groceries, clothing and houseware by skipping the big city with easy trips to nearby malls. The area is also abundant with entertainment and recreational options — including golf courses, theatres, children’s entertainment facilities and theme parks.


Attain Exceptional Education

This new community of homes is located within the award-winning Central Bucks and Pennridge School Districts — which offer top-tier learning for all grades including elementary, middle school and high school. Residents seeking continuing education can choose from four nearby colleges and universities specializing in a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and credit certificate programs.


Make Use of Additional Amenities

Families who love to enjoy the great outdoors can do so in the adequate surrounding of the properties in Mill Ridge. Bucks County is home to two exceptional state parks which offer a wide array of activities.

One of the most popular parks in southeast Pennsylvania, Lake Nockamixon State Park, features over 5,000 acres of smoke-free, kid-friendly space for hiking, fishing, camping, bicycling, horseback riding and disc golf playing, as well an as array of wintertime activities including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating and more. Meanwhile, the nearby Peace Valley park offers 1,500 acres surrounding a large lake that is perfect for folks who love hiking, sailing, boating, fishing and more.

Moving into new Hallmark community luxury homes presents a wide array of advantages. Contact us to learn more about this one-of-a-kind residential neighborhood.


The Interior Design Principles of Feng Shui are Perfect for New Homes in Montgomery County

Categories: Custom Homes, Luxury homes, Montgomery County, New Homes | Posted: January 24, 2020

To enjoy healthy, nurturing homes, many families adopt ancient ideas from across the globe to foster function, clarity and relaxation. Feng Shui — the Chinese practice of optimal spatial arrangement — is one such tradition.

This set of wellness principles can be incorporated into your home design so that you can enjoy an uplifting environment distinguished by a non-cluttered arrangement, clear lines of sight, and subtle flowing sounds that afford a sense of ease and control within your personal environment.

Feng Shui is a time-tested way of encouraging happiness, abundance and harmony in your new home in Montgomery County. The concept is ideal for creating holistic environments that nurture through functionally attractive kitchens and spacious rooms bathed in natural light for an exceptional living experience.

Create a Healthy Atmosphere

There are several ways to introduce the principles of Feng Shui with subtle consistency throughout your home. An uplifting atmosphere can be introduced by applying a custom finish to the front door in your favorite hue such as a pastel blue or a soft and soothing green.

An open foyer clear of obstructions lets all who enter do so with welcoming ease. Your entryway color, carefully selected to instill a calming feel can then be repeated in the finishing accents and furniture choices throughout the residence for a sense of continuity that resonates with the established theme.

Keep it Clear 

A clutter-free entrance establishes another ancient principle which can benefit the atmosphere of the rest of your home. Feng Shui emphasizes simplicity, which, in terms of furniture, translates to pieces with tasteful design and optimal function that are arranged to promote ease of motion and relaxation.

Less is more in this aspect — as couches, chairs and tables can highlight the spaciousness of the shared areas, rather than taking up all the available room. Arranging them along walls and near windows allows your interior space to “breathe” while creating a clear pathway for walking. Furnishings can also feature rounded corners and curved shapes to emphasize movement and flow rather than the boxy, interrupted feel of a home full of square shapes and right angles.

Let it Flow

A great way to distinguish the feel of your new home in Montgomery County is with the pleasing tones of a fountain feature. The gentle sounds of trickling water can create a soothing sense of ease throughout the house, greeting you at the beginning and end of each day and helping guests feel welcome.

This simple addition is a popular item with most interior design brands and can be placed in the east, southeast and north areas of your home as an accent and/or conversation piece. The Feng Shui principle at work here is the belief that flowing water promotes balance and harmony while encouraging wealth and prosperity. The idea that a fountain constantly recycles its water supply ties into the flowing, renewing mindset of traditional Chinese decorum.

Open it Up

The Hallmark Homes Group builds new homes in Montgomery County, which feature an open concept floor plan. This approach to home design has been steadily gaining popularity over the last few decades, and has been the standard method across Asia for centuries. Fewer internal walls make for maximum use of square footage while creating a feeling of openness between frequently used areas such as the kitchen, living room and dining room.

This fundamental principle of Feng Shui promotes energy flow throughout the home, allows for direct lines of sight and enables clear verbal communication across the ground floor. The symmetrically proportioned designs are also in accord with traditional Chinese theory wherein balance and harmony flourish between residents and their environment.

Be in Control

The spacious designs of new homes in Montgomery County are perfect for implementing the “command position” aspect of Feng Shui. This principle of furniture placement optimizes the user’s perspective by placing the primary piece of furniture — be it a bed, couch or desk — in a direct line of sight with the door, yet placed at a maximum distance and offset at an angle. The idea here is that such spatial placement allows you to see (metaphorically) what is coming into your life while having plenty of room to meet it at a measured pace. Strategic placement of furniture in your office, bedroom or living room also incorporates the clarity of minimalism.

Cook with Joy

The principles of Feng Shui are applicable to the kitchen and surrounding areas as well to harness the epicenter of your home’s potential to foster health, wealth and happiness. You can choose custom finishing options as thematic accents. Glass cabinet doors can create a sense of openness, which resonates with the rest of the home’s spacious layout.

Choosing metal hardware for faucets, lights, appliances and drawer handles can bring a sense of clarity during meal preparation and daily gatherings. Wood features in countertop accessories like spice racks, fruit bowls and butcher blocks can add an organic element to the positive energy of the kitchen. You can also choose hardwood floors and dining furniture made from maple or pine for thematic consistency.


Light for Life

According to Feng Shui theory, a bright, well-lit home is ideal for nurturing health and happiness. The best way for doing this is through a blend of indoor and outdoor sources. Large, south-facing bay windows on the ground level provide money-saving illumination in the daytime hours. Similarly, large windows in every bedroom can provide the warmth of daylight and the peaceful glow of moonlight. During early mornings and evenings, you can augment sunlight with a variety of multi-source fixtures such as recessed cans, task lights, hanging elements and freestanding lamps. It is important to be able to fully illuminate every corner of your home for maximum positivity.

Applying the principles of Feng Shui is a great way to turn your home into a sanctuary of positive energy. Contact us to learn more about buying a house that fosters health, happiness and prosperity.

New Year, New Home

Categories: Custom Homes, Luxury homes, New Homes | Posted: December 23, 2019

Buying a new home in Buck’s County is a major milestone for many people. That decision usually revolves around a landmark life event such as a career move, the birth of a new child, or the desire to stop paying rent for an apartment.

However, there are a few things that new home buyers should take into consideration before signing on the proverbial dotted line. This includes doing your financial homework, knowing precisely what you want, and having a keen understanding of the buying process.

Are you thinking about buying or building a new home in 2020? Here’s how you can tell if you’re ready and able to get your own slice of the American Dream:


Are You Ready?

Buying a house is a significant decision for many people. It’s right up there with marriage and a first-born child. Naturally, many people will sometimes wonder how to tell if they’re ready. If you’ve been toying with the idea of buying a new home in Bucks County, here are a few things you can take into consideration that will let you know if you’re ready:


You Like New Shiny New Things

There’s something magical about walking through the front door of a brand-new home and taking in that wonderful new home smell. Pristine carpets. A blank canvas for a living room. Empty bedrooms that await you and your family members to put their personalized touches on them. It’s the moment that you’ve been waiting for.

Best of all, if you’ve custom-designed your new home in Buck’s County, things are as you want them, not the previous owner. Living with the interior décor or room layout decisions that the previous homeowner made sometimes doesn’t mesh well with your lifestyle. A new custom-built home means that you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Assess Your Current and Future Needs

It’s essential to carefully think about what you need and what you want before buying a new house. For example, are you recently married and intend on one day having a big family? It makes good sense to plan for the future and buy a slightly bigger home than you currently need.

Or perhaps your parents are planning on retiring in a few years. Retirement homes can be costly, so it makes good financial sense to let Mom and Dad come live with you once they retire. In this case, you can include an in-law suite in the design of your new home.


You’re in Good Financial Standing

Owning a house comes with many hidden expenses, such as maintenance, taxes, and insurance. Potential homebuyers who have excellent credit and are out of debt will have more money left over to fund future repairs, pay property taxes, and buy all the necessities that they need.

A solid credit score can also mean attractive interest rates when it comes time to apply for a mortgage. The money saved by paying a low-interest rate can be repurposed towards upgrading the interior or exterior of the home.


Benefits of Building a Customizable Home 

Buying a customizable new home offers many advantages over buying one that’s already pre-built. Hallmark Homes Group offer those who are looking for a new home in Buck’s County the options of a quick delivery home with all of the selections ready and waiting—or a completely customized one.

The buyer can change whatever they want on the blueprint—from moving walls and laundry rooms to the placement of the bedrooms and bathrooms – and everything in between. Here are just a few of the many advantages of building a completely customizable home:



You get to choose what materials are used to build your new home. You know what kind of bricks they’ll use, the type of flooring, as well as the carpets. This can actually save you money in the long run as it’s very rare to find an older house for sale that has exactly what you’re looking for.

Many home buyers will eventually wind up making changes to the interior or exterior of their homes over time. Why not get it right before you move in? Cabinets, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen countertops are just three of the many things that homeowners can personalize when they customize a new home.


Custom Floor Plan

By far, the biggest advantage of building a new home is the ability to completely customize the floor plan of your new home in Buck’s County. However, keep in mind that many new home builders in the area will only allow you to make minor changes to the floor plan.

Hallmark Homes Group, on the other hand, gives you complete and total control to design your new home as you see fit. This advantage allows you to create the perfect living space that will complement your lifestyle.



In general, new homes are more airtight and energy efficient compared to older ones. This means that over time, you can see significant savings in your energy bills. Efficient insulation, lighting, and water heaters are just a few of the many elements of a home that you help save on your energy bills.

You can even install a smart home system that will allow you complete and total control over all electrical aspects of your new home.


Build Your New Custom Home Today

If you’ve done your homework and are ready to start building the custom home of your dreams, give us a call at (215) 416-0036. At Hallmark Homes Group, we allow our homebuyers the flexibility to completely customize all aspects of their new home.

This means that you’ll own the home, that you personalized to meet all of your needs, when you walk through the front door for the first time. We also provide buyers with the option of quickly moving into a pre-built home in one of our beautiful communities. Contact us today and we’ll help get you into the home of your dreams!

The Power of ‘Yes’: How a Bucks and Montgomery County Home Builder is Turning Ideas into Reality

Categories: Bucks County Homes, Customized homes, Hallmark Homes Group, Montgomery County, New Homes | Posted: September 19, 2017

There are two characteristics that separate an exceptional custom homebuilder from an average one: the willingness to accommodate the wishes of you, the client, and the ability to do so in a timely manner.

Hallmark Homes Group is the Bucks and Montgomery County homebuilder that allows you to quickly turn a domestic vision into your dreams of a new home. This is accomplished through the efforts of a team who not only values your ideas, but also works to shape them into the unique living spaces created for you and your family.

A ‘Can Do’ Attitude Let’s You Customize Your Home

It is a fact that many builders are unaccommodating when it comes to changing an existing floor plan or home design. As the buyer and future owner of a newly built home, your living experience should not have to be stifled by a builder who is unwilling to adapt to your requests.

You can tour the Hallmark model homes while visualizing every last detail of how your tastes and preferences can be applied to the layout you love most. Once you review your design adjustments with your Hallmark representative, building can begin.

Use Your Imagination

Hallmark Homes Group listens to your unique ideas, ranging from additional lighting installations, window sizes, trim designs, fixture styles, appliances and so much more. A video interview with a happy homeowner reveals that with Hallmark, “it’s a yes” for almost any, requested modification.

This can involve deeper sinks to accommodate your culinary inclinations or the installation of cabinet lighting if you prefer soft effects from above and below. Adding upgrades such as specialized light switches can help you achieve the perfect hue, while including certain ceiling wood beams can give your living area that perfect, homely look and feel.

The Advantages of Flexibility

Before building gets underway, you can change and upgrade specific details of your new house. Hallmark’s broad selection of designs provides style to appeal to many tastes, but you may have additional ideas for a floor plan that can perfectly accommodate your lifestyle.

You can expand rooms, bump out walls and even add specialized spaces to make your home as comfortable, enjoyable and livable as possible.

Excellent Turnaround Times

Video interviews with delighted Hallmark customers also reveal that this custom home builder got right down to the business of construction once the sale closed. This is especially convenient if you’re a buyer in transition who is eager to get into your new home. Rather than waiting around for undue months on end, you can go from visualizing your perfect house to being able to move in within a reasonable time frame.

A Homebuilder Who Listens

If you are looking for a Bucks and Montgomery County homebuilder who specializes in accommodating the requests of their clients, consider Hallmark Homes Group. Contact us to experience the value of working with a custom homebuilder who listens your ideas and implements them into the final details of your new home.

Meet Your Neighbors at Country Ridge!

Categories: Customized homes, Hallmark Homes Group, New Homes, New Model Homes | Posted: May 3, 2016

Hallmark is hosting a “Meet Your Neighbor” event on Sunday May 8th at Country Ridge in Perkasie.  Come tour Hallmark’s newly decorated model home and mingle with your future neighbors.  There will be a food truck provided by Jules Thin Crust Pizza from 12 – 2pm and an ice cream truck provided by Sweet Pea Ice Cream from 1 – 3pm.

Tour the Franklin model home located at 413 Hickory Drive.  The model is open daily from 10 am – 5pm and on Mondays from 1-5pm.  Please contact Rob DiIoia at 215-453-2930 or via email at for more information.

Perkasie is the place to live!

Categories: New Homes | Posted: April 13, 2016

According to a recent article on, Perkasie is a place coveted by those enamored with small-town living in a close to everywhere location.

Mentioned in the article is Hallmark Homes Group’s new community, Country Ridge with homes starting in the $360,000’s.

“Today’s buyers want new, and residential construction is a good sign of an active real estate market,” Country Ridge Model Homesays Frank Dolski, an agent with Coldwell Banker Hearthside Real Estate in Lahaska. “New construction is both refreshing and it goes off the market as fast as it arrives.”  “Perkasie has a nice small-town feel, people like that.”

There are 43 active listings in the borough, (One of which is a quick delivery home in the Country Ridge community) ranging in price up to $429,900.

In the 12 months ending in March, there were 93 closed sales, up from 83 in the previous year, he says.

“There is a real sense of identity with the community,” says Stephen Barth, pointing to Mayor John Hollenbach, whose family has lived in Perkasie for six generations, as an example.

The wealth of Victorian architecture here reminds many of Cape May, and, according to Barth, the architect primarily responsible for these homes was Milton Bean.

“The housing stock in Perkasie is so undervalued,” Barth says, citing one Bean home – a three-story, six-bedroom dwelling – that sold for $319,000. “The same house would be more than $1 million in Doylestown,” he says.

Perkasie is growing on what Barth calls the “live/work/play model,” which means, well, just that.

Country Ridge is an intimate and welcoming neighborhood of 18 homes set on a quaint cul-de-sac with all homes backing to permanent open space. It’s a perfect balance of easy going country living in a “close-to-everywhere” location. Walk to dinner, shopping or the nearby parks. Perkasie is a growing community and Country Ridge is the place to live!

Stop by Country’s Ridge’s Model Grand Opening this weekend Saturday and Sunday, April 16 & 17th for more information and to tour our model home!

Model Grand Opening at Country Ridge on Saturday and Sunday, April 16th and 17th from 10:00 am-5:00 pm!

Categories: New Homes | Posted: April 12, 2016

Check out the New Bucks County Homes at Country Ridge

Be among the first to visit Hallmark’s decorated model home this weekend and experience new luxury single family homes in Perkasie, Bucks County proudly built by Hallmark Homes Group. Priced from the $360s.Country Ridge Model Home

Country Ridge is an intimate and welcoming neighborhood of 18 homes set on a quaint cul-de-sac with all homes backing to permanent open space. It’s a perfect balance of easy going country living in a “close-to-everywhere” location. Walk to dinner, shopping or the nearby parks. Perkasie is a growing community and Country Ridge is the place to live!

Conveniently located close to Rt. 309, the PA Turnpike, shopping, restaurants and employment centers in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Country Ridge is the commuter’s dream. Just minutes to the closest SEPTA train station and less than an hour to Center City Philadelphia.   Spend your free time playing and enjoying over 200 acres of parks, biking and walking trails. Perkasie is also home to Menlo Park, where you’ll find the Menlo Aquatics Center complete with water slides and lazy river, the historic Perkasie Carousel, picnic pavilions and a children’s play area. The Bucks County Free Library is also adjacent to the park and picturesque Lake Lenape Park is also close by.

Hallmark’s homes at Country Ridge feature elegant exterior features including brick, stone and architectural siding. Buyers choose from six floorplans, including a master down option. All homes feature 4 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3.5 baths, full basements, 2 car garages and up to 3,056 square feet of living space.

Buyers expect more from Hallmark Homes, and the homes at Country Ridge are no exception. Standard features are simply fabulous – including hardwood floors, 42” maple kitchen cabinets, granite kitchen countertops, 9 ft. first floor ceilings and elegant trim packages. The HVAC system is high-efficiency to save you money all year long.

For more information or to RSVP for the Grand Opening please call 215-453-2930 or email Brokers warmly welcomed. Sales Center is located at 1001 W. Park Avenue in Perkasie.  Open daily.  Sunday through Saturday 10-5, Monday 1-5.














Perkasie Community Event on 2/28/16

Categories: Customized homes, Hallmark Homes Group, New Homes, New Model Homes | Posted: February 24, 2016

Future Country Ridge homeowners may be interested in attending Free Will Brewing Company’s ‘Screw Winter Clambake’ on Sunday February 28th.  This family friendly ‘New England style Clambake’ event is open to the public and is being held in their parking lot from 12 noon – 7pm at 410 E Walnut Street in Perkasie.  Ticket price includes 1 ENTREE + 2 SIDES + 2 BEERS. They will have several bonfires going all day, plus outdoor heaters, and access to their cellar level production space. Additional food and beverages will be available a la carte. Tickets are $30 in advance (here) or purchase in Taproom for $35.*

This event is a great way to get acquainted with Perkasie Borough and to meet your future neighbors!  Country Ridge offers open and airy new single family homes, on a cul-de-sac, with each homesite backing up to open space. This intimate community of just 18 homes offers the perfect balance of laid-back country living and a close to-everywhere location. You can choose from 6 distinctive home types with endless floor plan selections to fit your needs and lifestyle.  Inside each well-designed, energy efficient home are 4 bedrooms, up to 3.5 baths, full basements, 2 car garages and 2,023 to 3,056 square feet of living space.

Make sure to stop by our Sales Center to get a sneak peek of the Franklin Grand Manor model home before it opens. The Country Ridge Sales Center is located at 1001 W. Park Ave, Perkasie, PA 18944 and is open this weekend from 10 AM to 5 PM.

*This event is not sponsored or affiliated with Hallmark Homes  Group

Meet the Builder and Muddy Shoe Preview Event at Country Ridge in Perkasie

Categories: Customized homes, Hallmark Homes Group, New Homes, New Model Homes, Quick Delivery Home | Posted: February 20, 2016

On Saturday February 20th, Hallmark Homes Group is holding an event at their new single family home community in Perkasie, Pa.  From 11 am to 3 pm, future Country Ridge homeowners can meet with Hallmark Homes Group’s President and learn all about the construction process and this brand new exciting community.

The ‘Muddy Shoe Preview’ will also take place the same day . The new model home will be available to tour as well as a quick delivery home which is scheduled for an early spring completion.

Country Ridge is also still offering the promotion of including a finished basement to anyone who purchases a new home before February 29th, 2016.*

*Offer valid for new buyers who have a fully executed agreement of sale by 2/29/2016.  Not valid on prior sales or spec homes.  This offer may be withdrawn or changed at any time by the builder without notice.  Information is subject to errors and omissions. Additional terms may apply.

Doylestown – Quick Delivery Estate Home Available Immediately!

Categories: Customized homes, Hallmark Homes Group, Luxury homes, New Homes, Quick Delivery Home | Posted: January 14, 2016

Hallmark Homes Group stunning new quick delivery home is now complete and move-in ready!  This dream home is located at our Serendipity Farm community in Doylestown Township and is set on over an acre of land overlooking a picturesque pond.

Located at 143 Pine Mill Circle is The Greenbrier Manor. It’s a beautifully appointed, luxurious 4,310 square foot home loaded with upgrades including a 3-car garage, an opulent master suite, large secondary bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. The first floor of this home boasts a stunning 2-story foyer with front and rear stairs, a grand dining room, large living room and a private study. As you move towards the expansive gourmet kitchen you will find upgraded cabinets, granite counter-tops, and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen gracefully passes into a breakfast room attached to a stately and sunny solarium, optimizing your private views of iconic Bucks County. Located just off the kitchen is the spacious family room with gas fireplace. You will find upgraded hardwood floors throughout the first floor as well as upgraded moldings and millwork. The second floor master suite is the perfect space to relax, refresh and getaway; a grand double door entry-way leads to a main bedroom with a tray ceiling, retreat and sitting area. Two massive walk-in closets provide ample space and the lavish master bath includes soaking tub with separate shower, private commode and double-bowl vanity. Three additional bedrooms and two full baths complete the second floor. The basement has 9 foot ceilings, a walk-up option with 6′ sliding glass door and rough-in plumbing for a future full bathroom. There are many other upgrades such as recessed lighting and additional windows throughout this beautiful home.

Serendipity Farm is superbly located in the Central Bucks School District with close proximity to Route 611, Route 202 Bypass and the PA Turnpike. Just minutes from historic Doylestown Borough with quaint shops, restaurants and many cultural activities, the Greenbrier Manor at Serendipity Farm offers luxury in an uncommon setting.

Don’t miss your chance to own this luxury home – make your appointment today to tour this home. Please contact us 215-416-0036 or

This spectacular home has just been professionally photographed by Bob Graham Jr.  Please browse through our photos to view Bob’s fabulous work!  You can view more of Bob’s work at