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Tips for Settling into Your New Home

Categories: Bucks County Homes, Home Buying Tips, New Homes in Bucks County | Posted: May 27, 2020

Moving into a new home in Bucks County is a fun and exciting time, but figuring out exactly where to begin can sometimes be challenging. As you turn the key and unlock the front door of your new house for the very first time, there are a few things that you may want to take into consideration.

Unpacking the boxes, getting the family situated, and changing your address are just some of the important tasks that lie ahead. We want to share a few tips with you that can help make the move into your new house go as smoothly as possible so that you can focus on starting your new life.


1. Change Your Address

Credit cards, bank accounts, and utilities are important areas to make sure you change your address for.

The best place to start is to visit the Post Office website and put in your change of address. This will help ensure that all mail sent to your old address will be automatically forwarded to the new one by the time you arrive. If you can, try to do this before you make the move.

Next, head on over to the DMV website and follow the instructions to change your driver’s license information online.

Finally, make a list of all credit cards, bank accounts, and online shipping websites, such as Amazon. Be sure to check to see if the company will allow you to change your address online—this can save you from having to wait to speak to multiple companies over the phone.


2. Keep it Organized

Creating a to-do list of what goes where and which boxes to unpack first can help make life a lot less stressful when moving into your new home. A helpful tip is to organize your list room by room and box by box so you do not get confused.

You can use the list to jot down any notes or ideas that come to mind as you’re unpacking. This will not only help keep you stay organized and on-track, but you’ll also start to feel a sense of accomplishment as the list starts to get smaller.


3. Unpack in One Room

The key to a low-stress move is to reduce and minimize clutter as much as possible. You can accomplish this by dedicating a guest room as a temporary unpacking area. Not only will it keep the mess in one location, it will allow you to store things until you’ve decided where they should go.

As the number of boxes in the unpacking room starts to dwindle, you’ll begin to feel like progress is being made. Closing the door once you’re done for the day will help keep the mess out of sight and out of mind.


4. Unpack the Most-Used Rooms First

For most people, the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are the three most-utilized rooms in a house. Unpacking and setting up these areas first will help make it feel more like a home which will allow you to immediately start your regular routine.

The time of day that you arrive at your new residence can also dictate which rooms to unpack first. For example, if you plan on arriving early in the morning, the kitchen and dining room are the best places to start. This will provide you with a place to eat or take a short break.

If you’re arriving in the late afternoon or early evening, placing priority on setting up the bedrooms and bathrooms will allow you to quickly get settled in, relax, and prepare for the long day ahead.


5. Pets and Children

Children will often find it challenging to adjust to life after a move. Attending a new school and making new friends can be a stressful time in their lives. You can help alleviate this stress by taking them to the local community center or pool to meet kids their own age.

When it comes to your pets, some will adjust quicker than others. Dogs tend to adapt a bit better than cats when it comes to moving into a new neighborhood because cats tend to not like change.

The best way to help pets transition into their new home is to keep them confined to one room for the first few days. Slowly let them explore the rest of the house as time goes by to allow them to adjust to their new life at their own pace.


6. Meet Your New Neighbors

A great way to get some exercise and de-stress from your move is to take a few minutes every day to walk your neighborhood. You’ll get a feel for the overall area and might even meet a few of your neighbors along the way.

A housewarming party is another great way to introduce yourself to everyone on the block. You don’t have to spend a lot of time planning or preparing for the party—your neighbors will understand that you’ve just moved in and won’t expect an elaborate gathering.


7. Go at Your Own Pace

Keep in mind that it will take time to get fully settled into your new home. You’re not being timed, so there’s no pressure to get everything done as soon as possible. By moving at your own pace, you’ll have time to make important decisions as you go along without being rushed.

Even after the last box has been unpacked, it might take several weeks to a few months to feel fully moved in. If you have family members who are moving with you, ask them to keep an open line of verbal communication. This will allow them to express any concerns or issues that they might have which will help to reduce their overall stress.


Relax and Enjoy Your New Home!

The joy that you’ll feel when you finally settle into your new house is well worth the effort that you’ll put in when moving. This is the beginning of your new life and the above suggestions can significantly help alleviate any challenges that you might face along the way.

Confused About Homebuilding? Let’s Clear Up Some Common Myths.

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Luxury homes | Posted: October 1, 2019

As you begin to explore your options for purchasing a new home in Bucks County, you may encounter some ideas about home buying that are based on myth and misunderstanding rather than actual facts. As a homebuyer, it is important to separate common misconceptions from reality about residential construction to make an informed choice.


Expediting the Process

You may have heard that buying a house that is tailored to your specifications is a lengthy process.


Since every phase of customized home construction involves your personal preferences, it will take time to personalize it to fit your dreams and expectations. But, the key to success in this area is to foster engagement with the builder through each step of the process.


Homebuilding does not have to be a lengthy process. Many new home builders, including Hallmark Homes Group, offer several quick delivery options in the event that you are seeking a new home in Bucks Countyin a hurry so that you can be closer to school, work or family.


A quick delivery home is one that is built or near finished, that has all of the amenities built-in and ready for move-in. The layout and finishes are most often the latest styles and to suit the modern homebuyer. Most often, these homes, ready for quick settlement, have many luxury upgrades added in construction and included in the cost.


From the floor plan blueprints to the layout, electrical features, wall placement, color scheme, interior fixtures, exterior motifs, kitchen appliances and flooring type.


Before the project gets underway, you can systematically explore each phase on paper, considering every option and choosing the features that best suit your tastes, preferences and needs. This achieves clear communication and removes the time-consuming aspects of guesswork and having to “do things over” because the builder knows exactly what you want.


Choosing every facet of your home in advance, setting a completion schedule for each phase and communicating with the builder on a regular basis allows you to set and monitor a timeline that works with your schedule without compromising your preferences.


Either way, whether building a custom home or buying a quick delivery option, opening a dialogue with a company representative is the first step to realizing your dream home through an efficient, engaging process.


Add It Up for Better Value


You may have wondered where you will get the best value for the price – in a new home or resale. Another myth you may have come across is that building a new home can be more costly than a resale home.


The truth is that unlike any resale property, a newly-built house features all new fixtures, wiring, plumbing, appliances and amenities that will not need servicing, repair or restoration for many years to come and often have extensive warranties. Replacing pipes, HVAC units, roofing, hot water heaters and other features in a resale home can easily add up to a more costly option than a new home.


Also resale homes often require remodeling in order for your lifestyle needs to be met. Remodeling to meet your family’s needs can add significant cost and take significant time to complete, which are a consideration when comparing to a new home option. Adding in your time and possible lost work hours to manage contractors, remodeling can become both a drain on your time and can squeeze your budget.


Conversely, with a new residence cost not only is clear, the ongoing coast benefits continue. Most importantly, new homes are often built with systems and materials that make them highly energy efficient, which, over just a short time can, and often does saves thousands.


Homes that Stand Out from the Norm

As you explore new homes in Bucks County, you will quickly realize that the idea “that all new houses are the same” is simply untrue. As you tour new home models, you will see unique layouts for varying lifestyles. Most important, builders like Hallmark Homes Group are willing to customize any layout – it’s the perfect way to own a uniquely-crafted property.


Your exterior options can include a landscape design with grass, shrubs and trees cultivated to your liking. You can choose a motif of warm tones that suit your sensibilities, in a color scheme that accentuates the unique architectural features.  There are also abundant options for doors, windows, railings, siding, gutters and downspouts so that your home displays a cohesive look.


On the interior, you can fine-tailor every aspect of each room and level to suit your tastes and to give the property a unique look and feel. An older house may have fixtures, handrails, appliances and trim that don’t necessarily stir your senses.A new home in Bucks County, on the other hand, can feature your exact preferences for wood trim, paint color scheme, hardwood floor types, carpet color and texture, sleek kitchen and bathroom tiling options, stunning wood ceiling beams, convenient built-in shelves, high-tech security features, pre-wired entertainment components and more.


Learn New Things

As a new homebuyer of residential construction, it may feel like an undertaking that is complicated and difficult to understand. Different from what you may hear, once you engage in the process and your builder breaks each phase down into step-by-step measures, home building is a clear, systematic procedure that has been perfected by years of practice. In addition, your sales person streamlines the process so your excitement is in the forefront of your experience.


As you go through each phase of building your new home in Bucks County, you can become attuned to the systems of plumbing, heating and wiring as well as various appliance features and how and why they operate.


This process of de-mystifying the phases of residential building can give you peace of mind as you gain a clear understanding of the different components and systems within your home.


In the event that you choose to upgrade certain features, you will have enough familiarity with the details of your house so that you can clearly explain what you want to your service professional. Plus, understanding the intricacies of your residence can help you gain a deeper appreciation for the unique features that make your house a home.


Take the First Step

Ideas about new home construction are most likely perceptions of those who have never bought a new home, do not know how the customized building process works, or why it is the most valuable option. Contact usto learn more about the facts of buying new and how each phase of building can increase the value of your experience.




Top Four Tips to Prepare for Touring New Homes in Montgomery County

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Horsham Glen, New Homes in Montgomery County | Posted: August 30, 2018

As a homebuyer shopping for new homes in Montgomery County, the best way to maximize your time and effort is to do a bit of preparation before visiting the model homes. This time-saving strategy is essentially an exercise in defining your wants and needs while learning about a new home community, the on-site builder and available upgrades in layout and design while listing all of the important questions you may have for your sales representative.

By choosing to tour Horsham Glen, you can experience the very finest in residential neighborhoods developed by a homebuilder with an excellent reputation across the region, Hallmark Homes Group. This distinctive community is located just minutes from the PA Turnpike and Routes 611, 309 and 202 while being situated within a top-rated school district.

Create Your Checklist

While visiting Montgomery County new homes, you can become overwhelmed by the wide variety of models, home designs, amenities and options that are available. By starting with an agenda you can be sure to cover all that is necessary to make a good decision for your new home. Your list should include important factors such as commuting preferences, educational needs, ideal design options and modern essentials as well as efficient appliances, upgrades and a functional floor plan.

Learn About the Builder

Researching the new builder is an important step in gaining trust for the building process of your new home. By visiting their website, you can learn the company history, community locations, what standard amenities and upgrades are offered and how willing the homebuilder is to consider your custom requests. The website is also a great place to peruse the different model home galleries available and get a feel for the interior layouts that appeal to you the most.

Visualize an Ideal Design

One of the highlights of working with a custom homebuilder is to be able to personalize your home to fit your lifestyle. Options like adding an extra guest room, excluding a wall for an open layout, incorporating special accent lighting, or upgrading to top-tier appliances may be on your checklist. If you have custom requests, it is important to choose a builder who is willing to make your changes no matter how extensive your needs may be. Horsham Glen offers a wide variety of floor plans that can me modified to meet your specific needs and includes a significant amount of upgrades that come standard in a Hallmark home.

Prepare Important Questions

As you are shopping for Montgomery County new homes you will be meeting with builder representatives. These professionals are available to answer any questions you may have concerning the community, the homebuilder and the property. This is your opportunity to tour a model home, ask about builder’s past communities, request references of previous clients and learn if the builder is willing to accommodate your custom new home requests.

Make an Appointment

Horsham Glen is a Hallmark Homes Group community that specializes in quality building, full customization and personalized customer service. If you are interested in learning more about this new home community, you are always welcome to schedule an appointment to visit during your search for new homes in Montgomery County.

Choosing a Custom Home Builder in the Philadelphia Region

Categories: Bucks County Homes, Custom Homes, Home Buying Tips, Homes in Lehigh County, New Homes in Montgomery County | Posted: July 30, 2018

Part of the excitement of purchasing a new home is learning about all of the options available from a qualified custom homebuilder. As you consider the best communities in and around the Montgomery County, Lehigh County and Bucks County area, it is important to choose a builder that along with quality construction can offer you personalized service and will also customize for you.

As a highly respected new homebuilder offering an advanced level of service, Hallmark will not only deliver superior quality and solid construction, but also customize the final product to meet each of their buyers’ needs.

Enjoy an Excellent Experience

New homeowners offer glowing testimonials about working with Hallmark Homes Group. One family in particular explains that unlike previous contractors, Hallmark was willing to install items such as adding under-cabinet lighting, luxury faucet fixtures and other additional features into their home.

New Bucks County homeowners, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, recall that “the answer was always yes” when it came to personalized requests such as using a distinctive wood piece for the fireplace mantle. They also talked about the ease of the process and how, while touring the model home, the structure withstood their inspection as they deliberately bumped into the walls to test for sturdiness and quality in the construction.

Make it Your Own

Another enthusiastic client revealed that the level of custom Hallmark was willing to do made the decision to buy an easy step to take. After searching for over a year and a half, when he and his wife found Hallmark Homes Group, they agreed they should have done this sooner.

This satisfied customer found that working with a customized homebuilder “you have the opportunity to make this home your own,” explaining how details like kitchen fixtures and ceiling lights can be moved or added to suit your every liking. He elaborates by quoting his very own Hallmark representative who was known for saying “if you can think it, we can do it.”

The Freedom to Customize

A common experience for many new homebuyers is that they encounter scenarios where they are given many opportunities to ad upgrades but not truly customize. Rather than limit your experience, Hallmark’s custom homebuilder philosophy aims to embrace your ideas in order to ensure your satisfaction.

When it comes to the home design layout, adding rooms, moving walls, creating more open space, custom finishing trim, incorporating unique flooring options, light fixtures and more — the finished home you move into will be a culmination of your personal style and vision.

Make the First Step

Hallmark Homes Group in the premier custom homebuilder in and around the Bucks County, Lehigh County and Montgomery County area, with years of experience in delivering quality construction. Contact us to learn more about how our personalized service can help you realize your dreams of a home that is perfectly customized to meet your every need.

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Layout of Your New Home in Lehigh County

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Homes in Lehigh County | Posted: June 30, 2018

One of the best ways to shop for a new home in Lehigh County is to work with a builder who can accommodate your needs. Hallmark Homes Group is well known for this, and their new community. The Reserve at Highgate in Breinigsville, PA offers an array of home designs that can be customized especially for you.

Here are a few guidelines to consider when choosing your ideal floor plan and deciding how to customize it:

Use Your Imagination

It is important to visualize everyday activities taking place in the home. These can include cooking, movie nights, arts and crafts, studying and social gatherings. As you tour the home, picture these activities and events taking place. This will help you choose a layout that can accommodate your lifestyle and ensure you are on the right track to finding the perfect new home.

Ask for Clarification

The abbreviations and symbols in a floor plan might seem like another language, and if you are not used to looking at them, they can be confusing. If you are unsure about any details such as the purpose of a room, the placement of a window or the opening direction of a door, be sure to ask your Hallmark Homes Group representative for a clear explanation while guiding you through each of the different layouts.

Make Alterations

Perhaps a floor plan is close to perfect, yet you prefer a more open design, a larger kitchen or a separate study. A custom homebuilder like Hallmark Homes Group can accommodate your needs by moving walls, extending areas, or reconfiguring plans. This flexible approach can also be applied to window placement, finishing trim, fixtures and more. Hallmark Homes Group is dedicated to making your home perfect. If a change – no matter how large or small – will add the personalization you need, just ask.

Consider your Budget

Part of enjoying the home design you have chosen is knowing that you can comfortably afford it. Ask your sales representative to guide you through choosing a home that is within your budget and meets your lifestyle needs. Hallmark Homes Group also features a mortgage financing section that takes the guesswork out of purchasing a new home with a clear, actionable, step-by-step approach and get you closer to finding your dream home.

Take the First Step

The homes at The Reserve at Highgate offer a range of exceptional floor plans that have been meticulously planned to take full advantage of space and to fit today’s lifestyles. When you have found the perfect fit, Hallmark Homes Group is ready to customize it to your individual needs. Contact us to learn more about new home in Lehigh County at The Reserve at Highgate or stop in for a tour of our decorated model.

Horsham in Montgomery County Wins Multiple National Awards

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Horsham Glen, New Homes in Montgomery County | Posted: February 14, 2018

If you’re shopping for a new home in Montgomery County, consider Horsham Glen — a Hallmark Homes Group community in one of the top-ranked places to live in Pennsylvania. Horsham Township is recognized as being among the safest, most affordable and millennial-friendly cities in the state.

Research into this area has rendered award-winning results published by Horsham Council, Realtor Magazine, Millennial Personal Finance, CNN Money and U.S. News and World Report.

Live in One of the Safest Places in Pennsylvania

Horsham Township manager William Walker announced that Horsham was named one of the safest places to live based on the FBI’s crime data report. Out of the 2,562 municipalities across the state, Horsham Township ranked in the top 40 Safest Places to Live in Pennsylvania.

City officials reveal that a progressive philosophy towards crime prevention is the secret to the area’s low rates of theft, arson and violent crime. Programs such as Chief’s Advisory Teams (ChAT) and the Citizens Police Academy promote effective communication between the community and the Police Department.

Situate Your Family for Success

When ranking real estate markets on a national scale, Realtor Magazine looks for affordability that coincides with high-ranking schools. This particular publication ranks Horsham Township in the Top 10 Most Affordable Markets for Families because of these two metrics.

As a new resident, you can introduce your children to the exponential benefits of a sound education — with the added advantage of living in a new home community in Montgomery County.

Buy in the Right Place

As a first homebuyer, you may not be aware of factors such as income score, crime score, cost of living, transportations cost, unemployment score and age score. All of these metrics bear some determination on whether or not the community you choose to live in is actually right for you and your family.

Millennial Personal Finance recently conducted a study of over 1,000 communities across Pennsylvania — looking specifically at the above data. Upon analysis of the results, this publication listed Horsham Township as one of the Best Cities in Pennsylvania for Millennials.

Get the Whole Package

When listing the Best Places to Live in America, CNN Money looks at indicators such as population, school quality, job growth, income, health care, crime and housing prices to determine their highest rankings. Horsham Township has been placed near the top of this list twice in the last decade.

Additionally, a recent announcement by U.S. News and World Report Magazine selected Horsham as one of the Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania. You and your family can enjoy the advantages of safety, affordability and top-notch education.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with moving into a new home community like Horsham Glen. To learn more about living in a multi-award-winning township in Montgomery County, contact us.

New Home Community in Lehigh County Offers Excellent Locality for Dynamic Lifestyles

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Homes in Lehigh County, Reserve at Highgate, Things to do in Lehigh County | Posted: October 3, 2017

If you’re searching for new homes in Lehigh County, consider a location in proximity to quality schools, major travel routes, wide-range shopping, first-rate golfing, award-winning healthcare and home at The Reserve at Highgate

The Reserve at Highgate is the newest of the Hallmark Homes Group network of communities, designed to provide homebuyers like you with the opportunity to experience the area along with an ideal location.

Educational Stability

There’s no doubt that one of your biggest concerns as a parent is the education and safety of your children. This new home community is located in an area with an ideal livability rating based on low crime and high graduation rates according to Area Vibes.

Your peace of mind can rest on the fact that Fred Jaindl Elementary School, Springhouse Middle School and Parkland High School are all nearby and your kids can benefit from quality learning facilities as noted by Niche.

Convenient Exploration

The Reserve at Highgate offers Lehigh County homes near the crossroads of I-78 and I-476 that quickly facilitate east/west and north/south commuting. There are also many companies with a major presence in the area including Amazon, Nestle Distribution, DSC Logistics and Fisher Clinical Services.

Access to Route 100 and Route 309 can also provide easy travel to and from work and several major shopping hubs. Your route to work or to the Lehigh Valley Mall, Trexler Mall or The Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley is simply a matter of convenient navigation.

Plenty of Places to Play

The semi-rural setting of Lehigh County means an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. If golfing is your preferred past time, you can choose from several quality golf courses including Shepherd Hills Golf Club, Brookside Country Club, Center Valley Club and Indian Creek Golf Club.

You can stretch out across 18 holes while the kids share thrills at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom or explore the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

Here’s to Your Health

Health care is important to quality living, and your new home community in Lehigh County is conveniently located near St. Luke’s Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital and Lehigh Valley Hospital and Rehab.

U.S. News & World Report has named these facilities to be some of the best hospitals in the northeastern region of Pennsylvania. Rest assured that you have a network of world-class facilities staffed by top-tier health care professionals that will be able to handle your concerns for emergency, routine and long-term care.


The Reserve at Highgate offers custom homes starting from the low 300s. Visit us to learn more about designing the Lehigh County home of your dreams starting from eleven original designs that can be modified to suit your exact living needs.

Ten Easy Steps for Buying a New Custom Home with Hallmark Homes Group

Categories: Bucks County Homes, Highfield Estates, Home Buying Tips, Horsham Glen | Posted: September 21, 2017

The popularity of new custom homes is on the rise and for a good reason. Future homeowners like you are excited by the idea of choosing precise floor plans and design options that serve your unique needs.

At first glance, purchasing a new house can be overwhelming. Yet, if you are looking at new home communities in Bucks County, Lehigh County or Montgomery County — Hallmark Homes Group has outlined a step-by-step plan that helps take away the guesswork out of home buying.

Browse Hallmark Properties Online

Visit the Hallmark Homes Group website and view some of the new designs being built in a variety of locations. The Reserve at Highgate in Lehigh County features affordable luxury and 11 floor plan selections.

Highfield Estates in Bucks County and Horsham Glen in Montgomery County both offer stunning virtual tours online of “The Monroe” and “The Harding” that are sure to get your imagination humming. Plan a visit to the stunning model home at Highfield Estates to learn more about both communities.

Take a few moments to browse the five distinct home designs available at Country Ridge in Bucks County as well. Be sure to make notes on which aspects of the different communities, neighborhoods and home designs you love the most.

Make a Personal Visit

Next, take a scenic drive to one or more of the four-featured properties. Drive around the area and get a feel for the neighborhood and surrounding amenities. Stop in and tour the decorated model at Highfield Estates. See the quality and built-in value that you will experience in every Hallmark home, no matter what the size or location. (Check back for updates on other models opening soon.)

Choose Your Floor Plan

Hallmark Homes Group is known for its versatility in design. Because they know that buyers have very individualized tastes and specific needs, Hallmark provides far more choices in home layouts than many other area builders. Plus, to ensure a perfect fit, you won’t be limited by what you can’t do because they will always consider every request.

Reserve Your Ideal Homesite

Once you have found the perfect neighborhood and chosen a home design, it’s time to select the location of your home within the community. With a $1000 refundable deposit, you can reserve the lot of your choice and the home building process can be set into action.

Drafting Your Home Plan

Begin the building process by drafting a plan of your new home with the help of your Hallmark Homes Group representative. This is an exciting step where you can consider the features that will define your lifestyle in your new home. In this step, you will see your dream home outlined on paper—complete with any of your special requests.

Agree to the Sale

Once you have drafted and approved the detailed features of your new home, it is time to sign an Agreement of Sale. During this step, you will finalize all structural selections and do a thorough review with your representative. You then provide a down payment and the excitement of building begins.

Apply for Your Mortgage

Now is the time to secure financing for your new home through a reputable mortgage company. The Mortgage Financing Process section of Hallmark’s website provides detailed information to help guide you through this step.

Finalize Your Home Features

Now that construction is nearly underway, an appointment with a Hallmark Homes Group design specialist is in order. Here, your creativity and imagination can be applied to the many design finishes, options and upgrades that will express your individual style in your new home.

Let the Building Begin

Upon completion of all paperwork detailing your selections and upgrades, building begins. You will receive weekly updates from your Hallmark Representative and Community Builder, keeping you apprised of all major developments. As well, the professionals at Hallmark Homes Group are ready to answer all of your questions throughout the process.

Walk Through the Front Door

The closing process takes place once construction is complete and all inspections have been approved. At this step, final documents are signed and you are handed the keys to your new custom home … Welcome to the home of your dreams!

Explore the Montgomery County Lifestyle in Horsham, PA

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Things to do in Montgomery County | Posted: August 16, 2017

If you are considering moving to Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Horsham Township is a great choice for many reasons.

Horsham is not only a great place to live but is also one of the safest. The township was ranked on Money magazine’s list of best places to live in the U.S. as well as in the top 40 out of 2,562 municipalities in Pennsylvania as one of the safest according to the FBI’s recent crime ratings.

Here are just a few more reasons why you may want to make Horsham, Pa in beautiful Montgomery County the choice for your new home.

Plenty of Job Opportunities Around Horsham

Montgomery County is home to many large corporations offering broad career opportunities. Many of these businesses are in the biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, including Johnson and Johnson and Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Other companies with a major presence in the area include United Health Group, Nutrisystem and Penn Mutual.

A Great Local Community

Horsham boasts 330 acres of beautiful community parks in addition to nine neighborhood parks with activities for all ages. Residents enjoy playgrounds, outdoor pavilions, walking trails and ball fields for all types of sports enthusiasts.

Horsham is also home to a soccer club and a suburban baseball team. There are four golf courses in the area as well as cross-country skiing and biking trails along the Horsham Township Trail.

Montgomery County Shopping and Dining

Anyone thinking about buying a new home in Horsham will, of course, want to explore the shopping and dining options. Horsham is surrounded by shopping opportunities, entertainment venues, and has over 30 restaurants along the Route 611 corridor.

Plus, Willow Grove Mall Park is nearby with more than 130 different stores. Living here, you won’t have to worry about running out of places to enjoy.

Top Rated Schools

If you’re looking for exceptional and highly rated schools, you’ll find that the Hatboro-Horsham School District excels in providing an excellent education.

The school is rated in the top 15% of the state. All of the schools in the district have achieved blue ribbons from both the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the United States Department of Education.

Ready to Move?

All of this is within a short drive of a great new community unfolding in Horsham Township. Horsham Glen is a neighborhood of fifteen new estate homes set on three-fourths of an acre, each providing all the space you need with all the elegance you could ever imagine.

Contact us at Hallmark Homes Group to start planning your future here in Horsham, Pa.

Live the Engaging Bucks County Lifestyle in Chalfont, PA

Categories: Home Buying Tips, Things to do in Bucks County | Posted: July 18, 2017

Bucks County is one of the most beautiful areas in the state, full of rolling hills, breathtaking farmland, historic buildings, gorgeous fall foliage, and much more.

The picturesque town of Chalfont is actually not far from Philadelphia, but you don’t need to head into the city to find something fun to do because Bucks County has so much to offer its residents.

Here are a few things you can look forward to if you’re moving to a new home in Chalfont Bucks County, PA.

Discovering History in the Bucks County Area

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